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Testimonials – Sport Scope Video

Sport Scope Testimonials

We purchased the iPad controlled Wireless Camera for our program this season, and it was a game-changer. It was incredibly easy to set-up, it was easy to use, and we loved the iPad control. The camera did a fantastic job capturing the tight view of our game, and we often used it for in-game adjustments. We didn't have any issues, but through experience, we knew tech support was on-hand and readily available if we needed help troubleshooting. Dixie was fantastic to work with and I would recommend the iPad controlled Wireless Camera, and more importantly, the SportScope company, to any football program looking for a competitive edge!

Brennan Briggs, Head Coach

Batavia High School (New York)

We have used the Sports Scope Endzone camera for many years now and it has been great! It functions well and the customer service has been incredible!

After shopping many different replay systems and talking to the people at Sports Scope, we went with Edge Replay this past season and it was amazing. The replay during the game was used by my whole staff and was a big part of our 2022 Championship run. The system was reliable and easy to toggle between angles. The customer service provided was the best I have experienced from any vendor in 25 years of football.

On Friday nights uploads were a breeze; for home games, we uploaded in our press box within minutes, because the clips are already compressed. Each angle is its own folder and numbered the same as the other angle so matching them on Hudl was super easy. For away games, I waited until I got home and uploaded the minute I walked in the door. After the upload it was quick to match angles and my wife was always surprised by how early I made it to bed compared to past seasons. Between the Varsity and JV game, it saved me an average of 2 hours on Friday nights.

Sport Scope and Edge Replay have been a blessing to our program and I will recommend them to everybody in the football world.

Phil Grams, Head Coach

Ripon Christian (California)

Sport Scope was a game changer for us. This was our first year using it and we loved it. We are a small staff so to have this as a tool was great for our guys. No doubt that the use of this endzone camera was a huge reason we won a State Championship this year. So many great things from fast uploads, easy setup, and great customer service. We are very pleased with our purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

Robert Bernard, Head Coach & Athletics Director

Fairview High School (Oklahoma)

2022 Oklahoma Division A State Champions

The 30’ Wireless Camera was easy to set up and simple to control. The iPad control allowed for mobility and provided a clear view of the game. And whenever we couldn’t have a person operate the iPad, Cam Assist came in clutch with following the action with no errors!

Phil Tubera, Assistant Coach

Hughson High School (California)

2022 California 5-AA State Champions

We loved using EDGE Replay this year. It was much more reliable than what we used to have. Clips upload to each iPad very quickly, and having to shut down the iPads and restart the system is a thing of the past. The most impressive part of the EDGE Replay experience was the customer service, which is second to none. I have never felt more comfortable calling in questions to a support staff. I probably call in too much, but they never make me feel like I'm wasting their time. They have always taken their time to fully answer my questions and always come up with a solution perfect for each situation.

Marc Purkey

Goodpasture Christian School (Tennessee)

We are very happy with our Sport Scope Endzone camera. Our staff and film crew had zero set up or operational problems. It has been the easiest camera system we have had. It connected to our Hudl sideline and produced high quality film. The customer service and tech support has been second to none.

Mike Smith, Head Coach

Lapeer High School (Michigan)

Sportscope support staff is the best I've ever dealt with. Easy setup, easy to use and a huge difference maker in our success. Easy to set up for practice or games, and easy to control.

Kevin Motsinger, Head Coach

Wallace-Rose Hill High School (North Carolina)

The Smart Camera and EDGE Replay system were an instrumental part of our 2021 State Championship season. It is extremely user-friendly and very easy to set up. One of the main benefits is that it only requires one person to operate. The endzone cameraman is also the operator of the replay system. He/she is able to sit in the pressbox and operate the EZ camera and the replay system. The clips come up instantaneously and are very reliable. The quality of the equipment is top-notch and survived several rain-soaked games. The system is expandable, so we were able to have replay available on the field and in the coaches’ box using multiple iPads. When I initially had questions regarding set-up, the Sport Scope tech team was available and knowledgeable. I have used multiple other instant replays systems, and this is by far the best one I have come across. I would highly recommend it.

Don Mesick, Offensive Coordinator

Jesuit High School (Florida)

2021 Florida Class 6A State Champions

Sport Scope’s Cam Assist and Edge Replay have made the game easier on Friday nights. Nobody must film the endzone camera thanks to Cam Assist, which has been a game changer. It’s hard enough to find people to film in the endzone AND press box. The replay system is great and gives wonderful feedback on the sideline. After the game, it’s very easy and fast to download to Hudl. The customer serviced is best in the business and are easy to get in touch with to help fix any problems that you may have. We love it and it has helped us to be better as a program.

Beau Williams, Athletic Director & Football Coach

Jacksonville High School (North Carolina)

2021 Division 3A NC Playoff Contender (11-3)

This was our second year (in 2021) with the Smart Endzone Camera and our first year using the Edge Replay system. I highly recommend this system. We played for the state championship twice previously at Center Parc Credit Union Stadium (Georgia State University) where our previous system did not work. This year Edge Replay worked flawlessly and made a huge difference, helping to bring us our first State Championship in 27 years. Dixie and the Tech Support staff (Jared and Jordan) are top notch. They were extremely patient with me through our learning curve of a new system. Their support staff response time is extremely quick. We are a small school and we have three students who set up and run the system. They really like the iPad controls and ease of use. The download and upload into Hudl is easy, and quick. The Edge Replay system worked great and I am so glad we made the move.

Kyle Wilson, Offensive Coordinator - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Brooks County High School (Quitman, Georgia)

2021 Georgia 1A Public State Champions

We love our Sport Scope Wireless Endzone Camera. In the past, our coaches have had to spend too much time setting up our other systems each game day. The Sport Scope system sets up super-fast and easy and allows our coaches to coach. The operating system is easy and efficient, with minimal training required which allows us to use different people each week.

Craig Bentley, Head Football Coach & Assistant Athletic Director - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Wireless Endzone Camera

Mena High School (Arkansas)

Cam Assist allows us to use our staff more effectively on game nights. Cam Assist’s ability to find the ball and set up perfectly to capture our tight camera angle was more accurate than having a person controlling it. With our up-tempo offense that led the state in scoring last season, Cam Assist was definitely something we were look for as a program. It is crucial for our in-game adjustments and success on Friday nights. The dependability of a great tight shot for every play is why I’ll never look anywhere else for an endzone camera, replay system, and the add-ons like Cam Assist.

Matt Walters, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

East Stroudsburg South High School (Pennsylvania)

We love the product, it works great for us. I am a big fan of how easy it is to upload our game video into Hudl after each night as well. The biggest advantage of using Edge Replay is how quickly we can view the play during the game. We have called a play and have it not work well. After reviewing the play immediately afterwards, we are able to make the adjustments and call the next play within seconds. It has been a huge help for us.

Zach Welchman, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Baptist Prep (Arkansas)

I would like to say thank you so much for introducing us to Sport Scope. It has been a tremendous asset to our football program. It has allowed us to make timely adjustments on the sideline by using the instant replay. I also wanted to let you know that the system worked flawlessly at our State Championship Game in Wallace Wade Stadium at Duke University. I was a little concerned since it was the first time we had used it in a large stadium but we didn't have any problems. The video was downloaded to the sideline iPads immediately. Please feel free to contact me if you ever need any recommendations for your system. Thank you once again for being a big part of our 2019 State Championship Football season!

Randy Marion, Athletic Director - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

East Surry High School, Pilot Mountain, NC

2019 Division 1AA NC State Champions (15-0)

The Sport Scope Smart Endzone camera was a huge advantage for us this past season as we won our 7th State Championship. Upload time was much faster than the competitor's system we used for our Wide/Tight upload. We had very few issues during the season, and after a good training season in preseason our student-filmer was a guru in setup and tear down on his own. The #1 reason I went with Sport Scope in 2019 and will continue to be a loyal customer is because their customer service is by far the absolute best I've had in the athletic technology industry among any other company you can mention. I have called in the middle of the day, and a person answers. I have called customer support after a game late at night and their tech guy got on FaceTime video chat with me to help us work through our issues and taught us how to prevent it from happening again. The wireless technology can seem intimidating because it is new and different, but Sport Scope will be there to teach you and help you understand how to use this technology and how it can maximize your post game workflow. I've done football video for 12 years now, and Sport Scope is the benchmark in customer service and tech that I will measure all other companies against.

James Watson, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Wireless Endzone Camera

Carthage High School, Carthage, TX

2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 Texas State Football Champions

We had the opportunity to play in three college stadiums (Utah State & University of Utah twice). I was very concerned that our system would not function properly considering the distance between the coach's box, sideline, & end zone camera. In every case the cameras & EDGE Replay functioned seamlessly!

It was an awesome game experience! First time in our school’s 56 years that they have ever won a State Championship in football! The Sport Scope Smart Camera system was so easy to set up and use. It played a huge role in our success. The EDGE Replay system was seamless & a huge advantage on game day! I loved how easy it was to upload film to Hudl as well! Great system, worth every cent!

Chris Howell, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Sky View High School, Smithfield, UT

2019 Class 4A UT State Champions (13-1) - First Ever!

Sport Scope has been a tremendous resource for our program at Don Bosco Prep. The quality of video and tremendous customer support offered make it a high quality product that has allowed our players and coaches to have positive experiences filming and setting up or breaking down the system on a daily basis. Our program is a strong supporter of the Sport Scope product.

Daniel Sabella, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Wireless Endzone Camera

Don Bosco Prep High School, Ramsey, NJ

2019 Non-Public Group 4 NJ State Runner-Ups

Sport Scope and EDGE Replay has been a great addition to our sideline and has allowed for us to be more flexible with our staffing needs (can be run from sidelines or pressbox) in addition to getting replay almost instantly, even at Camp Randall. Our staff and student volunteers are able to run the system after just a little training. We are very pleased with our investment and believe it helped us on our playoff run.

Jeramie Korth, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Menasha High School, Menasha, WI

Our video team and coaches were very pleased to find that our system worked seamlessly even inside Ford Field in the state final game. We were able to coach using the replay and iPad communication just as we had done successfully all season long. Results of the game speak for themselves, thank you Sport Scope!!

Steve Macksood, Video Coordinator - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Lansing Catholic High School, Lansing, MI

2019 Division 5 MI State Champions

The 20' Wireless Endzone Camera is a game saver. The camera is crystal clear for easy viewing when breaking down film. The setup takes about 5 minutes to do, without the hassle of several wires. In the rain, the camera has a cover, and this does not affect the quality of the footage. The controls on the iPad app are very convenient and easy to use. The iPad works up to 100 feet away from the camera, which is a bonus for our manager. Wireless is the way to go! Thanks to the Sport Scope team!!

Matt McKinnon, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Wireless Endzone Camera

Wethersfield High School, Wethersfield, CT

It was quick to get the video from the camera to the sideline. Being able to get that feed to our coaches then having the ability to get that info to our players was priceless. We really enjoyed the quick set up. We did not have to mess with so many wires like before. The freedom that the operator had on the ground by having the ability to move around was great. It was so convenient to operate the camera remotely using an iPad! Simply amazing how far technology with endzone cameras have come and Sport Scope is leading the way. The ability to upload video directly from the iPad was quick and smooth. Saved our coaching staff so much time. We look forward to partnering with Sport Scope in the future!

Michael Stroup, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Smart Endzone Camera

University School of Jackson, Jackson, TN

2019 Division II Class A TN State Runner-Ups

Moving to Sport Scope and EDGE Replay was the best thing we could have done. Simple set up between the cameras, network, and iPads made for quick transitions and changes on the sideline. The system allowed us to communicate more effectively from the pressbox to the sideline.

Jeff Strohecker, Assistant Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Cibola High School, Albuquerque, NM

The system all works really well. I love having only 1 wire for the Endzone. Everything after the game is really easy to upload also!

In years past we had so much trouble with the replay system that we were not using it to its full extent, with this system always working perfectly every time, we have an adapter and hook it up to a pretty large TV on the sideline. We have an iPad set up on a tripod right next to a TV, and using an Apple adapter play the replay through the TV while the kids on the bench watch in between series. It is so much better than trying to get the kids to see it over my shoulder on a tiny iPad. We only feel comfortable enough to go through the hassle of bringing a TV on the road and do all that because of how reliable your system has been!

Please do not hesitate to have people contact me in the future if they're thinking about purchasing the system. What I DO know is, every time we have ever had something come up, you guys walked us through it right away, and they have always been user errors. It always works every time, it takes less than 5 minutes to set everything up and that is with one guy on the field and one guy doing pressbox stuff. Best of all it has 1 long wire. Very easy to transport. Even if there was another system someone would be pretty hard pressed to convince me of it because of all the good fortune we have had!

Also if you have anyone looking to do the 3 views for replay/Intercut that has been great too. I believe we were one of the few that wanted this, it has been great, no issues at all.

Josh Sabinas, Defensive Coordinator - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Smart Endzone Camera + 2-View EDGE Replay

Merrillville High School, Merrillville, IN

All I can say is I've been very pleased with how incredibly easy the set up is for the Sports Scope End Zone Camera. What used to take around an hour now takes a matter of minutes to set up and take down. The biggest benefit I've seen is the amount of time it takes to download the video from the ipad to Hudl which literally only takes a few minutes and we can immediately watch the film after the game.

Andy Hulst, Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Wireless Endzone Camera

Westby High School, Westby, WI

The Sport Scope End Zone camera was an invaluable tool in our State Championship run! In-game adjustments and teaching are critical and Sport Scope was reliable in every respect. It paired easily with our sideline replay system giving us real-time access to the information critical to our success!

John Pukala, Athletic Director - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Wireless Endzone Camera

De Smet Jesuit High School, St. Louis, MO

2019 Class 6 MO State Champions (14-0)

It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with Sport Scope. We made a decision to upgrade our older, antiquated “film” system and Sport Scope has been an invaluable partner in this process. Both sales and tech support were great in making sure we were matched up with the proper equipment and program to best suit our needs. Downloading two angles simultaneously, and without delay has been great and our staff really enjoys recording from the Pressbox!

Chad Ormond, Assistant Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

La Salle College High School, Wyndmoor, PA

We switched to EDGE Replay this past season and could not be happier. The easy set up combined with incredibly quick post game upload process left us extremely satisfied with the product that Sport Scope has produced. I have recommended them to anyone who has been in the market for a new Endzone Replay System.

Tom Yashinsky, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Onalaska High School, Onalaska, WI

EDGE Replay has been huge this year! Thanks to Sport Scope for their quick work and fast turnaround on shipping. Quick and painless setup plus awesome film quality!

Adam Brockhouse, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Triopia High School, Concord, IL

As is with any new technology or gear, there are some growing pains, and our new Sport Scope was no exception. However, what was unique and a very welcome experience was your customer service. Every phone call and email was answered in the most timely manner possible. Our issues solved expeditiously. One of the main reasons we decided to go with Sport Scope was the wireless technology. We were able to quickly set up the camera and tower, and link it to our teams’ iPad. We typically had a redshirt player in control of the iPad. The software easily communicated with the camera to tilt, zoom and rotate. It was very convenient to not have to sit right by the tower. Overall we are very pleased with our purchase and the customer care you and your team provided. We hope to continue our success in future years.

Pete Mafi, Soccer Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Wireless Endzone Camera

Fresno City College Men's Soccer, Fresno, CA

State Champions and 2019 #2 Team in the Nation

We bought the Wireless Endzone Camera after our previous endzone camera (from a different company) blew over and broke on a windy day in late August. Sport Scope did an amazing job shipping our Endzone Camera immediately so we could use this product for our Week 1 game. Great customer service and the product itself was a game-changer for us this season.

James Herberg, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Wireless Endzone Camera

Rocori High School, Cold Spring, MN

We loved everything about our Sport Scope Endzone Camera and EDGE Replay. It really helped our program reach the next level. Having replay viewable on the sideline as well as the ability to show film instantly at halftime really helped with making adjustments.

Kevin Townsend, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Smart Endzone Camera

Freeland High School, Freeland, MI

The system performed wonderfully. All the coaches loved it. It was such a big advantage for us and helped us to a big win. It was simple to set up and very user friendly. In fact, it was so user friendly we had some coaches that would never use the old system actually use this one. Thank you so much.

Chris Flynt, Assistant Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Dakota Ridge High School, Littleton, CO

I just want to say thanks to Sport Scope and your team. I appreciate your tremendous customer service, problem solving ability, and quality of product. We had two extended rain delays during season and the hours were spent studying film using Sport Scope for players and coaches. The ease of use is top notch!

Nate Vande Guchte, Assistant Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Zeeland West High School, Zeeland, MI

It's been great to have. Love it. Even better now that I've figured out how to get film from iPad to Hudl.

Matthew Campbell, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Wireless Endzone Camera

Lugoff-Elgin High School, Lugoff, SC

Our staff absolutely LOVES it! The setup of the tower is so simple, our student managers take care of it each game. The replay system has been flawless. No network issues. THANK YOU!

Eric Stenehjem, Assistant Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Moorhead High School, Moorhead, MN

We had a lot riding on the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera and EDGE Replay system and it did not disappoint; in fact it exceeded our expectations! We could control the camera from the sideline or press box and since it was an ipad it was quite easy and we could use a coach or manager as the controls. The replay (on another ipad) was almost immediate and we could watch the previous play on the sideline while the next play was being sent in. For us, that was a HUGE advantage over the Hudl Sideline. Having a picture perfect endzone view on the sideline was tremendously helpful and the service provided by the entire Sport Scope crew was also phenomenal. Second endzone system we have used and glad we switched!!

Ray Kumpula, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera

Glenrock High School, Glenrock, WY

This past season I had finally had enough of Hudl Sideline 2-angle system. A playoff season, a full season, and a partial season. Same result: problems, problems, problems! Looking for a replacement solution, I wanted something very user friendly, affordable, dependable, Hudl Mercury friendly, and be the quality that I expect out of my program. After looking at a lot of options, I found it ... EDGE Replay!

I called and talked to their representative (Michael Floyd) and was very encouraged by what I heard. I bought the 20’ Endzone tower, smart-camera, and EDGE Replay box for my Pressbox camera. Not only that, but the controlling of my Endzone camera could now be done in the comfort of the pressbox! (No more sitting next to the tower in the endzone in all kinds of weather)! The Endzone view was now controlled by an iPad and the controls were smooth and kept up with the action effortlessly. After the game, BOTH game angles were saved to my designated iPad. From there, it was an easy upload (the easiest I had ever encountered) to Hudl Mercury. During the game, any of our coaches could also ODK so we would be able to pull out Pressbox or Endzone clips by series to view. Switching to the different views during the game was also very easy. Their customer service/help line (24 hr) was also amazing as I called at 2 AM CST and someone actually answered the phone and immediately answered a question and guided me through the solution.

I really cannot say enough good things about Sport Scope EDGE Replay because I believe them to be a GREAT company! If you have lived my frustration with your past system, you understand. If you need any validation of this system, please do not hesitate to contact me. WE love it!

Scott Martin, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera

Ohatchee High School, Ohatchee, AL

2018 Class 2A Region Champions and Quarter-Finalist (11-1)

After a game with failed end zone camera hardware and Hudl Sideline Replay, we made the switch mid-season to the Sport Scope 30' Wireless Smart Endzone Camera and EDGE Replay system. The set-up for both was seamless. Learning how to control the camera from the press box using the iPad was easy and our video personnel used it for the first time with very little practice. Even with the majority of our games this season in bad weather and a few games in a large professional stadium, the hardware set up was easy and accommodating. In both situations they worked great. A real difference maker was the great customer sales and service. All questions we had before, during, and after games were answered quickly and they shipped their products promptly. With the EDGE replay system, the replay clips would download quickly and with our sideline set-up, we could watch the previous play in the press box and sideline while the next play was happening. Compared to the inconsistencies that we dealt with over the last 3 seasons and the service provided by Mike and the entire Sport Scope crew, we couldn't be happier that we made the switch.

Andy Crowley, Assistant Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera

De La Salle Collegiate High School, Warren, MI

2017 & 2018 Division 2 State Champions

After doing our homework in looking for an End Zone camera and a Sideline Reply system, I can say we found the best out there. We chose the 30’ Smart Camera with built-in endzone EDGE replay. We found the setup easy and fast, the quality of the video for the replay awesome, and the service outstanding. Everything about this system and company was first class. Looking forward to adding on to our existing system for next year.

Alex Fruth, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera

Goochland High School, Goochland, VA

2018 2A State Runner-Ups

We have been using the Edge Replay System for the last two seasons and the system has contributed to our success. Being 1-9 in 2016 and 19-3 during the last two seasons, the system has made a big difference in close games and we can directly attribute 4 big wins to the always ready replay, which created game changing plays.

Sport Scope demonstrates a solid commitment to the customer with patient and professional technical support! Derek and the crew are great, they have answered every call in a timely fashion and have provided expert advice resolving each issue presented. This past season we acquired the Smart Endzone Camera with built-in EDGE Replay, which has improved camera operator continuity. Although there were some challenges in the initial configuration, the Tech Guys kept looking to make improvements. This year's season end result, using a multi-point network was tight, enabling nearly instantaneous camera response. The replays came in at only 1.5 seconds of download time. Having this high quality imaging available to coaches within moments of play completion greatly improves in-drive adjustments.

We highly recommend Sport Scope products and commend the customer support, we plan to be a customer for the foreseeable future.

Spike Long, DFO and Special Forces Coordinator - Owner of the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera

St. Mary's Ryken High School, Leonardtown, MD

2018 WCAC Metro Div. Champion

This past year we purchased the Sport Scope 30' Wireless Endzone Camera System with the Press Box Tripod. We found the setup easy and fast, and the quality of the video awesome. We could not be more pleased. We also received the iPad as part of a promotion. This feature also allowed for easier recording, and provided us with a fast upload right after the practice and games. I really cannot say enough good things about Sport Scope. I highly recommend Sport Scope products and commend the excellent customer support.

Michael Ervin, Director of Football Operations - Owner of the 30' Wireless Endzone Camera

Ft Valley State University, Fort Valley, GA

Being able to use the iPad to record the action was much better for us. It gave us the ability to record away from the end zone. It was easier to keep up with the action on the field, and provided us with a smoother transition while recording. In the past, when using a joystick, we had problems following the action on the field. There were also times, when our film crew did not know if they were actually recording the play. The iPad set up allows for easier recording, and provides us with a fast upload right after the game.

Pete Koulianos, Head Football Coach - Owner of the 30' Wireless Endzone Camera

Highland High School, Highland, IN

Our first exposure to Sport Scope was 8+ years ago when we purchased the 30’ Automatic Endzone Camera. This camera was ahead of its time and made filming all our practices, 7on7’s, scrimmages, games, etc. a dream. The camera was relatively easy to set up and maintain. As with any heavily used piece of equipment though, upgrading was inevitable. When it came time to retire our 30’ Automatic Endzone Camera, we immediately went back to Sport Scope and looked at all their new technology. We decided to upgrade our existing system to their new 30’ Wireless Endzone Camera system and added the Quick Scope 11’ to our team’s repertoire. (The motivation behind adding the Quick Scope 11’ was to have greater portability and to reduce the wear and tear on the 30’ Smart Endzone Camera.)

This Wireless Endzone Camera allows us to control the camera from either the sideline or press box and allows any staff member to operate it via iPad. We also didn't have to worry about someone missing plays or needing help and being far away from coaches as everything is accessible within an arm’s reach. The wireless function, which enables us to record and watch film via replay from the camera to another system (on another iPad), was almost immediate and we could watch the previous play on the sideline while the next play was being sent in. This is the main advantage that we were looking for and one that has allowed our staff to be able to adjust our offense and defense quickly.

The service provided by the entire Sport Scope crew is phenomenal. When it came time for service, Tech Support answered the phone quickly and walked us through any issues we had right there on the spot. The Sport Scope Sales and Technical Teams (Dixie, Derek and Shawn) have always managed to get us out of any jam and up and running in no time. Thank you, Sports Scope!

Phil Fusco, Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Wireless Endzone Camera

Bergen Catholic High School, Oradell, NJ

We purchased the 20’ Wireless Endzone Camera system early in the season. It was very quick and easy to set up. The system was easy to use and allowed our video coordinator to move around the practice area. This made everything so much more efficient for our program.

Kurt Barth, Head Football Coach

Eureka College, Eureka, IL

After our first year using our Sport Scope Endzone Camera with the EDGE Sideline Instant Replay we could not be more pleased. The endzone view and replay are difference makers. The product is exactly what you expect and then some. The real difference maker is the top notch customer service. All questions we had were answered quickly and products shipped promptly.

Paul Oursland, Assistant Football Coach & Film Coordinator

Othello High School, Othello, Wa

Our new endzone camera made watching and breaking down film quick and easy. Being able to connect the iPad to the system made everything care free and easy. Wish we would have purchased sooner!

Derek Genzlinger, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Wireless Endzone Camera

Flandreau High School, Flandreau, SD

The ability to have our end-zone camera person in the press-box with the coaches was really helpful. It allowed us to watch live end-zone footage to see where they are lining up on defense. We also didn't have to worry about someone out in the cold or needing help and being far away from coaches. We had a freshman handle the controls and he did an amazing job very easily with little instruction. We didn't have to find a parent or some other adult to handle things. It was easy enough for a freshmen that has never played football before. The wireless function of being able to record with and watch film on the iPads during the game was great. We also didn't need power down at the tripod tower. The batteries worked great and we never needed to plug anything in during the game down on the field. When I messed up a set up process, the tech support answered the phone quickly and walked me through any issues I had right there on the spot. I thought the best thing was how easily it inter-cut video on Hudl for us. We uploaded both films quickly and it was a seamless inter-cut process.

Pete Skakal, Assistant Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera

Louisburg High School, Louisburg, KS

I am very pleased with both the service and product from Sport Scope Endzone Camera. My former high school will greatly benefit by having a state-of-the-art endzone camera tripod. As a professional football player, I know how important it is to be able to obtain multiple video angles of each play to better analyze technique and scheme. The Sport Scope delivers just that: crystal clear video from a great vantage point.

Travis Frederick, Center for Dallas Cowboys and Big Foot Alumni

Big Foot High School, Walworth, Wisconsin

We have a Sport Scope Endzone Tower as well as two angle (press box, endzone) EDGE Replay. The Tower is well built, simple to set up, and travels well. The EDGE replay system has been great. It is far less expensive per year than most competitors I researched, especially when using multiple angles. Clips are available almost instantly on the iPads and the process to upload video into Hudl is fast and incredibly easy to intercut the two angles, saving a ton of time on the backend. The systems are reliable and they have great customer service any time we've had a user error issue to set us straight or when we have suggestions for future updates. I would highly recommend working with Sport Scope and EDGE Replay.

Ryan Bolland, Head Football Coach

Buena High School, Ventura, CA

The Sport Scope Endzone telescoping system is very easy to use and set up. It is much more compact than our old system. Everything comes in one little box and the portable telescope case on wheels. It is very streamlined with all the cables wrapped together. The joystick and remote camera control make it simple to use. This also allows for us to have the EZ view recorded onto the camera for a back up just in case our instant replay system fails or if we miss some clips during a game. Very convenient, simple, and great quality HD picture.

Joel Staponski, Assistant Football Coach

Lee's Summit West High School, Lee's Summit, MO

North Scott Football purchased Sport Scope’s EDGE Replay system two years ago. We had been using another company’s replay system, but that system made it cumbersome to download the videos and keep the games organized. We searched for a replacement that would allow us a way to organize our games using a graphical interface, upload the games to the Internet, connect to several iPads, use actual cameras for filming and control the end zone and sideline cameras simultaneously so that we had an equal number of clips from each angle. After looking at all of the available options, we chose Sport Scope and EDGE Replay. No other company offered all of the capabilities we wanted within a price range we could afford. This past year our football program also purchased the Sport Scope 30’ Tower. The entire system takes less than 15 minutes to set up and works flawlessly (minus a few operator errors.) Sport Scope makes an outstanding product and the customer service is second to none. I can't say enough about how impressed we are with their products and their company. Very highly recommend!

Dale Tuftee, Assistant Football Coach

North Scott High School, Eldridge, IA

The Sport Scope Endzone Camera is a great teaching tool for games and practices. Set-up is easy and so is recording. Wish we had bought this years ago.

Jim McCay, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Wireless Endzone Camera

Tishomingo High School, Luka, MS

Couldn’t do it without our Sport Scope endzone camera. It’s not a coincidence that in our first year using the endzone camera we won the conference title.

Glenn Nelson, Head Football Coach

Houston High School, Big Lake, AK

Sport Scope has become an integral part of our evaluation and preparation process. The quality of their product is only surpassed by their unparalleled customer service. We couldn't be happier to have Sport Scope as a partner in our football program.

Doug Fountain, Head Football Coach

Albany High School, Albany, MO

The endzone camera was fantastic this year! Very, very happy with how it performed. All of our coaches and kids, loved it as well!

Roderick Beaton, Head Football Coach

Pinckney High School, Pinckney, MI

This year we purchased the Sport Scope 30' Wireless Smart Endzone Camera System with EDGE Replay. We utilized the system both at home and away games and were extremely happy with it. Setup is straightforward and the software is very intuitive. Video uploaded into Hudl easily and the in-game 2-View Replay was invaluable. The software development team responded to issues quickly and Sport Scope's customer service was top notch.

Jareth Wilson, Assistant Football Coach

Glacier High School, Kalispell, MT

Our video coordinator had been researching for 2 years for the right fit for our end zone filming needs. He looked closely at cost but the most important factors he was looking into was system components, set up, and longevity. He examined the endzone setup of every opponent we played and took notes on what he liked and what would not work well for our needs. After 2 years of research he decided that Sport Scope was exactly what we were looking for. We were extremely pleased with the product. As a coach, I really enjoyed the quality of video we were able to watch. Our coordinator was thrilled with the ease of set up, quality of components, and easy transport of the equipment.

Matt Kleinheinz, Head Football Coach

Marshall High School, Marshall, WI

In a prior program, we had a donor provide us with a Sport Scope and over the years at games we noticed that film crews with other programs were admiring our setup. We looked theirs over and agreed ours was pretty handy by comparison. When we transitioned to a brand new high school and started up the program, we looked at all the vendors and endzone cameras on the market and came back to Sport Scope. It's just a great system and you really can't beat the support. If you're wondering if endzone film is worth the money, I'd say spend it. We find it to be a really valuable tool.

Jeff Marshall, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Wireless Endzone Camera

Thunder Ridge High School, Idaho Falls, ID

Sport Scope worked wonderfully for us and we couldn't be happier with the End Zone Tripod system. We had zero issues and it was dependable in even the wind, rain, and cold. It is a great product/package.

Jamie Kahler, Assistant Football Coach

Mayo High School, Rochester, MN

We have loved our endzone camera. Working with Dixie and the staff has been top notch. One of my coaches said this was the best investment we have ever made.

Jake Pettengill, Head Football Coach

Sioux Falls Christian High School, Sioux Falls, SD

2017 South Dakota State Champions (First time ever!)

Sport Scope is extremely easy to set up and use. We honestly felt that other camera systems were clunky with a lot of wires and cords and became really confusing. With Sport Scope we had it up and running the same day it came in. And you really cannot beat the price. One of the best features was the Quick Scope pole for practice. We used to spend so much time before and after practice setting up the camera stand. The Quick Scope pole gave us a whole new viewpoint and flexibility to film anything we wanted to at practice without having to move a bulky camera or the entire team.

Jeff Vik, Head Football Coach

Buffalo Grove High School, Buffalo Grove, IL

The 30’ Endzone Camera and EDGE systems have quickly become a valuable teaching tool as well as an important part to our in-game adjustments. Both systems are easy and quick to set up. We found that with very little training our student tech crew can set both systems up in less than 30 min. The EDGE system has proven to be reliable with getting film down to the sideline for review in just a few seconds. Using this data we are able to show players the adjustments more effectively than on a dry erase board.

Ronnie Lee, Assistant Coach and Video Specialist

Garner Magnet High School, Garner, NC

The Luxemburg-Casco Football program purchased Sport Scope’s Endzone Camera tower because of its ease of transportion and containment in one case. We found the setup to be less complicated than our previous system, and found it to be sturdy in winds with its wide base. Our videographer was able to be out in the elements while using the system and was able to keep our equipment dry in the process. Customer service has always been outstanding and they have walked us through any troubleshooting that was needed. Their response is always immediate and helpful.

David Tlachac, Assistant Varsity Coach

Luxemburg-Casco High School, Luxemburg, WI

Everything we have used this year was a Sport Scope product and it has made a tremendous difference in our ability to prepare and evaluate. During practices we filmed our 7 on 7, inside, pass pro, and team periods using the Quick Scope and Dual Press Box. At the games we setup the Dual Press Box and 30' Endzone Camera System and hooked up the Edge Replay to each. This year we played in all kinds of conditions and stadium sizes and the Edge Replay system worked great. In the state championship game we played at Williams-Brice stadium (over 80,000 capacity). The sideline replay ran without a hitch. We only had 30 minutes to get setup but we finished with time to spare. Whenever we needed technical assistance the staff at Sport Scope was always quick to respond. This is a great company to work with and they were a big help in achieving our school's first undefeated season and 2nd state championship.

Tom Knotts, Head Football Coach and Doug Rivers, Assistant Football Coach

Dutch Fork High School, South Carolina

2013, 2016, 2017 South Carolina State AAAAA Champions

At St. Xavier, studying video is a key part of what we do every day. We used the Sport Scope equipment to record fantastic footage of every game. More importantly, Sport Scope allowed us to analyze each practice like never before and make adjustments prior to Friday night. Thanks to Sport Scope, our guys were ready to play fast at game time!

Steve Specht, Head Football Coach

St. Xavier High School, Ohio

2016 Ohio Division I State Champions

Sport Scope's endzone camera provided us with great information that a sideline camera can't! Our offensive line coach used this view only for his time with the players. Our running backs really enjoyed watching the endzone view of games as it provided valuable feedback on their performance. Not only did we use the Sport Scope endzone video system for both home and away games, we used it for our daily practices. It is so nice to have a camera that is very mobile and can also be used in bad weather. I can't imagine not having it!

Steve Turner, Head Football Coach

Cascade High School, Oregon

2015 4A Division Champions

The Sport Scope was definitely a part of our success as we had a school record 12 win season. The amount of coaching we were able to do through a great view from the end zone system in games AND practice tripled compared to years past. Our players could finally see their mistakes and it helped us improve throughout the year. The camera and tower were easy to use, quick to set up, and we had zero problems all year. It’s been a great product.

Adam Hale, Head Football Coach

Grantsburg High School, Wisconsin

2015 WIAAWI Division 6 Semifinalist

When we began looking into an end zone camera system, Sport Scope was recommended to my by a friend who is an athletic director and football coach for a team we play against every season. He had nothing but good things to say about the system and especially the service they provide. After using it this fall, I have to agree with him. The system is easy to set up, operate, and take down. Our video quality is excellent and it works well with our video editing system. We have also been extremely happy with their customer service and the way they worked with us to make sure we were comfortable using the system. I highly recommend Sport Scope and their systems.

Scott Johnson, Head Football Coach

Starmount High School, North Carolina

The 30' Sport Scope was a tremendous asset to our team this fall. The end zone view allowed us to better correct and implement schemes which greatly helped during our run to the state championship this season. Without this technology, I don't think we would have been as prepared or efficient as a team. I can't speak highly enough of our experience and the benefit it had on our program; the Sport Scope truly was a game changer.

Corey Ingvalson, Head Football Coach

Prosser High School, Washington

2015 Division 2A State Champions

Sport Scope Endzone Camera System is an invaluable part of our football operations. End zone shots and film captured during practice is vital to recruiting and a great teaching tool for our program. We've had it for two years now and the customer service has been phenomenal. We ordered a replacement part and it was shipped immediately so we could receive it on Thursday in time for our Friday game. I highly recommend Sport Scope and you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't find a way to purchase one for your program.

Ashley Henderson, Head Football Coach

Valwood High School, Georgia

2015 GISA AAA State Champions

We love our Sport Scope Endzone Camera System. We utilize that view every week to determine blocking schemes and it's instrumental in making our lineman better. The best experience though was the customer service we have received from Sport Scope, especially Dixie Zieglar. Not only did we receive our equipment in a timely manner, Dixie repeatedly checked in with us to make sure everything was going well and to wish us luck in our upcoming games. We wouldn't use anyone else!

Alex Pittz, Head Coach

Chowchiilla High School, California

We are very pleased with the quality and reliability of our Sport Scope Endzone Camera System. It goes up easily and is user friendly. We have used it in bright sun, rain, and high winds. Any questions or issues with our system are quickly resolved by Sport Scope. We would strongly recommend the Sport Scope System to other coaches. We feel that our endzone view gives us a big advantage over our competitors. We can better observe our opponents' splits, shades, blocking schemes, and reads. Coaches and players feel prepared and know what to expect. Our endzone shots are an excellent tool for teaching proper technique. It is great for observing hand, foot, head, and shoulder movement. We often use our 11' Coach's Pole on scouting trips for sideline views, especially for schools that do not have high bleachers. It is much easier to tape the game using he Coach's Pole than a handheld camcorder.

David Hogan, Head Coach & David Chickanosky, Defensive Coordinator

Chenango Forks High School, New York

2014 & 2015 Division C Championship

The Sport Scope Endzone Camera has been an indispensable resource for our football program these past two football seasons. We use it every day during the week for practice and on Friday night games. The views we get from the endzone video system allow us to make corrections throughout the week and after games. I believe our system was crucial to our dominant offensive and defensive line play this past season, our 15-0 record, and 4A State Championship. The equipment is very user-friendly and we are able to put the system up or take it down in a very time efficient manner. The tech support from Sport Scope has also been amazing. I would recommend this company and their system to any team looking for an endzone camera system.

Andrew McCloud, Offensive Coordinator

South Warren High School, Bowling Green, Kentucky

2015 Division 4A State Champion

At Coldwater High School, we invested in your Sport Scope Endzone Camera this year. At this point, we used it for games only, but we found it as a huge benefit and teaching tool for our team. For our interior O/D lineman and the linebackers, the endzone view is awesome. We can split our film review and get the best look for or lineman while the skill players can use the pressbox tripod view for their film study. Once we figured out how to set it up and use it, it was a 10 minute process to get it up and running. Hopefully other sports at our school will find it beneficial.

Chip Otten, Head Football Coach

Coldwater High School, Coldwater, Ohio

2015 Division V Championship

The Quick Scope coaches pole was an excellent tool for practice, especially for the linemen. Customer service was excellent. They helped us with the edge system, a broken camera, and a broken cable for the system by getting replacements shipped out by our next game.

Tom O'Neil, Offensive Coordinator

Darien High School, Connecticut

2015 Division LL Championship

The Sport Scope Endzone Camera system was instrumental in our success this season. The camera provided a whole new perspective for all our lineman. We are able to provide our lineman with an unbelievably clear view of every step they took in practice every day. This was made possible by both the clarity of the camera and the ability to utilize th 11' Coach's pole all over the field. An unbelievable tool that allowed us to take our line play to the next level!

Mark Dixon, Head Football Coach

Galax High School, Galax, Virginia

2015 Division 1A Champions

This past year, we were in need of a new endzone camera mid-season.  Sports Scope was quick and responsive in getting the endzone camera system to us and the ease of use allowed us to get the system up and running immediately.  Towards the end of the regular season, this system allowed us to correct some of our alignments, teaching techniques, and coaching points for our players that really allowed us to excel and eventually win a District title.

Dan Ellis, Head Football Coach

Great Valley High School, Malvern, Pennsylvania

The Sport Scope Endzone System has completely changed the way my staff and team watch and analyze film.  The endzone angle sheds a tremendous amount of knowledge during the film break down sessions.  Angles and spacing become so much easier to see.  The practice pole is essential.  It makes it so easy to film practice.  I even had my 12 year old filming for the team.

Jason Bruenn, Head Coach

Platt High School, Meriden, Connecticut

The 30' Endzone Camera System has been an invaluable resource for our coaches and players. We have been able to dissect plays better and provide another "view-point" for coachable moments.

James Bean, Football Coach Video Coordinator

Carson High School, Carson City, Nevada

We absolutely love our Sport Scope Endzone Camera! It survived a major rain storm! The quality of picture is outstanding and I will recommend this to all the coaches I know!

Brad J. Baker, Head Football Coach

North Mecklenburg High School, Huntersville, North Carolina

If I had to list 5 things we did this year that played a part in our success and our ability to win a state championship, the amount of film we were able to watch as a staff and team would be up there.  Not only were we able to film the wide, but we also filmed the endzone every practice regardless of weather with our Sport Scope Endzone Camera.  Daily practice corrections were sent to each position group from both film angles allowing the players to see the "little" things that needed correcting.  The Sport Scope was so easy to set up and manage that we were able to put a student assistant in charge of operating it everyday.  Their customer service is outstanding, and we thank them for all their help this season!

Joe Schaefer, Head Football Coach

Benedictine High School, Cleveland, Ohio

The Sport Scope Endzone Camera has been an excellent resource to our program and allowed our players and coaches an increased ability in film study and preparation. It's fairly easy to set up and take down, and the film quality is tremendous. We have been very happy with the product and look forward to continuing to work with Sport Scope in the future.

Dan Sabella, Head Football Coach

Paramus High School, Paramus, New Jersey

Since we got our 30' Endzone Camera System, we are 26-2. It makes a huge difference in the way we watch film and has greatly improved the level of detail we can show our players.

Dave Stahler, Head Football Coach

Berks Catholic High School, Reading, Pennsylvania

Our players and coaches alike have loved what the Sport Scope system has brought to our team.  Having an endzone view of every game, not just the home games, was instrumental to our success this year.  As an offensive line coach, having a view that shows exactly what was going on was a tremendous tool.  The system itself is incredibly easy to use.  After a couple of practices, our student managers and film guy were able to set up and take down with ease and simplicity.  Our soccer teams have used this in the spring and we used it as the backup finish line camera for a state qualifying track meet last spring.  Customer service has been exceptional in responding to some early questions we had.  Overall, I would highly recommend Sports Scope for their exceptional product and fantastic customer service. I truly believe this was a big part of our success this year!

Bruce Anliker, Offensive Line Coach

Sioux Center High School, Iowa

Just thought I'd keep you up to date with the camera. Absolutely loving it! I was out filming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this weekend filming Rugby and Soccer matches. Nothing beats having it set up and sitting back filming with the monitor in my lap. It certainly turns heads and I get a lot of questions about it. The footage looks amazing. Wish I had it years ago instead of filming from a tripod at head height. I'm looking to do a lot of freelance filming for various clubs and set up my own website to advertise my services. Thank you!

Allen McDougall, Sports Videographer

Glasgow, Scotland

Your product was amazing! We were more than satisfied! Very easy and quick set up! It was very well protected when not in use, the wheels made it very easy to transport! The orange base looked awesome and was a nice touch! I would recommend your product, you would be crazy to invest in another competitor!! Our video's came out incredible, the zoom and picture were on point and the video clarity was crystal clear!

Fred Cranford, Head Football Coach

Loveland High School, Ohio

We bought the Sport Scope end zone camera and absolutely love it.  We were able to purchase the camera before playoffs and it helped out tremendously.  We used it to film our practices and games.  It takes a few minutes to set-up the camera and it is extremely easy to operate.  In fact, the first game that we used the camera we faced 25 mph winds and it held up terrific.  I fully endorse this product!!

George Petrissans, Head Football Coach

Christian Brothers High School, California

We are very pleased with the Sport Scope! It was very easy to use and durable. I had a manager and parent each run the Sport Scope with little or no instruction from me.

Pat Norem, Head Football Coach

Iowa Falls-Alden High School, Iowa

I want to take a moment to let you know how happy I, my coaching staff and my team are with our camera. The endzone view is priceless as a coach for finding out what is going right and what is going wrong. The kids were a little less enthusiastic at first, because nothing is hidden (right or wrong) on each play. Mistakes are right out there for everyone to see. They are coming around quickly to the fact that the endzone view is a great tool to be used by everyone on the team. The Dayton Dust Devils are loving this system. It is easy to set up and use and the uploads are fast and simple. Your staff was amazing and all of your help was appreciated more than you know. I hope you have great success with your business in the future. I will be your greatest salesman in my little corner of the world. I will encourage anyone who asks to look into getting a system from Sport Scope.

Rob Turner, Head Football Coach

Dayton High School, Nevada

Our Sport Scope endzone camera was a very useful tool in us winning the 4A State Championship.  As valuable as the end zone shots were, it was probably more valuable in our daily filming of practice.  We could shoot practice and load it easily into our editing program and have our coaches and players watch the film.  It was extremely valuable and an easy to use addition to our program.

Billy Elmore, Head Football Coach

Stuttgart High School, Arkansas

We purchased the Sport Scope Endzone System this past year and it worked great.   We were able to easily film practices and games with very little set up time.   We had student film managers who easily operated the system.  We chose Sport Scope because of the simplicity of the set up along with a great price.   We have been very happy with the system.

Chad Frigon, Head Football Coach

Liberty High School, Missouri

Our Sport Scope End Zone Camera has changed our approach in practice and games dramatically.  We can now coach "on the run" better and get better practice film.  Our games are "checkerboarded" and we save a lot of time analyzing film.  The Hi-def camera is awesome and we are buying a new Hi-def camera for our sideline view just because the Sport Scope is so much clearer.  We are extremely happy with our purchase.  The cost was lower than the other companies we looked at, and the quality is outstanding.  We are the envy of our league and we recommend Sport Scope very highly.

Kim Nelson, Head Football Coach

Roosevelt High School, South Dakota

I like the Sport Scope Endzone system because it is easy to use and easy to set up for practice and games.  It gives us a great view from behind the ball that we like to use for teaching our players proper technique.  Sport Scope is also quick to answer any questions you may have about your initial set up concerns.  Once we got a routine with the set up procedures, it was really easy. I also found Sport Scope End Zone Camera to be the best quality and price of any other endzone camera systems that I was able to view.  We have a couple other teams in the area that use other brands and I was not impressed with the quality of the towers they used.  Without a doubt, the best price and best quality product for an endzone camera system is Sport Scope.  I highly recommend Sport Scope Endzone system to anybody looking to upgrade their video program.

Doug Illing, Head Football Coach

Davie County High School, North Carolina

Our football program has never had an end zone camera.  We used the put a coach in the lift with a camera and expected good results.  This last year we decided to invest in an end zone camera.  After calling around we decided on Sport Scope.  We felt comfortable with their customer service and most importantly their product.  Once our camera arrived, our coaches looked curiously at the camera as I started to unpack it.  Within 15 minutes we had the whole thing set up and ready, not bad for coaches who had never used this type of system before.  Now we can set up and tear down in less than 5 minutes.  During shipping one of the wheels was bent.  I called customer service and without hesitation or question, they shipped us a new wheel.  Once we got the hang of everything we taped a lot of practice from special teams, 7 on 7, inside run, and team.  The next day in meetings we watched our practice.  Our kids made more improvements from watching the tape.  The mistakes they would make the day before were eliminated the next day because of the film we got from our Sport Scope.  This year we will tape freshman-varsity so they can continue to learn and get better.  We had the best record at our school since 1982!  Sports Scope was an integral part!  Thanks!

Matt Good, Head Football Coach

Wauwatosa West High School, Wisconsin

I have had many years of experience videotaping for our football program.  I was given the responsibility of purchasing an end zone camera system.  Based on features, cost, and ease of set-up, we purchased the Sport Scope system.  Our coaches have found the system to be easy to set up and take down.  We have not experienced any difficulty with the electronics of the system and our operator finds it easy to use.  Best of all, the coaches have been very pleased with HD video quality.

Kelvin Kramer, Videographer

Clear Lake Schools, Iowa

The best thing about the Sport Scope endzone camera for us is that it is easy to set up, easy to use and easy move. It has improved our practice time, our coaching and our use of video.

Marc Jolley, Varsity Assistant Coach

Tigard High School, Oregon

Sport Scope is a beneficial and simple to use product which has provided our coaches and student-athletes with quality game video. It has improved the overall quality of our web streaming capabilities and our department will experience annual cost savings within two years by not having to contract for these services.

Shay Wyatt, Director of Athletics

Westminster College, Utah

I am very satisfied with the endzone camera system we received from Sport Scope. The system is very easy to set up and move around thanks to the carrier. Also they provide everything from a chair to sit in to the water proof cover for the camera.

Ken Busbee, Head Football Coach

Clarksville High School, Tennessee

We have been using a variety of cameras to records games for our club teams, including handhelds, small tripod based systems, and paying third parties to record games at significant costs. We have found that using the Endzone Camera by Sport Scope has provided our club with both a learning tool for our teams, and a way to showcase talent to college recruiters that produce high quality videos with an eagle eyes view of the action.

Christopher Roemer, President

Forza Futbol Club, Utah

We are using it each day to film our coaches and players during spring practices. It is great to move it around the field to different drill areas and film. When we review the film, we get a great look from above the drill, great teaching tool!

Donnie Yantis, Head Football Coach

Paradise Valley High School, Arizona