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Frequently Asked Questions – Sport Scope Video

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sport Scope Endzone Camera Tripod?
The Sport Scope is a quality, easy to use, and affordable end zone camera system that is used by coaches to safely record their players from heights up to 30 ft. to enhance how they see what is happening on the field in order to better coach their players. End zone cameras are primarily used as a football video camera, but are also great for many other sports that demand great footage of their players, such as, football, soccer, rugby, baseball, and lacrosse.
Why choose the Sport Scope over other endzone camera tripods?
The Sport Scope is superior to other endzone camera systems on the market for four main reasons: 1) Quality. The Sport Scope was designed by an accomplished engineer who designs remote site camps for the military. The design is simple, easy to use, and rugged. Sport Scope’s endzone cameras are also manufactured in the USA and by a company that is ISO certified. This means that each Sport Scope passes a quality management system before it is shipped. 2) Ease of Use. The Sport Scope and all its components were packaged together to provide the best experience for the customer. Set up time is 5 min. and operation is a breeze with our fully automatic custom controls. 3) Complete System. The Sport Scope is the only endzone camera system that comes with everything you need. Our travel bag houses all your components, which include important extras like rain gear, ground stakes, sports chair, extended battery, extended memory, and memory card reader. 4) Price. At $4499 the Sport Scope can't be beat. Other systems cost from $5,400 up to $8,800 and are either manually controlled or missing many important components.
Why would I want an automatic endzone camera system?
The 30’ Automatic Sport Scope Endzone Camera is the perfect system for longer plays with many quick movements that are in sports such as football. We custom build our joystick remote, which has speed controls for the pan tilt system to make filming effortless. Plus, the monitor plate is removable, allowing the user to place the monitor plate on their lap while they comfortably sit down. Our automatic controls allow you to painlessly capture the best endzone film from your practice drills or games.
Why would I want a manual endzone camera tripod?
The 25' Manual Sport Scope Endzone Camera Tripod is perfect for quick-action sports, such as soccer, lacrosse, rugby, or field hockey. The custom built pan and tilt controls allows the operator to manually control the system with smooth and precise control, allowing you to get high-quality film for fast-paced sports that involve rapid back and forth movements across the field. The remote handle is completely adjustable, which lets the user to position it to the perfect height for either standing or sitting down to operate the system.
How can I support the Special Olympics?
You can support the Special Olympics in two ways. You can personally donate through the links on our website or visit www.SpecialOlympics.org to donate. You can also support the Special Olympics through your purchase of a Sport Scope. We donate a portion of our net income each quarter to the Special Olympics. Either way you decide to support the Special Olympics will greatly enhance the ability for Special Olympic athletes to compete.
What does a Sport Scope cost?
The Sport Scope costs $4,499 plus $200 for shipping and handling.
Is financing available?
If you would like to finance your Sport Scope, we would be happy to work with you. You can either finance through a company that you like or you can use our preferred financing company. If you would like to get a financing quote, please call our toll free number found on our contact page and we would be happy to assist you.
What comes with it?
Everything you need to film right out of the box. See the How it works page.
How high does it go?
The Sport Scope elevates between 6 ft. and 30 ft.
How do you change the height?
The height of each pole is easily changed by the four-arm knob connected to each clamp.
How heavy is the Sport Scope?
The Sport Scope tower/quad-pod weighs 40 lbs and is easily lifted into the wheel plate by most people. The wheel plate weights 20 lbs.
What is it made of?
The Sport Scope is constructed of steel and aluminum for strength and weight control.
How stable is it?
It is very stable. The Sport Scope has a wide base plate, a footprint of over 8 ft., four locking legs, and the main mast pole is made of steel.
How do you transport it?
The Sport Scope can be transported in its travel bag or out of the bag via the wheel plate. The travel bag with the Sport Scope and all other components is also easy to take on road.
How heavy a camera can the Sport Scope support?
We recommend consulting us before using any other camera than the one that comes with a unit, however most hand held and smaller cameras will be easily supported.
What stops each pole?
There is an industrial strength adhesive insert that prevents the poles from coming apart from one another.
What directions does the pan/tilt head move?
The pan/tilt head can pan over 180 degrees, tilt over 180 degrees, and even moves diagonally in each direction, which means you will never miss any action.
How do you operate the pan/tilt head?
The Sport Scope comes with a custom made joystick to easily control the pan and tilt of the camera. The joystick also comes with two speed knobs, one controls the speed for the panning and the other for the tilting. The speed knobs allow the operator to calibrate the speed to fit which sport they are filming.
How do you control the camera?
The camera is controlled by a Sony camera remote that can be securely clipped to the monitor plate for easy use.
How do you see what is being recorded?
You can see exactly what the camera is recording via our 8" High Resolution LCD monitor.
Is the monitor anti-glare?
Yes, and the monitor mount can move 360 degrees around the pole to help block the sun.
How long do the batteries last?
The Sport Scope has three battery sources. The first powers the monitor and lasts 5-6 hrs. The second powers the camera and lasts 6-8 hrs. The third is 4 (9v) batteries located inside the joystick or pan tilt head, depending on the model, that powers the pan/tilt head and will last 20+ football games and can be easily changed.
What is your Privacy Policy for the Sport Scope App?

We do not collect or share any personal data in the Sport Scope iOS app.