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Frequently Asked Questions – Sport Scope Video

Live Stream Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sport Scope Live?
Sport Scope Live is our new website that will host all your live streams. On game day, set up your Sport Scope equipment, have your cameraman film like usual and broadcast your game to Sport Scope Live with the push of a button. Streaming to Sport Scope Live will help your teams raise money by offering your fans a way to watch all your live sporting events on all their devices from anywhere. When a fan purchases a virtual ticket to watch your live stream, they can also choose to donate to your team. The profit from each ticket is split with your school and the donations are deposited directly into your account.
Why should I use Sport Scope Live?
Sport Scope Live is a unique system for football that can sync your endzone camera, sideline replays, and live streaming without adding any additional staff or equipment. We use the same press box camera and cameraman that you use for your sideline replays and push your live stream out from the same iPad as well, which mean no extra staff or equipment. On top of that, the equipment travels with you to away games and so does your ability to live stream. We give teams a very simple way to live stream professional content that they can monetize with ticket sales and donations with no expertise needed. Sport Scope Live is the only end-to-end live streaming solution that is easy to use, can raise money for your team, and syncs with your current game-day sideline replay and/or endzone camera setup.
Is Sport Scope Live really FREE for my school?
Sport Scope Live is a free platform for you to live stream your games to. All you need is any EDGE Replay system, Smart Camera, Wireless Camera, or Streaming Kit that uses the Sport Scope iPad app. You can then live stream your games with the push of a button from the Sport Scope app to your fan page where your fans will be able to purchase virtual tickets to watch your live streams and can also donate to your school.
What equipment do I need to live stream?
If you already have any EDGE Replay system, Smart Camera, Wireless Camera or our Streaming Kit then you have almost everything you need to live stream. All you need is to opt-in to live streaming by contacting our sales team and we will send you the iPad cable you need to live stream. If you do not have any of our equipment, you can live stream one camera angle for as little as $499 with our Streaming Kit. If you want to integrate your sideline replay or endzone camera with live streaming for a seamless set up, we also have packages for that as well.
What software do I need?
You only need to have the newest Sport Scope app downloaded on your iPad that you plan on live streaming from. The app will automatically sync your live stream to your fan page on sportscopelive.com.
Where can I live stream to?
You can live stream to Sport Scope Live, Facebook or YouTube. Live streaming to Sport Scope Live is the easiest for a coach, volunteer, or student to stream to. All it requires is for you to enter the stream key for your fan page one time and then push the broadcast button on the Sport Scope iPad app. Sport Scope Live also allows you to easily collect revenue from ticket sales and donations. Streaming to Facebook or YouTube is more complicated and requires access to an account, knowing how to start a stream and involves getting a new stream key every time you want to live stream. You also cannot charge your fans or collect donations by streaming to Facebook or YouTube.
How do I charge fans to view my live streams?
When you opt-in to live streaming, we will ask what you would like to charge per game. The minimum ticket price is $5 and there is no maximum. We will create a payment account for your fan page that will collect ticket revenue from your fans. We will then deduct expenses and split the profit 50/50 with your team.
How is virtual ticket revenue split?
We collect the ticket revenue into a dedicated payment account for your team. Then we deduct all live streaming expenses and split the profit 50/50 with you. This will typically work out to 35%-45% of total revenue being kept by the team depending on the price of a ticket. The higher the price the more the team keeps.
How do donations work on Sport Scope Live?
When you opt-in to donations three things will happen. 1) You will have a donate button on your fan page that all fans can donate to even if they do not purchase a virtual ticket. 2) When a fan purchases a virtual ticket, they will be able to donate to your school as they pay for the ticket. 3) Our partner, Vertical Raise, will launch a professional fundraising campaign for your team. Vertical Raise is a leader in the sports fundraising industry and will raise your team a substantial amount of money.
How are donations split?
Donations are split 80/20 with your school, you get 80% and Vertical Raise gets their standard 20% fee. Most fundraising companies take 30%-50% of the donations they raise. It was important for us to find a fundraising partner that takes a low fee and still out raises their competition.
Can I sell single game tickets?
By default, your fan page will charge $6 per game. You can request to change that amount to a minimum of $5 or raise the ticket price, for which there is no maximum.
Can I offer season passes?
Season passes will be offered at the beginning of the 2020 basketball season.
How often will our school get paid?
For the 2020 season, we will pay your team’s portion of the ticket revenue out by check once per month starting in September. Your donations and fundraising revenue will be deposited daily with direct deposit or one check at the end of the season.
Can I live stream away & playoff games?
Yes, our streaming hardware (sideline replay, endzone cameras, and streaming kits) is very portable and works the same away as it does at home. Live streaming away and playoff games allows your team to more than double the amount of games you can offer your fans. If you are a high school team, please consult with your local state association before live streaming playoff games. If you are a club team, please consult with any governing bodies before you live stream certain events.
What sports can I Live stream?
The great thing about Sport Scope Live is that you can live stream any sport and charge your fans to watch. You can also accept donations for any sport and Vertical Raise will run all your fundraisers.
Do I need internet to live stream?
Yes, you will need an iPad that can connect to your school's Wi-Fi network, a hotspot or has LTE built in. You can also hardwire your internet to our equipment with an Ethernet cable. To have a clear stream for your viewers you will need a minimum of 2-3 Mbps upload speed from whatever internet source you use to stream. Please do a speed test whenever you try to stream to ensure your fans get a quality stream.
How much data do I need when using a hotspot or LTE?
The bandwidth your stream uses will max out at 2.25GB per hour of video. Most internet speeds will not max out the streaming bandwidth and we estimate a typical 3 hr. stream will result in 4-5GB of data being used. We recommend you use your stadium Wi-Fi for home games and a data package from a phone's hotspot, hotspot device or LTE package for away games. You will need to monitor your data to ensure the stream quality is not affected by low data.
Can I have outside partnership deals?
Yes, your school can work out any outside advertising deals you want and keep 100% of the revenue generated. In our Sport Scope app you can upload company logos that support you and display them on your live stream for your fans to see. You could also show banners at your stadium during timeouts and halftime and read commercials anytime. Sport Scope would not receive any revenue from outside partnerships your school makes.
Does live streaming work with Hudl Sideline?
Yes, our live streaming hardware can feed into Hudl Sideline and other replay systems. All you must do is connect your camcorder into our equipment with an HDMI cable and then use the HDMI out port on our equipment to connect the video feed to Hudl Sideline for replays.
Can I live stream and record my sideline replays with the same camera?
Yes, our EDGE Replay system seamlessly allows you to capture your sideline replays and send out the full live stream at the same time from the same camera feed. This ensures you only need one cameraman and the same amount of staff to capture your replays as well as live stream your games.