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The Sport Scope Smart Camera Reduces Your Film Staff - Sport Scope Video

The Sport Scope Smart Camera Reduces Your Film Staff

Coaches want to be focused on the game and their players, not on setting up film equipment and manning the endzone cameras. The Sport Scope Smart End Zone camera provides leading-edge game film and instant replay technology that can simplify your video needs and allow for easy multi-tasking. Our Smart Camera and EDGE Replay are intuitive, advanced, and reliable, eliminating the need for multiple coaches to set-up and operate. Here’s why:

Automatic Instant Replay

The Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera connects to a private WiFi network using our custom app. From there, you can control your Smart Endzone Camera and the recording for all EDGE Replay devices. When you press record, the end zone instant replay recording is downloaded to all connected iPads automatically . It also activates any EDGE devices connected to the Smart Camera’s network, such as a camera in the Press Box, when you press record on the iPad. This function allows one person to control the Smart Endzone Camera from the on-screen iPad controls, and whenever “record” is selected the replay for every connected camera angle happens automatically. This two-in-one system streamlines the filming process and makes getting instant replay from each vantage point easier than ever.

Record from Multiple Cameras

Because the app activates the recording for any additional cameras on the network, then this means the controller of the Endzone Camera is also the one operating the replay captures. This reduces film staff and allows you to get replays for both angles: End Zone or Press Box. Both angles get recorded simultaneously so each clip will be recorded for the same duration of time. This makes the intercut process within Hudl much easier. We want our technology to simplify game film and replay as much as possible so that you can focus on winning games.

Easy On-Screen and Auto-Tagging

Since EDGE instant replay is built into the Sport Scope Smart Camera system, ODK tagging through our iPad app is totally streamlined. Our intuitive app allows the filmer to efficiently tag the play as offense, defense, or kick right as the play unfolds. They can also go back and change the ODK tag of the play after it occurs.

Additionally, at any time in between plays the operator can perform more in-depth tagging for down and distance, pass/run, quarter, custom tags, and more. The interface is incredibly user-friendly and is truly auto-tagging because each new play automatically remembers your position on the correct line of scrimmage with the correct down and distance to go based on the previous play tags. And the more you auto-tag, the more access the coach has to powerful predictive statistics of opponent tendencies. These in-game stats can influence the entire outcome of a football game in a clutch moment.

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Posted on November 1, 2019