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Sport Scope Endzone Camera & Replay Systems Offer an Amazing Value - Sport Scope Video

Sport Scope Endzone Camera & Replay Systems Offer an Amazing Value

High school football is getting more and more competitive, and so is the technology such as end zone camera and sideline replay systems. This means that coaches have a wide variety of systems to choose from, and they’ll want to make the right investment. Sport Scope is leading the charge in product value and customer service. Some of our top-sellers for endzone camera towers and sideline instant replay are the Wireless Endzone Camera System, the 2-Angle EDGE Replay System, and the Smart Endzone Camera System. This blog post will detail the overall value of each of these systems so that you can make the best decision for your team.

Smart Endzone Camera

The Smart Endzone Camera is a powerhouse, allowing coaches to precisely control the endzone tower via an iPad with built-in automatic sideline replay. Wireless Smart filming means fewer people are needed to operate multiple systems, which allows more coaches to focus on the needs of their players.

And now with Cam Assist, the Endzone Camera is able to follow the play on its own using artifical intelligence! This means even less operators could be required because all one needs to do is select the record button on the iPad and let Cam Assist follow your line of scrimmage from the endzone camera viewpoint.

2-Angle EDGE Replay

EDGE Replay has proven itself to be the dominant force in sideline instant replay. This system has the leading innovative technology, exemplified by the custom-built recording box made specifically for replay. EDGE Replay has the fastest download speeds, a Live View that can be shared between multiple iPads, a powerful 3-point network, and an easy-to-use app for coaches to optimize their game recording. The Replay box also comes pre-installed in protective hard cases, allowing for effortless set-up, transport, and operation.

Wireless Endzone Camera

The Wireless Endzone Camera uses the most intuitive modern technology in the industry. This is an American-made, custom designed tower specifically oriented towards obtaining elevated sports game footage outdoors. Our system allows you to film the game wirelessly from your iPad from up to 100 feet away. The Sport Scope app includes virtual on-screen joysticks to pan, tilt, zoom, and record while filming, eliminating the need for bulky, complicated equipment. Everything comes as a complete package: electronics, antenna, batteries, cases and custom travel bag, and rain gear. At a $4,299 starting price, this system is an outstanding value for its superior design, quality, and price.

You can have access to all of these impressive features of the Smart End Zone Camera for an incredible price starting at only $5,799. There are a number of other non-wireless endzone camera systems on the market in this price range that don’t include built-in Sideline Replay or Cam Assist.

Once again, your annual software fee for the EDGE Replay service doesn't start until the next year and is only $499. And you can easily add a second replay view at any time to suit your specific filming needs. This all-encompassing system provides coaches with everything they need for exceptional sports video technology, with a value that is unmatched.

Posted on May 2, 2020