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Replace your Sideline Replay System with the Smart Camera - Sport Scope Video

Replace your Sideline Replay System with the Smart Camera

For years, Sport Scope has been a leader in End Zone Camera and Sideline Instant Replay quality and design. But our dream was to integrate these two pieces of technology into one unified system. The new Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera was the realization of that dream, being a wireless end zone camera system AND a sideline instant replay system simultaneously!

With the introduction of this exciting new technology, if you're a user of another replay system, you might be wondering why you should keep paying the high price tag for operating separate pieces of equipment. Below we will discuss what consequences you'll be faced with if you stay with another replay system when you could have the Smart Camera. We'll also discuss the amazing advantages that will open up to you if you make the switch to the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera...

Reduce Your Film Staff

The way the Smart Camera works is that you now control your Endzone Tower from an iPad comfortably in the Pressbox booth. As the person controlling the Endzone shot records each play, the replays for those plays are automatically sent to all connected iPads on the network for review.

If you do not have the Smart Endzone Camera, then the operation of these two functionalities must be performed by two different people. One controls the Endzone Camera and another person controls generating the replay clips for your connected sideline replay system. This is simply a hindrance your sports program doesn't need when the Smart Camera simplifies everything.

One, Unified Wireless Network

Additionally, because the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera has the built-in sideline instant replay service, you only need to be concerned with one wireless network for handling the control of both your end zone footage and sideline replay clips.

However, if you're using any other wireless endzone camera that doesn't have replay built-in and then another replay system such as the Hudl Sideline, you'll be missing out on having a single, simplified wireless network. In fact, it might become confusing if you're required to connect some iPads to an endzone camera network and other iPads to your Replay network. There's no reason to complicate your pre-game tech set-up if you don't have to.

One App for Everything

Again, because wireless endzone cameras are the future of the technology, having one of these and then also a separate replay system complicates things on the tablet control side as well. Rather than have an app for endzone tower control on one iPad, and then your replay control on another, you could have everything unified in a single, intuitive app. The Smart Camera handles this concept elegantly. You can connect multiple cameras to the network for other angles, sort through all of your replays for all captured angles, tag plays by ODK and more, and upload everything from the iPad easily. It truly is a one-stop-shop for all your game video needs in one system, one network and one app.

At a highly competitive price and premium wireless camera technology, you can't go wrong with a Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera system. And now with our March promotion you get $300 Off! Elevate your team above the rest with a Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera by calling (888) 335-7875 today!

Posted on March 8, 2019