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Policies – Sport Scope Video

Sport Scope Policies

Payment Policies

Credit Card

Payment upfront with a Credit Card is the preferred method of payment for parts we ship.

Processing a credit card is the simplest and quickest way, not only for Sport Scope but usually for customers as well. This alleviates extra paperwork and time of obtaining a purchase order. Additionally, it decreases administrative time, costs dealing with billings & collections and lowers the risk of having bad debt attributed to the customer.

Purchase Order

Aside from Credit Cards, which is our ideal method, we accept Purchase Orders; a financial agreement that the customer agrees to the purchase and will remit payment (Net 30 days is typical).

A purchase order is often required when billing a district and may be required if billing the school. While we can experience an occasional delay, payment is usually made within 30-45 days, making this the second-best method.

Mail an Invoice

The least favored method is mailing an invoice. Payment using this method typically increases the time until payment is completed, creates costs dealing with billings & collections and increases the risk of having bad debt attributed to the customer.


PayPal is another tool to invoice and collect payment. It allows the customer to remit payment via credit card, bank account or PayPal account. This can be a great feature for Boosters or independent buyers.

To obtain a PayPal invoice, contact your Sport Scope sales or support representative and request one, providing your email address. Sport Scope will generate the PayPal invoice, which will be emailed to you. You can then pay over PayPal by signing into your account or checking out as a guest.

Returns and Refunds

All Sport Scope and EDGE Replay sales are final.

In rare circumstances, if we decide to accept a return it will be subject to a 15% restocking fee for tower camera systems or a 20% restocking fee for Smart and/or EDGE replay systems to cover any damages or wear and tear that may occur before a partial refund is issued.

Warranty & Shipping Policy

If your product is under warranty and defective, we will replace or repair the item at no cost. The warranty does not apply to any products or parts that have been physically damaged by the customer or weather. An item meets the warranty criteria if it has failed to function correctly due to a manufacturing defect in spite of normal usage and while following our instruction manuals/videos/sticker labels/etc. correctly.

The Sport Scope tower has a 10 yr. frame warranty, which protects the telescoping tower, the legs, and base. This does not apply to the base plate and wheels or the large travel bag.

The automatic Pan/Tilt head and joystick have a 3 yr. warranty.

The custom cable bundles for the 30’ and 20’ Automatic, the 25’ Manual, and the 11’ and 16’ Quick Scopes have a 1 yr. warranty covering any defects.

The Smart/Wireless Camera Head, EDGE recorder boxes, and all network hardware and batteries for the Smart/Wireless/EDGE Replay systems have a 1-year warranty.

The other electronics that come with your Sport Scope (Sony camera, non-network batteries, monitor, etc.) come with their own manufacturer warranties, which is typically 90 days.

We reserve the right to diagnose and solve the problem you are having with your Sport Scope or EDGE Replay in the most economical way for both parties involved. If under warranty and we determine that the problem can be fixed by shipping you a replacement part, then we will at no cost to you. If the problem can't be fixed by shipping a replacement part, then the customer will have to ship the part in question back to us for repairs. Once we receive the part and have determined that it is indeed defective, we will repair or replace the part in question and ship the item to you at no cost. The cost incurred by the customer for shipping the part to us will then be reimbursed after we determined the part was defective.

All parts replaced under the warranty and all replaced Smart/Wireless/EDGE computers regardless of warranty must be returned to Sport Scope unless otherwise specified. Return shipping will be provided by Sport Scope at no cost to the customer for parts being replaced under warranty.

Sport Scope may provide expedited shipping for parts covered under warranty up to 2-Day expedited shipping. However, under no circumstances will Next-Day (or Overnight) shipping be provided along with warranty coverage unless otherwise specified. If a customer wishes to select Next-Day shipping, they must pay for the expedited service in full, regardless of warranty.