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How to Get Sideline Instant Replay for Football AND Reduce Your Film Staff - Sport Scope Video

How to Get Sideline Instant Replay for Football AND Reduce Your Film Staff

Nowadays most High School Football programs are filming their Friday Night games from the End Zone using an Endzone Camera and also at the All-22 angle from the Press Box booth. An exponential growing number of programs, however, are also utilizing a sideline instant replay system to send these camera angles to a tablet on the sideline for a coaching advantage.

Of course, with the addition of more technology and equipment comes also the necessity of providing people to set up and man that equipment. For most programs, this has always been the biggest hurdle. Unsurprisingly, very few assistant coaches, parents, players, or students actually want to spend the effort to film a football game and/or deliver to the coaches what they need. This is why any system that can minimize the number of volunteers required is going to be a game-changer.

Automatic Instant Replay

With the Sport Scope Smart Camera, you can control your 20-foot or 30-foot tall Endzone Tripod Tower wirelessly from an iPad. What's additionally unique to this, though, is that every time the record button is selected, all connected iPads on our private network automatically receive the instant replay clips of the captured play. And it gets even better. You can also add as many additional replay angles to other cameras, for example your sideline angle camera in the Pressbox booth, and the process is the same. Just have your person manning the Smart Camera hit record for each play and as long as all cameramen are following the game, the replay happens automatically for every single connected angle.

This means all coaches holding an iPad can get the replays for each angle, but you no longer need to hire an additonal person to operate a replay system. Your person who operates your Endzone Camera IS the one operating the sideline instant replay system at the same time!

Easy Auto-Tagging

As mentioned previously, the EDGE instant replay service is built into the Smart Camera. We use the same Sport Scope app for any EDGE Replay service and we provide full in-game tagging options for football replay. But with the Smart Camera system, we also provide ODK buttons on the control screen so that the Endzone Camera filmer can easily adjust whether the recorded play is offense, defense, or kicking.

However, tagging ODK can be even easier than this. With Auto-Tagging turned on, each play will keep your ODK tag until you change it and then atumotically adjust accordingly. And if you want, you can also tag each play by down and distance and the next recorded play will automatically adjust what yard line the ball is on and what the next down will be before you tag it. It's recommended that another person handle this optional task on another iPad, but a skilled Smart Camera user could control the End Zone Camera, activate all replays, and fully tag the game by ODK, down, and distance all by himself! That's a lot of coaching advantage provided by just one person as opposed to what it would have costed before the Smart Camera.

At a highly competitive price and premium wireless camera technology, you can't go wrong with a Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera system. Call (888) 335-7875 today to take advantage of our August promotion to lock in the best price for your 2019 system!

Posted on August 30, 2019