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25’ Manual Endzone Camera Systems – Sport Scope Video

25' Manual Endzone Camera System

The Sport Scope 25’ is an endzone camera system that is manually operated by a pan and tilt system, which allows the operator the ability to smoothly and precisely control the movement of the camera. This system is perfect for quick-action sports, such as soccer. This endzone video system is very easy and simple to setup, and like all of our other end zone cameras, it comes standard with everything you need to film right out of the box.

  • Smooth & Precise Controls
  • 25 ft. Extended Height
  • 10 yr. Frame Warranty
  • Easy Set-up and Operation
  • Everything Included
  • HD Camera and 8" Monitor
  • *Best for Soccer

$4,999  $4,599

$400 off your order of the 25' Sport Scope

Offer ends December 31, 2023


25' Tower

The 25' Sport Scope is a highly durable, simple-to-use, American-made tower with four locking legs. The tower sits on a base plate with wheels for easy maneuverability.

Sony Camcorder & Memory Card

The Sport Scope comes standard with a High Definition Sony camcorder and a 32GB memory card. We always make sure that we use the best camcorders that have the most important features our customers are looking for, which is why we only use Sony camcorders. Sony has the most dependable and advanced consumer camcorders available, which allow our customers to get HD quality film, transfer it quickly to their computers, and upload to their favorite editing software.


The Sport Scope is the only endzone camera that comes standard with a high definition monitor and a long lasting battery to power that monitor. This battery will power your HD monitor for 5-6 hrs and also comes with a 12v adapter that can be plugged into a power outlet for unlimited use.

Each Sport Scope end zone camera comes standard with an extended battery for the camcorder. This battery lasts 6 hrs, which will allow you to film several games with your end zone camera on one charge.

JJC Remote

The JJC camera remote allows the user to zoom in and out as they record with their endzone camera. You can also turn on/off the camcorder with this remote, which means you can conserve battery during halftime, between quarters, etc. The user can also put the camcorder in record or standby mode, allowing for the operator to only record the plays they want. This allows for smaller, more precise clips of only the action in the plays, which cuts down on transfer and analysis time.

Pan/Tilt Head

The Sport Scope 25' is a manually controlled system which pans and tilts the camera while is sits on a pivoting pan/tilt camera plate. The pan/tilt camera plate comes with a quick release plate on top of it to allow the operator to easily attach and position the camera.

LCD Monitor & Monitor Plate

The Sport Scope comes standard with a 8" LCD monitor for clear viewing. The monitor attaches to the monitor plate and can be sat comfortably in the operator's lap while they sit down and film with their endzone camera.

Hard Case

The hard case protects and organizes all the important electronics that make up our complete end zone camera package. The hard case is an important part of our system because it ensures that the most vulnerable parts of the endzone camera are always safe and accounted for.

Sport Stool

The Sport Scope 25' is the only endzone camera that supplies the user with everything they need to comfortably sit down while they operate their end zone camera. The sports stool packs up and fits in the larger travel bag.

Rain Gear

The Sport Scope comes with a lens hood and rain cover that protects both the camcorder and the pan/tilt head from harsh weather. The lens hood screws on the front of the camcorder and the 100% waterproof cover protects the camcorder and pan/tilt head.

Travel Bag

The Sport Scope 30' or 25' and all accessories except for the electronics hard case (which attaches to the outside) fit inside the portable travel bag. The bag is made of ballistic nylon and is padded on all sides, which prevents damage during transportation. Some end zone cameras either do not come with a travel bag or they come with several, which makes the process of moving the end zone camera much more complicated. The Sport Scope's wheel plate also connects to the bag making transportation a breeze even through thick grass and mud. Other system's bags either come with small plastic wheels or with no wheels at all, which makes transporting the end zone camera much more difficult.

25' Cable

Each Sport Scope comes with a custom cable. Our single cable end zone camera system allows for a quick and easy set up. The cable is also protected with an abrasion resistant cover to protect the life of the cable.

Bottom Rain Gear

The Sport Scope 25' end zone camera comes standard with a clear cover for the camera remote that is 100% waterproof and a clear cover that protects the 9" monitor and battery from harsh weather. Without this important piece of rain gear it would be too risky to use an endzone camera is harsh weather.

Tilt Handle & Reel

The Sport Scope 25' allows the operator to pan and tilt the camera with a tilt handle and cable reel. The handle is attached to the 25' mast and pans the camera right and left while the cable reel attaches to the camera plate at the top of the mast. The camera will tilt up and down as the tilt handle is moved up and down. For more information check out our Sport Scope 25' set up video.

Sport Scope in Action