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A Sport Scope Endzone Camera Helps You See the Box - Sport Scope Video

A Sport Scope Endzone Camera Helps You See the Box

Nothing gets a better view of the box and the rest of your player’s positions than an Endzone Camera. Coaches and coordinators need to see an elevated view of their schemes and the results of such. This is vital.

The endzone view is so important because it gives a clearer picture of your linemen’s positions pre-snap and reactions post-snap. Immediately after the snap you can pause your game film and see how your offensive line is moving their gap. This is not something you can see with a Pressbox or “All-22” view. You need the elevated position behind or in front of your men.

Moreover, an end zone view is what’s going to allow a defensive coordinator to see how his defense is prohibiting open lanes on running plays or simply attacking the QB in general. It’s a straight on view that lets you see shading and footwork and reaction time.

Whether offensively or defensively, an end zone camera is going to reveal your player’s guarding or attacking ability and techniques in the box.

Even beyond the box, the endzone camera view allows coaches to watch their running back’s reads after the snap. An excellent tool for correcting and improving their awareness on the field.

Additionally, whether zoning or not, a coach may also just want to .focus on assignment in the box rather than technique. The end zone camera angle is essential for understanding the impact of your initial play strategy as well as your player’s execution.

Now all of this will probably sound pretty obvious to a coach. And it should. Therefore, how much more important is it to have an effective, reliable Endzone Camera system? You don’t want a system that isn’t going to stand the test of time. You need something designed from the ground up for obtaining game film from the end zone.

Enter the 30’ Sport Scope Endzone Camera. No other telescopic end zone tower camera system has the durability and quality at this price. Our towers and automated Pan/Tilt units are all custom made right here in the United States. The sturdy aluminum and stainless steel heavy grade tower has a 10-year warranty and our systems come with every part you need. This is an all-in-one package with simple set-up so you’re ready to film your game in no time.

Go with the most trusted brand in the industry with the best customer service. Check out our line of Endzone Camera systems today and rise above the competition.

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Posted on June 9, 2017 at 11:30 AM