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EDGE Replay Testimonials – EDGE Replay

EDGE Replay Testimonials

We have used the Sports Scope Endzone camera for many years now and it has been great! It functions well and the customer service has been incredible!

After shopping many different replay systems and talking to the people at Sports Scope, we went with Edge Replay this past season and it was amazing. The replay during the game was used by my whole staff and was a big part of our 2022 Championship run. The system was reliable and easy to toggle between angles. The customer service provided was the best I have experienced from any vendor in 25 years of football.

On Friday nights uploads were a breeze; for home games, we uploaded in our press box within minutes, because the clips are already compressed. Each angle is its own folder and numbered the same as the other angle so matching them on Hudl was super easy. For away games, I waited until I got home and uploaded the minute I walked in the door. After the upload it was quick to match angles and my wife was always surprised by how early I made it to bed compared to past seasons. Between the Varsity and JV game, it saved me an average of 2 hours on Friday nights.

Sport Scope and Edge Replay have been a blessing to our program and I will recommend them to everybody in the football world.

Phil Grams, Head Coach

Ripon Christian (California)

In 2022 we played in multiple bigger stadiums including Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. Previously, we had struggled to get replay systems in these stadiums. We had zero issues after upgrading to the new 3-point system, and we were able to give our coaching staff an advantage on the sideline! The best thing about Sports Scope is the constant customer support that is given with any issue that may arise. Whether it is a Friday or Saturday night, we always know their team will be there for us! To this day moving to this company was the best decision for us regarding our camera system!

Jacob Sherrick, Assistant Coach

Marion Local High School (Ohio)

2022 Ohio Division VI State Champions

The Sport Scope Endzone Camera system with EDGE Replay gives our players and staff everything we need. Easy to set up and operate on game night or during practice. Great quality clips hit the iPads within seconds of the play’s conclusion. And uploading both angles to Hudl is quick and simple.

Don Jess, Head Coach

Charlevoix High School (Michigan)

We at Clear Lake High in Northern California have used a Sportscope endzone camera for the last four years. We switched to the Edge Replay system this last season and were very happy with it. It is easy to set up and the download to our sideline iPad was very fast. The convenience and savings of not having to use multiple laptops sold us on their system. The customer service and tech support is first rate. I would recommend Sport Scope endzone and Edge Replay systems to anyone looking at either product.

Mark Cory, Head Coach

Clear Lake High School (California)

The 30’ Wireless Camera was easy to set up and simple to control. The iPad control allowed for mobility and provided a clear view of the game. And whenever we couldn’t have a person operate the iPad, Cam Assist came in clutch with following the action with no errors!

Phil Tubera, Assistant Coach

Hughson High School (California)

2022 California 5-AA State Champions

We loved using EDGE Replay this year. It was much more reliable than what we used to have. Clips upload to each iPad very quickly, and having to shut down the iPads and restart the system is a thing of the past. The most impressive part of the EDGE Replay experience was the customer service, which is second to none. I have never felt more comfortable calling in questions to a support staff. I probably call in too much, but they never make me feel like I'm wasting their time. They have always taken their time to fully answer my questions and always come up with a solution perfect for each situation.

Marc Purkey

Goodpasture Christian School (Tennessee)

Sportscope support staff is the best I've ever dealt with. Easy setup, easy to use and a huge difference maker in our success. Easy to set up for practice or games, and easy to control.

Kevin Motsinger, Head Coach

Wallace-Rose Hill High School (North Carolina)

We love EDGE Replay and it has been a gamechanger for our program. We have used other instant replay systems, but the download speed of the clips was inconsistent. EDGE Replay was easy for our coaching staff to setup with minimal technical experience. The directions were straightforward, and even when we did have an issue during one game, EDGE Replay’s tech support team was fast and responsive (even on a Friday night just minutes before kickoff). They were able to troubleshoot the issue in moments and have our system available to help us win the game.

Zach Slaney, Assistant Coach

Holy Innocents High School (Georgia)

I have been a head coach in California for the past nine years. With the advent and rollout of sideline replay systems, our program has tried them all, but only one without any issues and a highly simplified process: EDGE Replay. Sport Scope’s product is simple to set up and tech support is quick to respond on Friday nights. We have had numerous issues with the programs we’ve used in the past from slow downloads, missing clip angles, lack of information from data entry; all of which we have not experienced in the last two years using EDGE Replay. Further, their products not only have a great sideline replay system but an integrated system. The smart endzone camera system has allowed us to need fewer film staff and have a central hub for recording game angles. With some programs not having a dedicated film person, the technology makes it simple for a novice to pick up and record great game film. The cost and support are another great reason to consider EDGE. While some systems are over $1,000 per year to use the product, EDGE comes in well under the mark on price saving precious fundraising dollars. Their tech support is easily accessible and always prompt to return calls as soon as possible (I have never had to call twice). We love our EDGE Replay and feel it gives us a leg up on Friday nights but also confidence that it will work as designed and promised no matter what the situation.

Brad Hunkins, Head Football Coach


Woodcreek High School (California)

The Smart Camera and EDGE Replay system were an instrumental part of our 2021 State Championship season. It is extremely user-friendly and very easy to set up. One of the main benefits is that it only requires one person to operate. The endzone cameraman is also the operator of the replay system. He/she is able to sit in the pressbox and operate the EZ camera and the replay system. The clips come up instantaneously and are very reliable. The quality of the equipment is top-notch and survived several rain-soaked games. The system is expandable, so we were able to have replay available on the field and in the coaches’ box using multiple iPads. When I initially had questions regarding set-up, the Sport Scope tech team was available and knowledgeable. I have used multiple other instant replays systems, and this is by far the best one I have come across. I would highly recommend it.

Don Mesick, Offensive Coordinator - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Jesuit High School (Tampa, FL)

2021 Florida Class 6A State Champions

Sport Scope’s Cam Assist and Edge Replay have made the game easier on Friday nights. Nobody must film the endzone camera thanks to Cam Assist, which has been a game changer. It’s hard enough to find people to film in the endzone AND press box. The replay system is great and gives wonderful feedback on the sideline. After the game, it’s very easy and fast to download to Hudl. The customer serviced is best in the business and are easy to get in touch with to help fix any problems that you may have. We love it and it has helped us to be better as a program.

Beau Williams, Athletic Director & Football Coach - OWNER OF THE SPORT SCOPE 30' SMART ENDZONE CAMERA + EDGE REPLAY

Jacksonville High School (North Carolina)

2021 Division 3A NC Playoff Contender (11-3)

Edge Replay was crucial to our success and allowing us to get to the State Championship in 2021. The past few years, we had so many issues with other systems we were using and didn’t get much needed information until we got back to the fieldhouse. This year with Edge Replay, we got answers immediately and was able to much needed adjustments to give our guys a better chance to succeed.

Kevin Motsinger

Wallace-Rose High School (North Carolina)

2021 NC Division 2A Runner-Up

We have loved using Sport Scope Edge Replay in games. Our old system worked sporadically and we never felt like we could figure it out. Since switching over last spring, the system has consistently worked. I’m so glad we have made the switch and have benefited greatly from it!

Brian Griffin, Head Coach

Hinsdale Central High School (Illinois)

Back to Back Playoff Contender 2020 (9-2) & 2021 (6-0)

Edge Replay is extremely easy and efficient to set up – it’s true play-and-play. It gives our coaches a fast-paced system to analyze the game and make adjustments the players can see.

Dustin Curtis, Head Football Coach

A.C. Flora High School (South Carolina)

2020 SC Division 4A State Champions

Sport Scope and Edge Replay are game changers for us. Having the ability to free up a coach or manager and not man a camera allows us to maximize our staff man power. Edge Replay is a powerful teaching tool, getting instant replays of video clips allows for analysis and corrections on the go as opposed to waiting until after practice to analyze your film. The system is very easy to set up and the directions and support that comes with the unit are exceptional. Any and all questions I have had are answered as quickly as possible and their technical department will walk you thru step by step if need be. Sport Scope is a cut above the rest of any video system I have used. Worth every penny!

Mike Killian, Head Baseball Coach

Byron Nelson High School (Texas)

We have been using Sport Scope 30’ Tower and EDGE Replay for four years (since 2017). Setup is simple and can be done by one person. Because of our schedule, we play in a variety of settings, from small 500 seat venues to several thousand seat indoor stadiums. The system performs flawlessly. This year we won the Iowa 3A State Championship for the first time in program history. I can say without a doubt, that being able to quickly look at previous plays from a sideline and endzone perspective was a huge advantage that other teams we played did not have. I have only called customer service a few times and each time they were able to solve my problem quickly. I can’t say enough about the quality of the Sport Scope products and their customer service!

Dale Tuftee, Defensive Line & Running Backs Coach, and Director of Technology

North Scott High School (Eldridge, Iowa)

2021 Iowa Division 3A State Champions

The Edge Replay was an excellent teaching tool for our Quarterback this past season! As soon as our QB would leave the field, he would immediately pull up the replay of the previous series. I know this was beneficial as our QB accounted for 48 touchdowns this past season (2020). That would not have happened without the help of the Edge Replay System! We are really looking forward to purchasing a Smart End Zone Camera System to use for the upcoming 2021 Season! Sports Scope offers excellent products and outstanding customer service!

Gerry Yonchiuk, Head Football Coach

Central York High School (Pennsylvania)

In 2018 we made it to the State Championship game at Tom Benson Hall Of Fame stadium. We had been using a different system all season with numerous problems. At last year's championship game it would not work at all and we got nothing from their support. No solution after rebooting and we tried for an hour and a half and got nothing. This season our previous replay provider sent us a new system with new antennas and guaranteed us it would work, but again we had problems all season and again back at the Tom Benson HOF stadium for our biggest rivalry game we got nothing at all, zero replay.

Sunday morning I'm on the phone with Dixie from Sport Scope and I explained what was going on and what I need for our playoff run. I had the new EDGE Replay in my office Wednesday morning. After five playoff games I had one problem so I called support and he set up a FaceTime video call with me and the problem was fixed in less then 5 minutes (the problem was me and how I set it up). Back at the NFL Hall Of Fame Stadium for the State Championship game we got there 3 hours early because we know the problems we've had there in the past and we got the EDGE system set up, turned it on and it worked flawlessly. So then we had two and a half hours to kill which I will not complain about. After talking with other teams that played there that weekend the EDGE system is the only one that I was told worked! Great system, easy to setup, easy to use. Great support! I'm looking forward to using it in the up-coming season because it has taken a ton of pressure off me because I know it works!

Randy Berkley, Director of Football Operations

Washington High School, Massillon, OH

We made the switch to Sport Scope/EDGE Replay after a disastrous experience using a different sideline replay product in 2016. We've been extremely satisfied customers since the 2017 season. The customer service team is spectacular. Dixie is very proactive about making sure that we have everything that we need. I get a phone call from her almost every week checking in and keeping me updated. Any time I have an issue, I know who to call and I know they'll respond in a timely manner. They're very easy to get in touch with (even on Friday nights!) and I've never had a problem that the tech support team could not solve.

We had an issue where some of our equipment got weather-damaged by a freak storm and the team at Sport Scope made sure I had all the parts and supplies I needed to get my system in perfect working order in time for our next game the following week.

Our system has worked beautifully in some very large high school, college, and professional stadiums, including:

  • Godfrey Stadium, Decatur, GA (8,000 seats in a one-sided, concrete stadium).
  • Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, Hoover, AL (11,000 seats)
  • Hallford Stadium, Decatur, GA (15,000 seats)
  • Georgia State Stadium (formerly Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves, 24,000 seats)
  • Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA (home of the Atlanta Falcons, 71,000 seats)

Our sideline replay system worked well in Mercedes-Benz Stadium when some other replay systems were not working and I think having replay available was a big help in winning a very close state championship game. Overall, we could not be happier with the service, support, and professionalism of the folks at Sport Scope and we're even more pleased with the performance of their products.

Michael Martin, Assistant Football Coach

Cedar Grove High School, Cedar Grove, GA

2018 & 2019 AAA State Champions

We have been using the EDGE Replay System for the last two seasons and the system has contributed to our success. Our previous system was stolen mid-season last year. That company couldn’t help us. The team at Sport Scope not only got us what we needed. We had it the next day.

This year we played our way to the California State D1AA Championships. On Tuesday before the Friday Finals, we had wiring issues with the end zone camera. We called the company and came up with a plan Wednesday morning. We were leaving Thursday morning so they overnighted a new part to our hotel. It worked perfectly.

We had perfect EDGE Replay capabilities and are now STATE CHAMPIONS! We highly recommend Sport Scope products and commend the customer support, we plan to be a customer for the foreseeable future.

Jeff Klein, Assistant Football Coach

Central High School, Fresno, CA

2019 Division 1-AA CA State Champions (15-0)

I would like to say thank you so much for introducing us to Sport Scope. It has been a tremendous asset to our football program. It has allowed us to make timely adjustments on the sideline by using the instant replay. I also wanted to let you know that the system worked flawlessly at our State Championship Game in Wallace Wade Stadium at Duke University. I was a little concerned since it was the first time we had used it in a large stadium but we didn't have any problems. The video was downloaded to the sideline ipads immediately. Please feel free to contact me if you ever need any recommendations for your system. Thank you once again for being a big part of our 2019 State Championship Football season!

Randy Marion, Athletic Director - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

East Surry High School, Pilot Mountain, NC

2019 Division 1AA NC State Champions (15-0)

We had the opportunity to play in three college stadiums (Utah State & University of Utah twice). I was very concerned that our system would not function properly considering the distance between the coach's box, sideline, & end zone camera. In every case the cameras & EDGE Replay functioned seamlessly!

It was an awesome game experience! First time in our school’s 56 years that they have ever won a State Championship in football! The Sport Scope Smart Camera system was so easy to set up and use. It played a huge role in our success. The EDGE Replay system was seamless & a huge advantage on game day! I loved how easy it was to upload film to Hudl as well! Great system, worth every cent!

Chris Howell, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Sky View High School, Smithfield, UT

2019 Class 4A UT State Champions (13-1) - First Ever!

We switched to EDGE Replay this past season and could not be happier. The easy set up combined with incredibly quick post game upload process left us extremely satisfied with the product that Sport Scope has produced. I have recommended them to anyone who has been in the market for a new Endzone Replay System.

Tom Yashinsky, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Onalaska High School, Onalaska, WI

It was quick to get the video from the camera to the sideline. Being able to get that feed to our coaches then having the ability to get that info to our players was priceless. We really enjoyed the quick set up. We did not have to mess with so many wires like before. The freedom that the operator had on the ground by having the ability to move around was great. It was so convenient to operate the camera remotely using an iPad! Simply amazing how far technology with endzone cameras have come and Sport Scope is leading the way. The ability to upload video directly from the iPad was quick and smooth. Saved our coaching staff so much time. We look forward to partnering with Sport Scope in the future!

Michael Stroup, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Smart Endzone Camera

University School of Jackson, Jackson, TN

2019 Division II Class A TN State Runner-Ups

Moving to Sport Scope and EDGE Replay was the best thing we could have done. Simple set up between the cameras, network, and iPads made for quick transitions and changes on the sideline. The system allowed us to communicate more effectively from the pressbox to the sideline.

Jeff Strohecker, Assistant Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 20' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Cibola High School, Albuquerque, NM

Our football program and in particular, our game day film crew, are extremely pleased with the EDGE Replay system mainly because of its simplicity and the game day product for each of our games in 2019. We are glad we made the switch to EDGE.

Tom Yearout, Head Football Coach

Ferris High School, Spokane, WA

Sport Scope and EDGE Replay has been a great addition to our sideline and has allowed for us to be more flexible with our staffing needs (can be run from sidelines or pressbox) in addition to getting replay almost instantly, even at Camp Randall. Our staff and student volunteers are able to run the system after just a little training. We are very pleased with our investment and believe it helped us on our playoff run.

Jeramie Korth, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Menasha High School, Menasha, WI

Our video team and coaches were very pleased to find that our system worked seamlessly even inside Ford Field in the state final game. We were able to coach using the replay and iPad communication just as we had done successfully all season long. Results of the game speak for themselves, thank you Sport Scope!!

Steve Macksood, Video Coordinator - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Lansing Catholic High School, Lansing, MI

2019 Division 5 MI State Champions

EDGE Replay has been huge this year! Thanks to Sport Scope for their quick work and fast turnaround on shipping. Quick and painless setup plus awesome film quality!

Adam Brockhouse, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope 30' Smart Endzone Camera + EDGE Replay

Triopia High School, Concord, IL

At the beginning of this year I was so excited to finally use Hudl Sideline to help our players in between each series. I wish that was the case but all I had was problem after problem and was unable to use the system for our first two region games. After hours on the phone with Hudl and doing whatever they ask me to do nothing seemed to help so I asked for a refund and switched to the EDGE Replay system. I’m not even joking, I did not have one issue or problem the second I used the EDGE Replay system. And thank goodness because it helped us get to a state semi final game this year. I have never given a testimonial in the 25 years that I’ve been a coach but this system deserved one. If you’re thinking about getting a Sideline Replay system I highly recommend EDGE! Thank you Skylar and the EDGE Replay System.

Ray Hosner, Head Football Coach

Pine View High School, St. George, UT

We had a great experience with EDGE Replay. Uploading our game clips to Hudl took less than 10 minutes and I never had to leave the iPad. With both angles synced it made intercut really simple.

Brian Jones, Head Football Coach

North County High School, Bonne Terre, MO

The Sport Scope EDGE Replay system we purchased before the season has been almost flawless so far through 9 games. No question that it is a difference maker for us.

Bart Tinsley, Assistant Football Coach

Groves High School, Beverly Hills, MI

This past season I had finally had enough of Hudl Sideline 2-angle system. A playoff season, a full season, and a partial season. Same result: problems, problems, problems! Looking for a replacement solution, I wanted something very user friendly, affordable, dependable, Hudl Mercury friendly, and be the quality that I expect out of my program. After looking at a lot of options, I found it ... EDGE Replay!

I called and talked to their representative (Michael Floyd) and was very encouraged by what I heard. I bought the 20’ Endzone tower, smart-camera, and EDGE Replay box for my Pressbox camera. Not only that, but the controlling of my Endzone camera could now be done in the comfort of the pressbox! (No more sitting next to the tower in the endzone in all kinds of weather)! The Endzone view was now controlled by an iPad and the controls were smooth and kept up with the action effortlessly. After the game, BOTH game angles were saved to my designated iPad. From there, it was an easy upload (the easiest I had ever encountered) to Hudl Mercury. During the game, any of our coaches could also ODK so we would be able to pull out Pressbox or Endzone clips by series to view. Switching to the different views during the game was also very easy. Their customer service/help line (24 hr) was also amazing as I called at 2 AM CST and someone actually answered the phone and immediately answered a question and guided me through the solution.

I really cannot say enough good things about Sport Scope EDGE Replay because I believe them to be a GREAT company! If you have lived my frustration with your past system, you understand. If you need any validation of this system, please do not hesitate to contact me. WE love it!

Scott Martin, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera

Ohatchee High School, Ohatchee, AL

2018 Class 2A Region Champions and Quarter-Finalist (11-1)

After our first year using our Sport Scope Endzone Camera with the EDGE Sideline Instant Replay we could not be more pleased. The endzone view and replay are difference makers. The product is exactly what you expect and then some. The real difference maker is the top notch customer service. All questions we had were answered quickly and products shipped promptly.

Paul Oursland, Assistant Football Coach & Film Coordinator

Othello High School, Othello, Wa

The system was dependable and easy to use on the sideline and at halftime of our games. Plays downloaded within seconds for review on all five of our iPads. Toggling between the sideline and endzone cameras is done with ease. Being able to make adjustments quickly made the system worthwhile, starting with the first game of the season! Having the two angles for EDGE Replay was extremely easy to set up, everything came out of the box clearly marked for the appropriate cables. Tech savy or not, we truly believe anyone would be able to put it together and get it running. The great thing about this system was that we didn't need to use EDGE replay support, updates came throughout the season and our system ran flawlessly all season long. Again, we want to thank Sport Scope & EDGE Replay for helping make our season our most successful in 20 years!

Bundy Fulmer, Football Coach

Oil City High School, Oil City, PA

We struggled two years with another sideline system. Never got it to function the way it was advertised. Switched to Sport Scope EDGE Replay two years ago and it was the best decision ever! Easy to setup equipment and always worked flawlessly. The benefits to the team were amazing. We went further in the playoffs than we have in 90 years!

Dave Schettler, Football Coach

Oxnard High School, Oxnard, CA

2018 CIF Division 6 State Runner-Ups!

We enjoyed the system much more than Hudl as we found it much more reliable and it aided us in our run to the semifinals. Being able to directly download the clip to the iPad was the feature that I thought was most beneficial.

Chad Cooper, Head Football Coach

Erie High School, Erie, CO

EDGE Replay has been a breath of fresh air after using other sideline replay systems that require more troubleshooting than they were worth. As a tech pro and coach, I can say with confidence that EDGE is the most reliable Replay System on the market. Easy setup, top-of-the-line hardware and cordage, reliable recordings, clear picture, easy-to-navigate app, and superior customer service are just a few reasons EDGE is the best product on the market. Going into the playoffs, I had my doubts about its effectiveness in a college stadium. To my delighted surprise, EDGE streamed at almost triple the distance of a high school field with the same reliable speed and picture. This system is a game changer and is easy to use for anyone who can turn on a camera.

Bo Olsen, Assistant Football Coach

Pine View High School, St. George, UT

Last season with Hudl Sideline we had 5 games that we had both End Zone and Press Box available for replay. Now this season with Edge Replay we had all 12 of our games with both angles of replay. The Cameras were easy to set up and worked instantly every game. It helps take the hassle out of replay and with the staff that Sport Scope has any problem would be easily diagnosed with a quick phone call. Edge Replay is hands down a better and more effective solution than Hudl Sideline and it comes at a third of the price. It helps me and our staff sleep easy the night before a game!

Ayden Opfer, Assistant Football Coach

Euclid High School, Euclid, OH

We had a lot riding on the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera and EDGE Replay system and it did not disappoint; in fact it exceeded our expectations! We could control the camera from the sideline or press box and since it was an ipad it was quite easy and we could use a coach or manager as the controls. The replay (on another ipad) was almost immediate and we could watch the previous play on the sideline while the next play was being sent in. For us, that was a HUGE advantage over the Hudl Sideline. Having a picture perfect endzone view on the sideline was tremendously helpful and the service provided by Skyler Harrison and crew was also phenomenal. Second endzone system we have used and glad we switched!!

Ray Kumpula, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera

Glenrock High School, Glenrock, WY

We have a Sport Scope Endzone Tower as well as two angle (press box, endzone) EDGE Replay. The Tower is well built, simple to set up, and travels well. The EDGE replay system has been great. It is far less expensive per year than most competitors I researched, especially when using multiple angles. Clips are available almost instantly on the iPads and the process to upload video into Hudl is fast and incredibly easy to intercut the two angles, saving a ton of time on the backend. The systems are reliable and they have great customer service any time we've had a user error issue to set us straight or when we have suggestions for future updates. I would highly recommend working with Sport Scope and EDGE Replay.

Ryan Bolland, Head Football Coach

Buena High School, Ventura, CA

We loved the Edge Replay system compared to our old replay systems. We were able to set up the system in a fraction of the time and the downloads were extremely fast. The app on our iPad was dependable and has all of the features we need to help our players understand their assignments.

Mark Holcomb, Head Football Coach

Oak Grove High School, Winston-Salem, NC

The replay system was a big bonus for us this season. Having instant feedback and film on the sideline during the game and at halftime increased our competitive edge. Filming from the press box was easier due to the system controls and due to the iPad interface, it was easy to find someone to run the system. I highly recommend EDGE Replay to anyone looking to take their program to the next level.

Jim Shapiro, Head Football Coach

King's High School, Seattle, WA

North Scott Football purchased Sport Scope’s EDGE Replay system two years ago. We had been using another company’s replay system, but that system made it cumbersome to download the videos and keep the games organized. We searched for a replacement that would allow us a way to organize our games using a graphical interface, upload the games to the Internet, connect to several iPads, use actual cameras for filming and control the end zone and sideline cameras simultaneously so that we had an equal number of clips from each angle. After looking at all of the available options, we chose Sport Scope and EDGE Replay. No other company offered all of the capabilities we wanted within a price range we could afford. This past year our football program also purchased the Sport Scope 30’ Tower. The entire system takes less than 15 minutes to set up and works flawlessly (minus a few operator errors.) Sport Scope makes an outstanding product and the customer service is second to none. I can't say enough about how impressed we are with their products and their company. Very highly recommend!

Dale Tuftee, Assistant Football Coach

North Scott High School, Eldridge, IA

After a very disappointing experience with Echo1612, I hoped Hudl Sideline would be my answer to replay systems. Unfortunately Hudl Sideline was not ... we continued to have major problems with clips loading, network connection failures, and app crashes. We gave our best effort (both time and money) pouring more funds into the highest recommended equipment and having a full time IT person on hand at our games. When Hudl Sideline failed us when we needed them the most entering the playoffs, I once again began my search for a product that would work.

I am very excited to say I have found what I have been looking for in EDGE Replay. The equipment is very durable and sets up with ease along with the rest of our equipment. Our program purchased the 2 camera system (We also use a large flat screen on the field along with a number of iPads for our spotters in the pressbox and on the field) and it has not disappointed. The clips loaded both views within seconds of play completion and we were able to make adjustments before the next play was called.

Mike Papadopoulos, Head Football Coach, Athletic Director

Vacaville High School, Vacaville, CA

Edge Replay was a great in season upgrade for our team, it was easy to set up, reliable, and made getting film uploaded after the game a breeze.

Michael Volker, Assistant Football Coach

Boone Central High School, Albion, NE

We trialed Edge Replay with our baseball program this past spring. We used the 2 camera system with a camera behind the backstop and another on the dugout fence line. Our coaches used the program for preseason batting and pitching practice and instantly saw the positive impact it would have on their season and in game coaching pitchers and batters. We used it all season and the video had provided valuable film for coaching and recruiting. The Edge System is faster, more convenient and has no lag time when downloading or connecting like the other systems that require the iPad to film. It worked so well that we now use the same system for our football program.

Justinn Heraly, Varsity Assistant Football Coach

West De Pere High School, De Pere, WI

This year we purchased the Sport Scope 30' Wireless Smart Endzone Camera System with EDGE Replay. We utilized the system both at home and away games and were extremely happy with it. Setup is straightforward and the software is very intuitive. Video uploaded into Hudl easily and the in-game 2-View Replay was invaluable. The software development team responded to issues quickly and Sport Scope's customer service was top notch.

Jareth Wilson, Assistant Soccer Coach

Glacier High School, Kalispell, MT

I purchased the EDGE Replay and Dual Press Box system for our Girls' High School Soccer program in August, 2017. The system set-up was very simple and quickly became an easy routine. We only had one "issue" related to projecting playback of the video from the app and the customer service response was stellar. My "user error" was quickly and patiently corrected in a single phone call. We created and used the custom tagging features in the app that we needed for game play review with both our Varsity and JV teams. Having the option to customize the clip lengths and tags was very helpful for a constant motion sport like soccer where activity regularly moves 30 - 50 yards in seconds. The tagging features in the app allowed us to review 80 - 90 minutes of game video with the team in 30 - 40 minute, highly focused review sessions. I would highly recommend this system as an essential coaching aid.

Derek Kurzenknabe, Assistant Soccer Coach

Worthington Christian High School, Worthington, OH

Once you get the hang of setting up EDGE Replay and working with the program, it becomes very easy. Being able to access replay quickly in the booth or sideline will help you make real time adjustments and put your kids in more successful situations.

Ty Walling, Assistant Football Coach

Caldwell High School, Caldwell, ID

Did exactly what it promised, . . . great system, way better than others out there, just the customer service alone!!!

Aaron Huish, Assistant Football Coach

Snowflake High School, Snowflake, AZ

EDGE Replay is easy to use and comes with a strong support staff in case questions arise. Highly recommended.

Cory Davis, Assistant Football Coach

Lewis & Clarke High School, Spokane, WA

The EDGE Replay system is the best on the market. EDGE has stayed out in front of this emerging technology. Since it's inception, EDGE continues to get better and evolve. EDGE's support is outstanding. They are friendly and helpful when I have called them. Other coaches marvel at the light-weight, small footprint the EDGE system has. . . . EDGE has evolved into a system that can fit in a football helmet. EDGE is the best system and company to work with by far.

Duane Decker, Head Football Coach

Newbury Park High School, Newbury Park, CA

EDGE Replay has a simple installation process that can be done in a timely manner. The customer service has been great for us, and we had 0 problems with EDGE Replay throughout the season.

Tommy Connors, Football Coach

Archbishop Shaw High School, Marrero, LA

EDGE Replay is the best replay system on the market. After the negative experience we had with Echo1612 we are very happy we made the switch.

Maurice Vaughn, Head Football Coach

Dunbar High School, Washington, DC

The best replay system I've used.

Mark Smith, Head Football Coach

Liberty High School, Peoria, AZ

We are a small team with only 18 players for an 11 man team, so we use EDGE to help us have some advantage. We use it in practice as well as in the game and the players love it as much as the coaches.

Jerry Self, Football Coach

Glendale Preparatory Academy, Peoria, AZ

Simple and easy to use. As a D3 football program we were not able to use EDGE Replay in the typical fashion due to NCAA regulations ... but it did allow me to train an all-new film crew. They were able to see what they shot almost in real time, reducing the learning curve tremendously. Just as coaches instruct players, video coordinators can monitor filmers and make adjustments immediately, reducing the chance of not having good film to study. On one occasion we were able to advise medical staff when a player got injured.

Donald Williams, Video Specialist

Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX

Great System. Outstanding Company. Superior Service.

Ron Myers, Head Football Coach

Watsonville High School, Watsonville, CA

We gained an advantage when playing an opponent that was better or comparable to our level.

Chris Arnoult, Head Football Coach

Chesterfield High School, Chesterfield, SC

Best system we've ever used! User friendly setup and the customer service was outstanding!

Tony Lowery, Assistant Football Coach

Gahanna-Lincoln High School, Gahanna, OH

EDGE Replay is a tremendous system. Easy to use and a great asset to have on the sideline. It allowed us to quickly fix mistakes and made us better game-day coaches!

Joe Trongone, Head Football Coach

Clarkstown North High School, New City, NY

EDGE Replay gave our assistant coaches and coordinators the opportunity to adjust in game more than ever before. Being able to see each play and show our players the necessary adjustments needed has given our sideline the confidence to be successful on Friday nights.

Jason Marucco, Head Football Coach

Greater Latrobe High School, Latrobe, PA

Customer service was awesome! Any time I needed help from someone all I had to do was make a phone call and it was resolved. The Replay System works really well and gets easier to use every year.

Nick O'Donnell, Football Coach

Parkway Central High School, Chesterfield, MO

EDGE Replay was absolutely fantastic. When we had a situation with the endzone cable they had one out to us within two days. When we were having technical issues, because my school was unable to purchase newer iPads, Sport Scope worked with us to troubleshoot everything so we were still able to get quality replay from our system. They were absolutely wonderful to work with and I would recommend them to anyone!

David Lewis, Head Football Coach

Avenal High School, Avenal, CA

I like the system but LOVE the tech support from Derek. Every time I had an issue on game day, I could call him and he would get us going. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Made the system work for us and made our program better.

Logan Felts, Assistant Football Coach

Bedford North Lawrence High School, Bedford, IN

EDGE Replay personnel were great to work with. They were willing and able to satisfy any needs we had. The replay system is an invaluable coaching tool.

Van Smith, Head Football Coach

Orange High School, Hillsborough, NC

My coaching staff and players really appreciate the time and effort put into the systems that we have been blessed with.

Anthony Sommers, Assistant Football Coach

Capistrano Valley Christian High School, San Juan Capistrano, CA

EDGE Replay was an excellent upgrade from my previous provider.

Michael Martin, Assistant Football Coach

Cedar Grove High School, Ellenwood, GA

The system is great. It's easy to use and easy to set up. Coaches will instantly see rewards if owning it.

Marc Jackson, Assistant Football Coach

Timber Creek High School, Orlando, FL

EDGE Replay has improved greatly in the past couple years. I feel they are on the front end of the technology in the replay world. Go with EDGE because they are the best and they are always striving to do the next great thing.

Dustin Curtiss, Head Football Coach

Pitman High School, Turlock, CA

EDGE Replay gives us an opportunity to make in-game adjustments quicker and more efficiently.

Keith Hodge, Head Football Coach

Murray High School, Murray, KY

EDGE Replay is by far the superior product on the market right now. From the quick and easy setup to the amount of time it takes to get the play in hand. The customer service the night of the game was amazing. We had an issue that was our fault and an EDGE Replay customer service representative made sure to stay on the phone with us until it was resolved and we were completely happy. Great product and support!!

Rolo Andreola, Video Specialist

Vista High School, Vista, CA

Love EDGE Replay. Our game day adjustments have improved greatly using EDGE.

Clint Buderus, Head Football Coach

La Junta High School, La Junta, CO

EDGE Replay is a must have. We made several mid-game adjustments on our run to the New York State Championship Game.

Eric Rupp, Head Football Coach

Lancaster High School, Lancaster, NY

2017 AA State Runner-Ups

With a very small budget and a very short time line, EDGE replay allowed us to implement a system that worked under both constraints and maintained a high enough standard of quality.

Allan Crawford, Video Specialist

Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, NM

I love the EDGE Replay system. I never have to ask my team where the opponent is lining up, or where a defender came from. In game adjustments are easy to make because we can show the kids and correct mistakes right on the sideline. Winning back to back State Titles isn't easy, but we have an edge ... EDGE Replay.

Craig O'Donnal, Assistant Football Coach

Thatcher High School, Thatcher, AZ

The EDGE Replay product is great! Very helpful and easy to use! It is definitely the best bang for your buck!

Jake Karl, Assistant Football Coach

De La Salle High School, New Orleans, LA

Great product for coaches looking to get the most out of their in-game adjustments. Set-up and take down is easy. The EDGE Replay app is simple for all coaches to access plays in a split second.

Matt Calleja, Assistant Football Coach

Lakeview High School, St. Clair Shores, MI

The EDGE Replay system is a great blend of affordability, performance and excellent customer service!

Ron Jones, Head Football Coach

Hoosick Falls Central High School, Hoosick, NY

It helped us go to the State Playoffs for the last 2 years. Must have!!!

Brandon Bennett, Head Football Coach

Cascade High School, Turner, OR

A great idea and very helpful.

Diargo Summers, Video Specialist

Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School, Orangeburg, SC

EDGE Replay is good and I highly recommend.

Alvin Brown, Assistant Football Coach

Silverado High School, Victorville, CA

The EDGE Replay system is far superior to any other sideline video system. The equipment is easy to install and operate.

Carl Landi, Head Football Coach

Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn, IL

Great system, easy to set up and breakdown, and simple to use. It's an awesome tool to have on the sideline to show the kids exactly what they did.

Darius Pickett, Head Football Coach

Fallbrook High School, Fallbrook, CA

We really enjoyed the EDGE Replay System.

David Wood, Head Football Coach

Ridley High School, Folsom, PA

One of the best software out there for video replay and easy hardware setup.

Rene Chavez, Video Specialist

Cesar E. Chavez High School, Laveen, AZ

I was impressed with the ease of uploading it to Hudl.

Scott Swanson, Head Football Coach

La Follette High School, Madison, WI

We used the Echo System and I like the EDGE Replay much better. First and foremost, it doesn't require a separate laptop, and the time to the iPad is much faster.

David Coldiron, Head Football Coach

Mira Monte High School, Bakersfield, CA

EDGE drastically improved our team's performance. Once we were able to efficiently setup, maintain, and ultimately use the video feedback, adjustments were easier to make and implement for players. It definitely gave us a competitive "edge."

Jonathan Isaac, Assistant Football Coach

Jesuit High School, Carmichael, CA

EDGE has the best customer service. I have not had many issues, but the ones I have had they have treated each one with a priority and have solved the problem. They were even available on a Friday night during a game. Top notch service.

Steve Forker, Assistant Football Coach

LaPorte High School, La Porte, IN

We have used other systems in the past and have found the EDGE Replay System to be far superior to other products. I would recommend this product to any High School football program.

Drew Young, Assistant Football Coach

Massaponax High School, Fredericksburg, VA

The last two seasons we have used the EDGE Replay system, our in game adjustments have been made easier. Allowing us to show our players video feedback and showing them what they need to fix rather than telling verbally has increased our success rate and has been a big contributor for us making long runs throughout the playoffs!

Zach Davis, Football Coach

Washington Community High School, Washington, IL

We tried another video replay system for two years. Never got it to work correctly. Then we switched to EDGE Replay. This system worked perfectly every game!

David Schettler, Football Coach, Video Specialist

Oxnard High School, Oxnard, CA

EDGE Replay and the Sport Scope End Zone Camera have been game changers for our team. The ability to see replays in real time is invaluable. The personal, expert, friendly customer service is second to none!

Daryl Williams, Football Coach

Minisink Valley High School, Slate Hill, NY

We started using EDGE midway through last season after being frustrated for two years working with Hudl Sideline. We were so impressed with everything from the sales rep, to the tech support, to finally the replay system itself, which was so easy to use. We at St. Ignatius are extremely pleased with EDGE Replay.

Nick Restifo, Assistant Football Coach

St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland, OH

The EDGE Replay was very beneficial to the Wheelersburg Pirate football team this year. It allowed our coaches to see different views during the game that they could later show players on the sideline and make adjustments. It was an integral part of us winning the State Championship. It also cut down time on getting film uploaded to Hudl. The customer service is the best I have ever dealt with!

Tom Kaskey, Offensive Coordinator

Wheelersburg High School, Wheelersburg, OH

2017 OHSAA Division V State Champions and an undefeated season!

I was extremely happy with this product due to the ease of setup and takedown. It was user friendly and whenever an issue did pop up they have someone standing by ready to help as part of their service - especially on game day. I would and I have recommended to anybody looking for a replay service.

Jim Newton, Head Football Coach

Ririe High School, Ririe, ID

We were in the first group of schools that used EDGE Replay. We are VERY happy with the system, the ease of use, the durability, and the customer support. As long as I am the head coach here we will never use another company.

Craig Snyder, Head Football Coach

Winfield High School, Winfield, WV

The EDGE system has completely reduced the amount of time spent intercutting 3 angles together. The customer service that is offered from Sport Scope has been exceptional.

Jake Gregory, Assistant Football Coach

The Colony High School, The Colony, TX

Our school started with the Sport Scope 30 ft Endzone Tower and then we went with the EDGE Replay system when Sport Scope brought it out. We have nothing but good things to say about all the products and the service provided. They have been a First Class vendor and the quality and service they have given has really helped us. I have seen other systems used by other schools we compete against and, in my opinion, the quality is not as good and requires more people to use.

David Hekman, Video Supervisor

Holland Christian High School, Holland, MI

EDGE Replay made it much easier to make in-game adjustments by being able to see the previous play, almost immediately. The download speed was very quick and being able to see multiple angles was helpful, as well. It was also very beneficial, during timeouts and at halftime, to allow the players to view the video and see what the coaches were seeing, too.

Daryn Brantley, Head Football Coach

Marlow High School, Marlow, OK

The EDGE Replay system was a key component in a very successful season for us. We had a very young team and the in-game corrections we were able to make with some very inexperienced players were invaluable. The customer support team at EDGE Replay was also amazing, even when I was calling at 5:30 in the morning because I kept forgetting about the time zone differences. Looking forward to working with EDGE for many years to come.

Michael Martin, Football Coach

Cedar Grove High School, Ellenwood, GA

2017 Region Champions

The EDGE Replay was very useful to our team, which helped us a big deal in winning the 1A NCHSAA Football State Championship 2017-2018.

Joselito Layno, Football Coach

Cherokee Central High School, Cherokee, NC

2017 1A NCHSAA State Champions

EDGE Replay is a great update from what we used before. I was able to put all the equipment into one case, which was a big deal for me. I was able to train other coaches very easily on hooking up and using the system. Set up time is nothing at all. I set up the endzone view while another coach goes to the press box. We are usually set up in less than 30 minutes. That is including the set up of everything, endzone stand, replay, etc.

Jeff Braddy, Football Coach

Brunswick High School, Brunswick, GA

EDGE Replay helped us take the next step as a program. We were able to pull our kids to the side and make immediate corrections from series to series and sometimes even from play to play. The affordable price, along with more functions available allowed us to do more than other replay systems.

Guy Dierikx, Head Football Coach

Riverdale High School, Port Byron, IL

The ability of my staff and I to instantly coach and get "honest" feedback to the boys during the game was exceptional. Our opponents without EDGE were seriously handicapped. Waiting until halftime to make adjustments is a recipe for disaster. Thank you EDGE!

Kelley Moore, Head Football Coach

Buckeye Union High School, Buckeye, AZ

EDGE Replay helped our team greatly in winning our School's first ever PIAA State Football Championship. With the EDGE Replay we were able to review plays after each series and as a staff during halftime. We would make adjustments based on our review. These adjustment allowed us to average nearly 30 points in the second half of the game. The adjustments made during halftime based on our review of the EDGE Replay Endzone view allowed us to score on the 1st possession of the second half in 13 of our 14 games. The systems were critical in our success and ability to make game time adjustment. In addition, the end zone view has provided great film for our player's HUDL highlight films.

Ed Pesicka, Offensive Coordinator

Quaker Valley High School, Leetsdale, PA

The 30’ Endzone Camera and EDGE systems have quickly become a valuable teaching tool as well as an important part to our in-game adjustments. Both systems are easy and quick to set up. We found that with very little training our student tech crew can set both systems up in less than 30 min. The EDGE system has proven to be reliable with getting film down to the sideline for review in just a few seconds. Using this data we are able to show players the adjustments more effectively than on a dry erase board.

Ronnie Lee, Assistant Coach and Video Specialist

Garner Magnet High School, Garner, NC

We switched to the EDGE Replay System this season and had a great experience working with Sport Scope. The system is simple to set up, provided a strong signal and fast downloads, even in several poor weather games. Dixie, Jared and Derek provided customer service unmatched in the marketplace.

Steve Specht, Head Football Coach and Greg Kendall, Asst. Football Coach

St. Xavier High School, Cincinnati, OH

We have enjoyed our purchase of the EDGE Replay system as our first system in the history of our program. We knew about EDGE because we had bought a Sport Scope Endzone Camera last year. We carefully weighed all of our options (Hudl, SkyCoach, Echo, etc) and went with EDGE. The price, customer support, ease of use, and ease of setup was what sold us on the EDGE. The process of uploading to Hudl was quick and seamless. After one year we know we made the right choice! It was everything that we needed. We finished the season at 9-3 and won a home playoff game. No doubt the EDGE Replay System contributed to that success!

Brett Jones, Head Football Coach

Bristow High School, Bristow, OK

Our experience with EDGE Replay was phenomenal this year. After toiling in bad connections, grainy film, and unreliable service from another sideline replay provider, we could not have been more pleased with the ease of set-up, reliability, and personal customer service provided by EDGE. Because we switched systems on the eve of our season, we didn't even scratch the surface of the features offered. Having a user-friendly, easy to set-up system was such a relief! We are excited to expand our usability amongst our staff in the offseason so we can capitalize even further on the wonderful system that is EDGE Replay. Having quick, concise replay on the sideline helped propel us to the semi-finals this year, and we look forward to partnering with EDGE Replay in our quest for a state-title next season!

Jeremy Strong, Athletic Director

Benjamin Franklin High School, Queen Creek, AZ

The EDGE Replay system was very helpful to our success this year. This was our second year using it, and I really felt much more comfortable with everything. Probably the best thing about using EDGE Replay is the customer service that we received. Anytime I had a question, or a problem, all I had to do was make a phone call to Derek and it was fixed very quickly. Look forward to working with them again next year!

Nick O'Donnell, Athletic Director

Parkway Central High School, Chesterfield, MO

We can't thank EDGE Replay enough. A few years ago we bought the Echo1612 system and we could not even get it to work during the 2015/16 season. I told our head coach that we could probably get it up and running for this year and to not put more money into another system. I was wrong. After hours of trying to get it setup, hours waiting for and speaking to their support, and after missing our first two games due to troubleshooting a system that constantly went in and out, I finally gave in and called EDGE. They told me how simple and efficient their system was and I didn't really believe it could be that easy based on my previous experience with Echo1612. We received the system quickly, set it up in no time, tested it on a Thursday, set it up for the game without any issues, and used it during that game and the remainder of the season without any problems. I can't believe we wasted so much time with the other system. All I can say is it is easy to setup, simple to use, and it works! Thank you EDGE Replay!

Daniel Gladwell, Booster Association, Gridiron Board

Chattahoochee High School, Johns Creek, Georgia

The Luxemburg-Casco Football program purchased the Edge Replay system this past Fall. I believe it was an integral part of our team achieving its first Conference championship in eleven years, as well as having an undefeated regular season. Our defensive and offensive coaches were both able to utilize the system between series which helped us to make necessary corrections in real time. We were able to connect our iPads to a 32” TV monitor during games which allowed for valuable coach and player interaction. Because the system does not require wifi, we were able to take advantage of the system at both home and at away games. Set up was not complicated, and I found Derek to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable whenever assistance was needed.

David Tlachac, Assistant Varsity Coach

Luxemburg-Casco High School, Luxemburg, WI

At the games we setup the Dual Press Box and 30' Endzone Camera System and hooked up the Edge Replay to each. This year we played in all kinds of conditions and stadium sizes and the Edge Replay system worked great. In the state championship game we played at Williams-Brice stadium (over 80,000 capacity). The sideline replay ran without a hitch. We only had 30 minutes to get setup but we finished with time to spare. Whenever we needed technical assistance the staff at Sport Scope was always quick to respond. This is a great company to work with and they were a big help in achieving our school's first undefeated season and 2nd state championship.

Tom Knotts, Head Football Coach and Doug Rivers, Assistant Football Coach

Dutch Fork High School, SC

2013, 2016, 2017 South Carolina State AAAAA Champions

I switched to Edge Replay this season and it was undoubtedly the best decision I made. I had gone with a competitor during our 2015 season and it was nothing but frustrations and complications. 1 week into this season nothing had improved and I started searching. When I came across Edge Replay it seemed too good to be true, but believe me, the setup is small, quick, and very efficient. Support has been fantastic as they are always contacting us to make sure things are going great. This is ABSOLUTELY the best setup in the industry.

Ed Gilreath, Head Football Coach

Timberland High School, Wentzville, MO

We purchased the Edge Replay system to go along with our Sports Scope End Zone camera and our Press box Tripod camera. This ultimate combination gave us a competitive advantage that led us to the second round of the playoffs. We hooked the system up to a smart board on the sidelines and had a large visible viewing during games with immediate feedback following each play. The system allowed us to correct reads and misalignments instantly. The Edge Replay uses its own network so we were able to take it to every road game and the lack of Wi-Fi at some stadiums was never an issue. Can’t wait to add the End Zone Replay system to the mix next season.

Marc Jackson, Defensive Coordinator

Timber Creek High School, Orlando, FL

We were able to utilize the EDGE Instant Replay as immediate feed back for our players. We have two platoons in our program and the EDGE is a tool we use to coach between series. This allowed clear communication with our players and allowed all coaches to be on the same page throughout the game. The EDGE was accessible during the game and our players were able to view their mistakes, making corrections more efficient.

David McKenna, Head Football Coach

Gonzaga Prep, Spokane, WA

2015 4A State Champions

My staff and I put the Edge Sideline Replay and its staff through every test we could think of, and they passed them all with flying colors. The system was able to withstand extreme Arizona heat and operate without a glitch. We also loved how it not only was easy to operate with minimal staff but also extremely easy to set up. My IT guy and I looked into many different football replay systems and EDGE Replay topped every category including price, signal strength, ease of use, and by far the best customer service of them all. Anytime we have a question or concern the staff at EDGE Replay was easy to get a hold and on top of anything we needed.

Sean Hinton, Head Football Coach

Thatcher High School, AZ

I just want to let you know how excited our coaches are about using the Edge Instant Replay system this coming season. We tested the system at some of our 7 on 7 games this summer and the coaches love it. The replay is on the sideline almost instantly. The controls are easy use and the video capture process works smoothly. Setup is quick and simple. We plan to display the replay on a 48” monitor on the field so that our coaches can review the previous series with our players when they come off the field. This will allow us to make adjustments on the fly rather than waiting until halftime. Your customer support has been great and we look forward to using the new features you are constantly adding to the software. The process of uploading the video and tagging to Hudl is simple and quick. We spent a lot of time comparing the different replay systems currently on the market and I am convinced we made the right decision. We believe this system is going to give us an immediate advantage over our competition. We look forward to working with you all for many successful seasons.

Kelly Kirkland, Head Football Coach

Duncan High School, Duncan, OK

The EDGE replay system was a tremendous tool that helped us win the 2016 NYS Section VI AA Championship. The ability to give our players almost instant visual feedback on the sidelines is a powerful tool on both sides of the ball. It also helped us make better halftime adjustments because our staff was able to analyze both the pressbox and endzone views of plays that were giving us problems. We are excited to use our EDGE Replay system in our upcoming 7vs7 passing league games in preparation for our 2017 season!

Dave Mansell, Defensive Coordinator

Lancaster Legends Football, Lancaster, NY

2016 AA State Champions