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We Believe Technology Improves Coaching

We Believe Technology Improves Coaching

At Sport Scope we believe in fundamentally changing the coaching experience through innovative technology. Video technology on the football, soccer, or lacrosse field is information first and foremost. And in today's world information is one of the most powerful tools at your fingertips. Endzone Cameras and Sideline Instant Replay systems provide this new information to coaches that they otherwise wouldn't have without the technology. Video that exposes every detail of what's happening on the field and the ability to see more in the moment allows for coaches to receive instant feedback on their decisions and not only learn from their players, but also from themselves.

And beyond this, we at Sport Scope believe how this technology improves your coaching makes all the difference. That's why our focus is on the user experience from set-up to practice to game night to tear-down. We have the entire process in mind.

Our systems were designed to be practical yet sophisticated. Simple yet powerful. We believe our technology should blend into your daily coaching routine in such a way that you almost forget you're even using it because it's become such an integral extension of your coaching process. Our customers can attest to this declaration...


We had a lot riding on the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera and EDGE Replay system and it did not disappoint; in fact it exceeded our expectations! We could control the camera from the sideline or press box and since it was an ipad it was quite easy and we could use a coach or manager as the controls. The replay (on another ipad) was almost immediate and we could watch the previous play on the sideline while the next play was being sent in. For us, that was a HUGE advantage over the Hudl Sideline. Having a picture perfect endzone view on the sideline was tremendously helpful and the service provided by the entire Sport Scope crew was also phenomenal. Second endzone system we have used and glad we switched!!

Ray Kumpula, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera

Glenrock High School, Glenrock, WY

This past season I had finally had enough of Hudl Sideline 2-angle system. A playoff season, a full season, and a partial season. Same result: problems, problems, problems! Looking for a replacement solution, I wanted something very user friendly, affordable, dependable, Hudl Mercury friendly, and be the quality that I expect out of my program. After looking at a lot of options, I found it ... EDGE Replay!

I called and talked to their representative (Michael Floyd) and was very encouraged by what I heard. I bought the 20’ Endzone tower, smart-camera, and EDGE Replay box for my Pressbox camera. Not only that, but the controlling of my Endzone camera could now be done in the comfort of the pressbox! (No more sitting next to the tower in the endzone in all kinds of weather)! The Endzone view was now controlled by an iPad and the controls were smooth and kept up with the action effortlessly. After the game, BOTH game angles were saved to my designated iPad. From there, it was an easy upload (the easiest I had ever encountered) to Hudl Mercury. During the game, any of our coaches could also ODK so we would be able to pull out Pressbox or Endzone clips by series to view. Switching to the different views during the game was also very easy. Their customer service/help line (24 hr) was also amazing as I called at 2 AM CST and someone actually answered the phone and immediately answered a question and guided me through the solution.

I really cannot say enough good things about Sport Scope EDGE Replay because I believe them to be a GREAT company! If you have lived my frustration with your past system, you understand. If you need any validation of this system, please do not hesitate to contact me. WE love it!

Scott Martin, Head Football Coach - Owner of the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera

Ohatchee High School, Ohatchee, AL

2018 Class 2A Region Champions and Quarter-Finalist (11-1)

You're Not a Customer. You're a Partner.

Because we want our Endzone Cameras and Sideline Instant Replay systems to become a necessary part of your coaching process, we don't simply want customers who buy our products and are never heard from again. We see our coaches as partners who are helping us build the technology that gives them the freedom to coach at their fullest potential. Feedback and an open conversation about how we can improve and tailor our hardware and software to your sport and how you coach is always welcome. In fact, we encourage it! Sport Scope is always on your sideline and as a team we're working for you so you can win more games.

At a highly competitive price and premium materials, you can't go wrong with a Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera system. And now with our June promotion get a Free iPad with your purchase! Elevate your team above the rest with a Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera by calling (888) 335-7875 today!

Posted on June 14, 2019