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The Development Timeline of EDGE Replay vs Hudl Sideline - Sport Scope Video

The Development Timeline of EDGE Replay vs Hudl Sideline

In 2016 both the EDGE Replay and Hudl Sideline Replay systems officially launched as contenders in the sports instant replay market. As is the case with most new techology, the first iterations, while generally successful, had great potential for improvement.

As can be seen in this article's timeline graphic, both replay systems did make changes from the initial launch until the present day. However, what also is evident is the differences in how each company has focused their resources.

In the beginning, the Hudl Sideline made some hardware improvements from 2016 to 2017 in order to address some glaring network issues. Hudl also made one good contribution to their software with in-app troubleshooting. However, unfortunately that was where the development of the Hudl Sideline more or less ended. Both systems continue to fix small bugs and make minor improvements, but EDGE Replay has made considerably more notable advancements in hardware and software and is always striving to improve the customer experience.

The important thing to note here is that the EDGE Replay's development has not been in response to poor mistakes made at launch, but have been aggressive advancements simply to make the product better and better year after year.

While Sport Scope added new software features and strengthened the wireless network, leaving open the possiblilty for exciting new features in the future that might depend on more powerful hardware, Hudl appears to have focused on allocating resources toward a new headquarters building and partnerships with Glazier and Nike in order to shut out competition from attending important football clinics where techology companies can typically showcase their product.

At Sport Scope, we'd rather focus on the customer experience rather than monopolizing the industry.

If your school is interested in Sideline Replay or would like to exchange your Hudl Sideline for a well-supported replay system, the EDGE Replay is the system for you. With an annual fee of only $499 and the best wireless network in the industry and an easy-to-use iPad app, EDGE Replay gives you the Sideline Replay experience you expect on Friday nights. Learn more about our Exchange Program to trade in your Hudl Sideline for a discounted EDGE system or call (888) 335-7875 to learn more!

Posted on April 19, 2019