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30' Smart Camera – Sport Scope Video

30' Smart Endzone Camera

The 30' Smart Endzone Camera uses the most advanced technology in the industry. Film the game wirelessly from your iPad! (iPad not included). Use the virtual, on-screen joysticks to pan, tilt, and zoom from the stadium's Press Box. And with EDGE Replay built-in, each endzone clip is downloaded to all connected iPads and ready for replay in seconds. No long cable bundles, monitor screens, or remote controls. Filming from the endzone has never been easier! Add pressbox angle replay for $999.

  • AI Enabled - Cam Assist
  • iPad Camera Controls
  • Built-in Instant Replay
  • 30 ft. Extended Height
  • 10 yr. Frame Warranty
  • Reduce Film Staff
  • Control from the Press Box
  • Replay and Cam Assist Subscription 1st Year Free!
  • Add Pressbox Angle Replay for $999
  • Check iPad Compatibility

$7,099  $6,699

$400 Off your 30' Smart Endzone System!

Offer ends July 31, 2024

Call (888) 335-7875 to add pressbox angle replay

The Sport Scope 3-Point Network

Smart Camera

In the Endzone, simply connect your Smart Camera to the Endzone Bridge antenna. This will allow for communication in the Pressbox or on the Sideline.

EDGE Instant Replay

The iPad Connection Point antennas will serve as the access points for your iPads to connect to. If you are in the Press Box, you'll locate the private WiFi network designated as Pressbox and connect in the settings of your iPad. The same procedure applies to iPads on the Sideline.

New to the 2020 Three Point Network is a new booster antenna that blasts the Sideline WiFi signal down your field's sideline.

EDGE Instant Replay

The Bridge antennas are what allows all data communication between the Smart Camera (and any additional EDGE Replay devices) and iPads. Once connected, point your Endzone Bridge antenna at the Pressbox. Perform the same for the Sideline Bridge antenna. In the Pressbox, point its Bridge antenna to the midway point between the Sideline and the Endzone Bridge. Look for the four lights and ensure levelness for optimal polarity and connection strength.

Pre-Installed Hardcases

The Pressbox Hardcase contains your router, power strip, and if you have a Pressbox EDGE Replay angle, the EDGE recording device. Simply connect power, your iPad and Bridge antennas to the router, and optional HDMI if using an EDGE Recorder, and this station is ready to go. This will be your main hub and is recommended to set up first.

The Sideline Hardcase contains your Switch and power supply. The switch is slightly different than the Pressbox router. It's primary function is to allow communication between iPads and the Pressbox hub. Connect the iPad and Bridge antenna to the Switch and you're ready to go.

The Endzone Hardcase contains your POE injector and power supply. The injector is required to give power to the Endzone Bridge antenna, which will send your Endzone video data to the Pressbox hub.


Cam Assist - NEW!

Cam Assist is our new AI (Artificial Intelligence) camera feature that films your endzone view on its own from the press box or sideline.

30' Tower

The 30' Smart Endzone Camera is a highly durable, simple-to-use, American-made tower with four locking legs. The tower sits on a base plate with wheels for easy maneuverability.

Wireless Pan/Tilt Head

The Sport Scope Smart Camera is the only endzone camera on the market with a custom made fully wireless pan / tilt head. The durable design houses incredibly smooth internal motors, a lightning fast streaming/replay device, and only requires a single ethernet cable connection to the ground side bridge antenna to send your private network to all connected iPads. For the first time, you can control the camera at virtually any speed by the simple touch of a finger. The Wireless Pan/Tilt head has everything you need contained inside. Start and stop the camera's recording to its memory card and zoom with precision all while obtaining instant replay to your iPad. Perfect for all sports.

Sport Scope iPad App

To operate the 30' Smart Endzone Camera, you'll be required to download our Free Sport Scope App from the Apple App Store on your iPad (iPad not included). This sophisticated App allows you to create games for recording, control the movement, zoom, and record function of the camera, operate the replay and all related features, tag plays by ODK, Down, Distance and more, and adjust settings to meet your filming needs.

Sony Camcorder & Memory Card

The Sport Scope comes standard with a High Definition Sony camcorder and a 32GB memory card. We always make sure that we use the best camcorders that have the most important features our customers are looking for, which is why we only use Sony camcorders. Sony has the most dependable and advanced consumer camcorders available, which allow our customers to get HD quality film, transfer it quickly to their computers, and upload to their favorite editing software.

Travel Bag

The Sport Scope and all accessories except for the electronics hard case (which attaches to the outside) fit inside the portable travel bag. The bag is made of ballistic nylon and is padded on all sides, which prevents damage during transportation. Some end zone cameras either do not come with a travel bag or they come with several, which makes the process of moving the end zone camera much more complicated. The Sport Scope's wheel plate also connects to the bag making transportation a breeze even through thick grass and mud. Other system's bags either come with small plastic wheels or with no wheels at all, which makes transporting the end zone camera much more difficult.

Batteries - NEW!

The Sport Scope Smart Camera requires three battery power sources: one for the Pan/Tilt head and camera, one for the bridge antenna on the ground in the endzone, and one for the network station on the sideline.

The 30' Smart Endzone Camera comes standard with all long lasting batteries. Each battery will last 5+ hrs, which will allow you to film several games with your end zone camera on one charge.


The 30' Smart Endzone Camera requires a router to encode your private network and deliver it to the iPad antennas. This unit comes equipped with a router for both the Press Box and Sideline hotspots.

Antennas - NEW!

The weather proof antennas serve as bridges and hotspots for your wireless private network in the Press Box and on the Sideline so you can connect to your camera and replays with your iPads. New to the 2020 Smart Camera Model is a new booster antenna that blasts the Sideline WiFi signal down your field's sideline.

Hard Cases

The hard cases protect and organize all the important electronics that make up our complete end zone camera package. The hard case is an important part of our system because it ensures that the most vulnerable parts of the endzone camera are always safe and accounted for. Use this to weather proof your components while filming the game.

Network Bag

The Network Bag contains all of your antennas and antenna tripods. All antennas will be labeled according to their setup locations with clear instructions on how to be used.

Cam Assist 1-Year Subscription - NEW!

All Sport Scope Smart and Wireless Endzone Cameras are Cam Assist enabled and can be activated with a Cam Assist license. 2018 - 2020 customers get Cam Assist for FREE during the 2020 season, but need the Cam Assist license. To continue using Cam Assist the following season subscriptions will cost $499 per year. More details coming soon.

Replay 1-Year Subscription

The Sport Scope Smart Camera comes standard (new customers only) with a one-angle Replay subscription for 1 year. A $1500 value! All recorded clips will automatically download to your iPad for easy review. After your free 1-year subscription you may continue your subscription for $499 a year. Add as many additional EDGE Replay angles as you want and the annual subscription fee remains the same!

Camera Rain Gear

The Sport Scope comes with a lens hood and rain cover that protects both the camcorder and the pan/tilt head from harsh weather. The lens hood screws on the front of the camcorder and the 100% waterproof cover protects the camcorder and pan/tilt head.

In Action


"Our video team & coaches were very pleased to find that our system worked seamlessly even inside Ford Field in the state final game . . ."
Steve Macksood, Video Coordinator
"Our video team and coaches were very pleased to find that our system worked seamlessly even inside Ford Field in the state final game. We were able to coach using the replay and iPad communication just as we had done successfully all season long. Results of the game speak for themselves, thank you Sport Scope!!"

Lansing Catholic High School, Lansing, MI

2019 Division 5 MI State Champions

"It was an awesome game experience! First time in our school’s 56 years that they have ever won a State Championship in football . . ."
Chris Howell, Head Football Coach

"We had the opportunity to play in three college stadiums (Utah State & University of Utah twice). I was very concerned that our system would not function properly considering the distance between the coach's box, sideline, & end zone camera. In every case the cameras & EDGE Replay functioned seamlessly!

It was an awesome game experience! First time in our school’s 56 years that they have ever won a State Championship in football! The Sport Scope Smart Camera system was so easy to set up and use. It played a huge role in our success. The EDGE Replay system was seamless & a huge advantage on game day! I loved how easy it was to upload film to Hudl as well! Great system, worth every cent!"

Sky View High School, Smithfield, UT

2019 Class 4A UT State Champions (13-1) - First Ever!

"Even if there was another system someone would be pretty hard pressed to convince me of it because of all the good fortune we have had . . ."
Josh Sabinas, Defensive Coordinator

The system all works really well. I love having only 1 wire for the Endzone. Everything after the game is really easy to upload also!

In years past we had so much trouble with the replay system that we were not using it to its full extent, with this system always working perfectly every time, we have an adapter and hook it up to a pretty large TV on the sideline. We have an iPad set up on a tripod right next to a TV, and using an Apple adapter play the replay through the TV while the kids on the bench watch in between series. It is so much better than trying to get the kids to see it over my shoulder on a tiny iPad. We only feel comfortable enough to go through the hassle of bringing a TV on the road and do all that because of how reliable your system has been!

Please do not hesitate to have people contact me in the future if they're thinking about purchasing the system. What I DO know is, every time we have ever had something come up, you guys walked us through it right away, and they have always been user errors. It always works every time, it takes less than 5 minutes to set everything up and that is with one guy on the field and one guy doing pressbox stuff. Best of all it has 1 long wire. Very easy to transport. Even if there was another system someone would be pretty hard pressed to convince me of it because of all the good fortune we have had!

Also if you have anyone looking to do the 3 views for replay/Intercut that has been great too. I believe we were one of the few that wanted this, it has been great, no issues at all.

Merrillville High School, Merrillville, IN

"Our staff LOVES it! The setup of the tower is so simple. The replay system has been flawless. No network issues. THANK YOU . . ."
Eric Stenehjem, Assistant Football Coach
"Our staff absolutely LOVES it! The setup of the tower is so simple, our student managers take care of it each game. The replay system has been flawless. No network issues. THANK YOU!"

Moorhead High School, Moorhead, MN

"Downloading two angles simultaneously, & without delay has been great and our staff really enjoys recording from the Pressbox . . ."
Chad Ormond, Assistant Football Coach
"It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with Sport Scope. We made a decision to upgrade our older, antiquated “film” system and Sport Scope has been an invaluable partner in this process. Both sales and tech support were great in making sure we were matched up with the proper equipment and program to best suit our needs. Downloading two angles simultaneously, and without delay has been great and our staff really enjoys recording from the Pressbox!"

La Salle College High School, Wyndmoor, PA

"Sport Scope has been a great addition to our sideline and has allowed for us to be more flexible with staffing needs in addition to getting replay almost instantly, even at Camp Randall . . ."
Jeramie Korth, Head Football Coach

"Sport Scope and EDGE Replay has been a great addition to our sideline and has allowed for us to be more flexible with our staffing needs (can be run from sidelines or pressbox) in addition to getting replay almost instantly, even at Camp Randall. Our staff and student volunteers are able to run the system after just a little training. We are very pleased with our investment and believe it helped us on our playoff run."

Menasha High School, Menasha, WI

30' Smart Endzone Camera FAQ

Is sideline instant replay illegal for high school football?
Sport Scope & EDGE Replay is legal if you follow NFHS rules. In 2013 the NFHS released rule which says: "NFHS Football Rules, rule USE OF COMMUNICATION DEVICES EXPANDED (1-6): The committee has expanded use of communication devices to allow coaches, players and non-players to use any form of available communication technology during authorized conferences outside the 9-yard marks (7-yard marks in nine-, eight- and six-player competition), on the sidelines and during the halftime intermission period. Use of communication devices by players except during conferences outside the 9-yard marks continues to be prohibited."
Do I need Wi-Fi or Internet at my stadium?
Internet is not required to run the 30' Smart Endzone Camera because we create a closed, private network to run the system.
Do I need a laptop to run the system?
No. The computer operating the Smart Camera Head is built inside the unit. You only need an iPad to operate the system.
What iPads do you recommend?

Please visit our iPad Compatibility page for the most up-to-date list of compatible iPad models that will work with our systems.

How many iPads can I use?
For the Smart Endzone Camera you may use up to 5 iPads.
How does it work?
Each station uses a bridge antenna to communicate with the other. Additionally, the Press Box and Sideline stations each have iPad antennas, which create designated access point hotspots on the network for your iPads to connect to.
How long does it take to set up?
Initial setup takes about 15-20 minutes, after a few uses setup drops to 10 minutes.
How fast do videos download?

  • 10 second clip = 1-2 seconds
  • 30 second clip = 2-3 seconds
  • 60 second clip = 4-8 seconds

How many people does it take to run the system?
Only 1 person is required to operate the system.
Do I need power in the end zone?
No. The 30' Smart Endzone Camera system comes equipped with two batteries. One battery powers the Smart Camera head and another battery powers the groundside bridge antenna.
How do I upload to Hudl?
After the game you can transfer your video clips from your iPad to your laptop with iTunes which takes about 5-10 minutes. Then you upload each angle into Hudl Mercury. You can also upload a spreadsheet that contains tagging data if you use the built-in live tagging part of the Sport Scope app. You can also upload to Hudl directly from the iPad itself. Visit our support page for video tutorials!
How many replay angles can I connect?
You can have unlimited angles.