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More Winning Teams Use Sport Scope & EDGE Replay

More Winning Teams Use Sport Scope & EDGE Replay

Football teams around the nation are utilizing the unique advantages that Sport Scope and EDGE Replay gives them in order to win district championships.

An elevated angle of the field, which only an End Zone Camera can give you, allows coaches to analyze their plays, learn how to make adjustments, and teach players. And with Sideline Replay provided by EDGE, they can even apply this ability in-game in real time on the sideline during the heat of the battle. It's no wonder so many teams using our systems are winning more games!

Sayreville High School.

Huge Congrats to Sayreville High School of NJ for winning the Inaugural South Group 5 NJSIAA/Rothman Championship!

After a near undefeated season the Bombers took down 7th ranked Williamstown, in part aided by the 30' Wireless Smart Endzone Camera! With the Smart Endzone Camera Sayreville was able to film the endzone angle on an iPad in the Press Box and send instant Sideline Replay footage to the all of the coaches' iPads in the Press Box or on the Sideline. All of this is done by a single operator who can sit comfortably in the Press Box rather than out in the cold and rain on the field.

Summit High School

Sport Scope Endzone Camera owner Summit High School of NJ took down the 3rd-seeded contenders Rahway for the NJ North 2 Group 3 Championship this year! Congrats on the big win guys!

Central High School of Fresno

Central High School of Fresno, owners of the Sport Scope Endzone Camera and new converts to EDGE Replay - Sideline Replay for the 2018 season, finished an undefeated season and won the D-1 Title Championship for the Fresno, CA area. Huge props to these return customers and 2nd straight title winners!

Sport Scope has a wide array of Endzone Camera models to fit nearly any football program on any budget. EDGE Replay allows you to connect any camera and distribute instant Sideline Replay to the coaches' iPads. Our 30-foot Smart Endzone Camera gives you the power to control the Endzone Tower and record all replay-connected camera angles at the same time! And the 1st year of the built-in replay service is free!

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Posted on November 30, 2018