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30' Smart Camera – Sport Scope Video

Wireless Smart Camera

The Sport Scope Smart Camera uses the most advanced technology in the industry. Film the game wirelessly from your iPad (iPad not included)! Use the virtual, on-screen joysticks to pan, tilt, and zoom. You can place your Smart Camera on a camera tripod for the Press Box. And with EDGE Replay built-in (1st year free for new customers; $500 off for current EDGE customers), each clip is downloaded to all connected iPads and ready for replay in seconds.

  • iPad Camera Controls
  • Built-in Instant Replay
  • Attach to End Zone Tower or Tripod
  • 1 yr. Warranty
  • Reduce Film Staff
  • Hudl Ready


Wireless Pan/Tilt Head - NEW!

The Wireless Smart Camera is the only camera system on the market with a custom made fully wireless pan / tilt head. The durable design houses incredibly smooth internal motors, a lightning fast streaming/replay device, and only requires a single ethernet cable connection to the ground side router and antenna to send your private network to all connected iPads. For the first time, you can control the camera at virtually any speed by the simple touch of a finger. The Wireless Pan/Tilt head has everything you need contained inside. Start and stop the camera's recording to its memory card and zoom with precision all while obtaining instant replay to your iPad. Perfect for all sports.

Sony Camcorder & Memory Card

The Sport Scope comes standard with a High Definition Sony camcorder and a 32GB memory card. We always make sure that we use the best camcorders that have the most important features our customers are looking for, which is why we only use Sony camcorders. Sony has the most dependable and advanced consumer camcorders available, which allow our customers to get HD quality film, transfer it quickly to their computers, and upload to their favorite editing software.

Batteries - NEW!

The Sport Scope Smart Camera requires two power sources: one for the Pan/Tilt head and camera, and one for the router and antenna on the ground.

The Wireless Smart Camera comes standard with both long lasting batteries. Each battery will last 5+ hrs, which will allow you to film several games with your end zone camera on one charge.

Router - NEW!

The Wireless Smart Camera requires a router to encode your private network and deliver it to that antenna. This unit comes with a 30' ethernet cable, which connects to the router. You will also power the router with its accompanied battery.

Antenna - NEW!

The weather proof antenna serves as the sender of your wireless private network across the field so you can connect to your camera on the iPad. Simply connect its ethernet cord to the appropriate port in the router.

Hard Case - NEW!

The hard case protects and organizes all the important electronics that make up our complete end zone camera package. The hard case is an important part of our system because it ensures that the most vulnerable parts of the endzone camera are always safe and accounted for. Use this to weather proof your router and battery while filming the game.

EDGE Replay 1-Year Subscription

The Wireless Smart Camera comes standard (new EDGE customers only) with a one-angle EDGE Replay subscription for 1 year. A $1200 value! All recorded clips will automatically download to your iPad for easy review. After your free 1-year subscription you may continue your subscription for $499 a year. Add as many additional EDGE Replay angles as you want and the annual subscription fee remains the same!

Camera Rain Gear

The Sport Scope comes with a lens hood and rain cover that protects both the camcorder and the pan/tilt head from harsh weather. The lens hood screws on the front of the camcorder and the 100% waterproof cover protects the camcorder and pan/tilt head.

Antenna Leg Mount - NEW!

The endzone leg mount is the perfect way to angle your Smart Camera antenna. This custom device was designed with all of our Sport Scope Endzone Camera Systems in mind, but will fit most other Endzone Camera Systems or tripods in the industry as well. Attach to the leg of your tower or tripod and swivel your antenna to the desired angle.

In Action