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Solid Endzone Camera Towers Make a Difference - Sport Scope Video

Solid Endzone Camera Towers Make a Difference

An Endzone Camera tower is a big investment because many sports rely on an elevated camera angle to capture game footage. If the tower that supports the electronics is not substantial enough, the entire purpose of the product is upended. Therefore, we need to know what are the important qualities for a telescoping End Zone Camera Tower?

Four Legs

Stability is a big deal for keeping your end zone camera tower planted and level. For some towers, the traditional three legs may be sufficient. But for taller towers reaching up to 30-feet, four locking legs are much more preferable. Four legs give you an extra point of contact and allow for easier leveling so that your tower is nice and straight. Sport Scope's Endzone Cameras have a very wide base as well, giving the tower extra stability so that it won't blow over in strong winds.


When we say that solid endzone camera towers make a difference, it's probably no secret that this implies a decent weight is important for the product . When a tower is elevated to 30 feet in the air the entire frame must balance and battle the wind. A light weight pole, especially at this height, is not going to cut it against the typical elements. A sold tower with a good amount of weight is the only way to keep your pole from swaying as much as possible. So if you want to get good elevated game footage, a beefy End Zone Tower is a must.

American Made Materials

While a good weight to your tower is important, equally so is the overall design and materials used. These towers are going to take a beating year after year in outdoor weather, probably on multiple fields and in various seasons. Having sturdy, quality metal poles and parts produced proudly in the U.S.A. with the full knowledge that the manufacturing isn't coming from an unknown company where shortcuts are being taken will make a major difference for how the Endzone Camera holds up in action and over time. Sport Scope engineers the towers and has all materials manufactered locally in the state of Washington. We're a source you can trust for dependability.

At Sport Scope, each one of our towers at a 25 or 30 foot height possess all of the above qualities. And with Manual, Joystick, and Wireless iPad control options, we'll have an Endzone Camera System perfect for your sports program. Take advantage of our April promotion now and save up to $200 off your new system today! Call (888) 335-7875 to learn more!

Posted on April 26, 2019