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Latest Upgrades to the 2017 Sport Scope Endzone Camera - Sport Scope Video

Latest Upgrades to the 2017 Sport Scope Endzone Camera

This year we’re upping our game with the Sport Scope Endzone Camera. Whether you’re purchasing a Sport Scope 30' Automatic Endzone Camera or a 25' Manual Endzone Camera for football, soccer, lacrosse or any other sport to get amazing film from a bird’s eye view, you’ll be extremely impressed by our new features and equipment.

New Motorized Pan/Tilt Design

Unlike any other motorized Pan/Tilt mechanism in the industry, the Sport Scope uses its own design with all parts made right here in the United States. And with our new design, not only do you get extra height, but the platform can handle nearly any camera weight. You’ll also be getting an extremely level surface, with all of the camera’s weight being placed directly over the top of the tower poles. The quality and design of our new iteration is unmatched in the Endzone Camera market.

New Joystick Silkscreen

We've placed a fancy new silkscreen over the joystick box. Now you can view the directional inputs your joystick has along with which knob controls Pan and Tilt speed and which direction the knobs will increase or decrease speed.

New Zoom/Record Remote

This year every new Sport Scope comes stock with the latest Sony Tripod remote. This new design is easier to grip, has a far superior toggle between tight and wide, and – best of all – the LED indicator to notify you whether or not you’re recording is back!

New Hard Case

For 2017 Sport Scope is stepping up the resilience of the electronics hard case. This year every new customer will receive a waterproof Pelican-branded case with simplified foam cut-outs for easy storage for all of your electronics.

New Travel Bag and Base Plate

The new travel bag is much smaller than previous versions, yet significantly sturdier. The base plate has also been reduced in size as well. Now, traveling with your Endzone Camera tower is a breeze. The overall weight has been dramatically reduced and the size difference allows for easy handling and storage.

For the month of May we're running an extrememly popular promotion. Purchase a 30' Automatic Endzone Camera or a 25' Manual Endzone Camera and get the 11' Quick Scope Pole at half the price ($350). Or opt for Free Shipping! Call (888) 335-7875 for more details today!

Posted on May 5, 2017 at 11:30 AM