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First Live Stream Test Raises Nearly $400! - Sport Scope Video

First Live Stream Test Raises Nearly $400!

The Big Sky Combine was recently held in Billings, MT. This was part of an ongoing fundraiser to raise money for a scholarship award. For the event they Sport Scope Live to stream the event and through ticket sales and donations raised nearly $400 from the stream alone!!!

The Big Sky Combine Scholarship will be awarded to a Student-Athlete that has positively impacted his community, has been a great teammate and has worked hard in the classroom to achieve academic success. The winning student-athlete will be chosen at the end of the football season. Please donate or share!

When you opt-in to donations three things will happen. 1) You will have a donate button on your fan page that all fans can donate to even if they do not purchase a virtual ticket. 2) When a fan purchases a virtual ticket, they will be able to donate to your school as they pay for the ticket. 3) Our partner, Vertical Raise, will launch a professional fundraising campaign for your team. Vertical Raise is a leader in the sports fundraising industry and will raise your team a substantial amount of money.

Donations are split 80/20 with your school, you get 80% and Vertical Raise gets their standard 20% fee. Most fundraising companies take 30%-50% of the donations they raise. It was important for us to find a fundraising partner that takes a low fee and still out raises their competition.

Any Smart Camera or Wireless Camera Endzone Camera purchased from 2018-2020 and all EDGE Replay Sideline Replay systems will be able to work with Sport Scope Live. All that is needed is the newest Sport Scope app and a compatible iPad. You will also need a special cable to connect your iPad to the press box router in order to live stream. You will need to opt-in to streaming to receive this cable for free. Call (888) 335-7875 to learn more!

Posted on July 3, 2020