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Cam Assist enabled Endzone Cameras set up just like any other, except your cameraman is an iPad, controlling the camera from the press box or sideline. Cam Assist watches the game in real-time, centering and zooming the camera on your linemen every play, giving your coaching staff consistent endzone film for sideline replays and post-game uploads.

Sport Scope Cam Assist


// Cam Assist Customer Testimonial:

“As a staff we were thrilled to learn that Sport Scope offered Cam Assist with their Endzone Camera system. Cam Assist allows us to use our staff members in more effective ways on game nights where we no longer have to assign someone to control the endzone camera. Cam Assist’s ability to find the ball and set up perfectly to capture our tight camera angle was more accurate and dependable than having a person controlling it. Especially with our up-tempo offense, Cam Assist was definitely something we were looking for as a program. The dependability of a great tight shot for every play is why I’ll never look anywhere else for an endzone camera, replay system, and the add-ons like Cam Assist. It is crucial for our in-game adjustments and success on Friday nights. We truly feel like we have an advantage every game night with these features. Thank you, Sport Scope!”

Matt Walters, Head Football Coach of East Stroudsburg South High School (Pennsylvania)
National Leader in Points Scored Per Game (62) in 2020
Owner of the Sport Scope 30’ Automatic Endzone Camera w/ Cam Assist

For additional testimonials from Sport Scope Endzone Camera & Cam Assist users, click here.


Cam Assist enabled Smart & Wireless Endzone Camera systems set up just like any other, except your cameraman is an iPad, controlling the camera from the press box or sideline. Cam Assist watches the game in real-time, centering and zooming the camera on your linemen every play, giving your coaching staff consistent endzone film for sideline replays and post-game uploads to Qwikcut, Hudl, or your file share of choice. Spend less time finding a cameraman and let Cam Assist film the game for you.

Cam Assist is built into the Sport Scope iPad app and uses a neural network to identify players, referees, and other objects on the field. Those objects tell the camera where and when to pan, tilt and zoom. Once Cam Assist finds your lineman, it will center the camera on them and zoom in to the appropriate level. Once the play starts, Cam Assist will analyze the field and zoom out, pan and tilt to follow the players to where the next play will take place. Then Cam Assist will center on your lineman and zoom in for the next play. In our testing, Cam Assist films 95% of snaps on your lineman at the correct zoom level and will get even better in future seasons.

As a part of Cam Assist, you'll also have the ability to set your desired zoom level. We know some coaches like to have their end zone camera shot more zoomed in on the line of scrimmage than others. For this reason, you can tell the AI if you want the zoom level to be expanded, medium, or close. It still does all the zooming and movement on its own but will be tailored to your preference.

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Consistent endzone film is extremely important to coaches, players, and recruiters, yet can be one of the most difficult to collect due to the manual requirements of most camera systems. Teams have to find personnel for both home and away games, which may be a parent-volunteer, an assistant coach, or even an inactive player or a student. Then, you must train those individuals on how to use the system and exactly what the coaching staff is looking for while you hope that they not only can make it to each game night but can film an entire game without distraction. Consistency and reliability can be extremely tough to find so giving your staff the best tools available so they can produce the best film possible should be a priority to all coaches.

Sport Scope’s Cam Assist is designed to eliminate those challenges with Artificial Intelligence that allows you to reduce your film staff on game night and gather consistent endzone film with very little human intervention.

Cam Assist’s ability to auto-follow your interior play allows a single staff to control your endzone camera from the press box or sideline with the ability to also handle your instant replay. With no longer needing to have a dedicated person on your endzone camera, that staff member can focus on stat tracking, spotting for coordinators, or other football-support-related activities.

Beyond now having additional staff members able to focus on coaching, consistent endzone film gives your team the ability to address important execution and personnel-related teaching moments from the offensive and defensive perspectives.

As an offensive line coach, tight endzone film provides the opportunity to see from behind (and at times in front if you utilize stationary endzone camera placement) your line and address everything within the run game and pass protection. You can now take the time to address your offensive lineman’s technique from footwork to hand placement, develop teaching moments based on the defensive alignment, and give your players the tools they need to become a more efficient unit in your blocking schemes.

Quarterback coaches can highlight pre-snap reads and defensive alignment as it impacts your run play calls at the line of scrimmage and audibles. The near third-person view of the tight endzone film will without question give your quarterback a better perspective of interior line play at the point of attack and the second level of the defense. If you’re an option team, making those reads at the line of scrimmage is a huge advantage. Beyond the run game, pass protection and pocket presence now provide you with fil at an angle where you can see your QB’s mechanics at work.

Running backs also benefit from tight endzone film as they can now see the run game develop in front of their eyes, where defenders are locating both pre and post-snap, and how they can be more effective in the passing games and protection schemes as they develop better special awareness on the field.

For defensive coaches, you know how the opportunity to address your interior line play and linebackers, plus your safeties in their pre-snap reads and post-snap queues while in run support. Coaches at all levels know that alignment and assignment before the play is paramount and with consistent and tight endzone film being provided by Cam Assist, you now can address all three levels of your team’s defense in the film room and build a cohesive unit.

Good film matters for recruiting! As the opportunities for showcasing film become more accessible by players, the quality of film needs to follow. Not all players have the opportunity to attend camps, clinics, nor do they get the special invitations to all-star games, so providing your players with quality film to assist them in their recruiting process is crucial. On the other side, as coaches and recruiters from the thousands of different programs across the country look to fill their rosters each year, quality game film can make all the difference in evaluating talent.

“I like to use the tight film to get accurate evaluations on the offensive line and running backs. The tight film provides the best view of the feet of an offensive lineman. When it comes to running backs, the tight view provides the best evaluation on the vision and instincts of a running back.”

QwikSports Founder & CEO – Tyler Siskey (20-year coaching veteran at the Power 5, Group of 5, FCS, and high school levels. Most recently, he oversaw recruiting at Alabama and Ole Miss.)

QwikRecruiting football film database

// ABOUT QwikRecruiting

QwikRecruiting has created the number one, state-of-the-art, FREE National Film Database for Recruiting. Enjoy a quick and simple 90-second process, allowing you to send in-game film from past seasons. They also understand that the confidentiality of your film is of utmost priority, your film will not be shared or viewed by other High Schools.

Learn more about QwikFIlm and their National Film Database at www.qwikrecruiting.com

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Sport Scope Smart & Wireless Endzone Camera systems are Cam Assist enabled with first-year customers receiving Cam Assist FREE for one-year. After your initial year, Sport Scope customers have the option to renew their license to enable Cam Assist within the Sport Scope App. Basic requirements to utilize Cam Assist include:

  • License: First year FREE for first-time customers, then $499 per year renewal fee.

  • iPad (select models): Most iPads released after 2019 are compatible with Cam Assist. To view a full list of compatible iPads for our Endzone Cameras, EDGE Replay, and Cam Assist enabled systems, click here.

  • Smart or Wireless Endzone Camera System (or compatible head on existing tower): If you previously purchased a Smart or Wireless system prior to 2018, some component upgrades may be required. Any Smart or Wireless systems purchased from 2019-2022 are Cam Assist compatible.

  • 3-Point Network: If you previously purchased a system prior to 2018, you’ll need to upgrade to our latest 3-Point Network. An additional computer upgrade will be provided along with the network upgrade. Contact your Sport Scope sales representative at 888-335-7875 for more details and pricing.

Now that we have a more in-depth understanding of what is required to utilize Cam Assist, here is some additional information about its limitations to better clarify exactly what it does and does not do.

  • Cam Assist does not start and stop recording on its own. The camera operator (at a distance away, in the press box, or on the sideline) will still need to start/stop recording of each play.

  • Cam Assist does not follow the ball. The AI is not capable of following every play to its completion by tracking the ball, it follows the movement of the player groups (interior lineman and officials) which allows it to capture the majority of the play in most circumstances. However, depending on how long the play transpires, Cam Assist may require some operator intervention. The only times we really see this happen could be in slip-screen or tight end screen situations where the offensive line may be splitting into two groups while amassing interior defensive lineman in pursuit.

  • Cam Assist may require human intervention from time to time. In almost every case, Cam Assist is able to center and zoom correctly over your players on the line of scrimmage before the start of each play. On occasion if a team is utilizing unique formations or utilizing significant players shifts (such as a swinging gate), Cam Assist may need assistance from the operator to locate the center and ball position prior to the snap.

  • Cam Assist only films from the Endzone. The AI in Cam Assist has only been programmed to understand how to follow a play from behind the line of scrimmage, not the sideline.

  • Cam Assist only films football. So far, we’ve only taught our AI engine how to film football. We have not yet expanded to other sports like soccer or lacrosse on its own.

  • Only five (5) iPads total can be used with the Smart Endzone Camera system. If you are using Sideline Replay with Cam Assist, then you are limited on how many iPads are allowed on the wireless network for replay viewing. Currently, you may only use up to five (5) comparable iPads that can be found on our iPad Compatibility Page. To note, the only iPads allowed on the network when using Cam Assist are the ones in the list labeled either “Control/View” or “View Only.” The controlling iPad must be one of the “Control/View” iPads from the list.

As Cam Assist continues to develop and Sport Scope is able to collect additional environment data, we’re very optimistic about what capabilities will be available in the future. Here are some of the future areas we plan to open down the road:

AI play tagging
  • No operator required. The goal for the future is to eliminate any instance where human intervention may be required. While we see above a 95% success rate on filming plays from the endzone, we plan to continue to develop our AI to any need for you to adjust the camera.

  • Film from the Sideline. Creating hands-free filming from both endzone and sideline angles will allow you to free up even more of your staff so they can focus on coaching while knowing you are getting high-quality game film to your replay systems and for post-game uploads.

  • Filming other sports. Once Cam Assist has mastered football, we’ll teach it other sports so that other teams within your athletic programs can take advance of this amazing technology.

  • AI Tagging. Because of how advanced the AI Endzone Camera technology can get, eventually it should be able to tag each play by down and distance. With this feature automated, you’ll have access to powerful predictive game stats that can give you the odds on how likely your opponent is to rush or pass based on current field position and down-and-distance.

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The most advanced technology in the industry. Film the game wirelessly from your iPad using the virtual, on-screen joysticks to pan, tilt, and zoom from the press box or use our AI feature called Cam Assist. And with EDGE Replay built-in, each clip is downloaded to all connected iPads and ready for replay in seconds. No long cable bundles, monitor screens, or remote controls. When you purchase a Smart Endzone Camera System, your package includes:

  • AI Enabled Camera with Cam Assist
  • iPad Camera Controls
  • Build-In Instant Replay
  • 30’ Extended Tower Height (20’ also available)
  • 10-Year Frame Warranty
  • Replay Subscription – 1st Year Free
To learn more about Sport Scope Smart Endzone Cameras, click here.
Wireless endzone camera

Our 3-point network utilizes the most advanced wireless antennas on the market. The network creates a strong connection between your endzone, sideline, and press box to keep your iPads connected for lightning-fast downloads no matter where they are located on the field.

smart camera three-point network field overview

It only takes four easy steps to utilize the Smart Camera & EDGE Replay:

  1. Easily connect your endzone camera to the powerful wireless network.
  2. Control your endzone camera from the press box or sideline with your iPad.
  3. The controlling iPad can also send instant replays to all your iPads in seconds.
  4. Upload your video clips and ODK from each angle seamlessly to Qwikcut, Hudl, or your file share of choice after the game.

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“Sport Scope’s Cam Assist and Edge Replay have made the game easier on Friday nights. Nobody must film the endzone camera thanks to Cam Assist, which has been a game changer. It’s hard enough to find people to film in the endzone AND press box. The replay system is great and gives wonderful feedback on the sideline. After the game, it’s very easy and fast to download to Hudl. The customer serviced is best in the business and are easy to get in touch with to help fix any problems that you may have. We love it and it has helped us to be better as a program.”

Beau Williams, Athletic Director & Football Coach at Jacksonville High School (North Carolina)
2021 North Carolina Division 3A Playoff Contender (11-3)
Owner of the Sport Scope 30’ Smart Endzone Camera & EDGE Replay

For additional testimonials from Sport Scope Endzone Camera & Cam Assist users, click here.

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Coaches should be able to focus on what matters most: the game and their players. At Sport Scope, we provide reliable and comprehensive coaching software and hardware solutions to allow you to do just that. Our Endzone Camera & EDGE Replay systems are easy to operate and set up with pre-mounted hardware cases, ready-to-go travel bags, and any technical support you may need leading up to your season or on game nights.

On game nights, you can be assured that our team is on the clock and available to support your staff. With a dedicated Tech Support Team ready to receive your calls, texts, or emails we are prepared to train your staff before the season and take care of any game night help you may require. Our comprehensive user guides, online tools, and video library will ensure you can operate your system flawlessly when it matters most but in the event you need additional support, our team is standing by.

See for yourself. Click here to download our EDGE Replay app from the App Store or click the link below to sign up to be contacted by your Sport Scope sales representative.

Posted on March 11, 2022