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$500 Off Endzone Camera/Sideline Replay & More Features Than Ever!

Due to COVID-19 we're doing our biggest promotion ever during summer! This is a rare opportunity to get the best Endzone Camera & Sideline Replay for football!

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July 17, 2020

First Live Stream Test Raises Nearly $400!

The Big Sky Combine tested Sport Scope Live for their scholarship fundraiser and raised almost $400 from the stream alone!

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July 3, 2020

The Most Advanced Tech is Taking Sports Video to The Next Level!

Sport Scope's raising the bar for sports video tech. First: wireless endzone cameras & built-in sideline replay. Now: AI control & integrated live streaming.

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June 26, 2020

Raise Money for Your School with Sport Scope Live!

Profit from virtual ticket sales when you stream your games with Sport Scope Live and watch your school's account grow as you increase engagement with fans.

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June 19, 2020

Sport Scope Live Will Change High School Sports Livestreaming

Sport Scope Live will redefine how livestreaming is done for high school sports, utilizing our sideline replay and endzone cameras to change the game!

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June 5, 2020

Introducing: A New Way to Live Stream Sports

Raise money for your team by live streaming games over the internet for FREE!

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May 22, 2020

Cam Assist is Launching for All Sport Scope Wireless Endzone Cameras!

Introducing Cam Assist: a new Smart & Wireless Endzone Camera feature that films the game for you! Get yours early and save on this revolutionary AI technology.

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May 15, 2020

Is the 20' Sport Scope the Perfect Endzone Camera for You?

Taller End Zone Camera Systems are fantastic tools for coaching and capturing game footage. But for some programs, a nice middle ground might be the most ideal. See if the 20' Sport Scope is the right endzone camera system for you . . .

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May 8, 2020

Sport Scope Endzone Camera & Replay Systems Offer an Amazing Value

Sport Scope offers the most advanced End Zone Camera systems and the best customer service. Here’s why Sport Scope systems give you the most bang for your buck.

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May 2, 2020

Why We Believe Technology Improves Football Coaching

Sport Scope believes that technology can help you win more games. We design our Endzone Cameras & Sideline Replay systems to benefit your coaching with results.

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March 6, 2020

How Cam Assist Will Film Your Football Game from the Endzone

Sport Scope's AI Cameraman for all Wireless End Zone Cameras, Cam Assist, follows the football game from your Endzone in a way that assists your filming. But how will you need to interact with Cam Assist for the best results?

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February 21, 2020

What iPads Will Work With Cam Assist?

Our new AI Cameraman feature, Cam Assist, is a powerful tool. But because it's so powerful, your iPad(s) needs to be strong too. Here's what you need to know...

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February 14, 2020

The Surprising Uses of EDGE Replay & Wireless Endzone Cameras

Endzone Cameras and EDGE Replay are typically used as sideline replay systems for football, but other sports are making use of the technology in exciting ways!

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February 7, 2020

Endzone Cameras, Sideline Replay, & AI for High School Football

Sport Scope's Endzone Cameras, Sideline Replay, and AI technologies are working together to provide football coaches with seamless integrated video coaching tools.

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January 31, 2020

Cam Assist Makes Endzone Camera Film and Sideline Replay Even Easier

Cam Assist makes filming the endzone & getting replay easier because it films the game better than a human, requires less people to operate equipment, and more!

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January 24, 2020

Sport Scope & EDGE Replay Championship Football Teams - Part 4!

The biggest winners yet! Without a doubt, top teams in the nations are successful, in part, because of Sport Scope Endzone Cameras and EDGE sideline replay!

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January 17, 2020

Sport Scope & EDGE Replay Championship Football Teams - Part 3!

There's a correlation between the success of top teams and their Endzone Camera and Sideline Replay systems. We have a long list of winners!

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January 10, 2020

Sport Scope & EDGE Replay Championship Football Teams - Part 2!

More Sport Scope customer State Champions! Today's post will continue recapping all the winners who benefited from our Endzone Cameras & Sideline EDGE Replay!

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January 3, 2020

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