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Introducing the New 30' Wireless Endzone Camera - Sport Scope Video

Introducing the New 30' Wireless Endzone Camera

Endzone Camera Systems are now a staple of the sports filming industry, especially in field sports like football and soccer. Most football programs have some sort of telescoping tripod tower system in order to video record the game from an elevated angle from the end zone. These standard end zone camera systems typically have a large cable, monitor viewing screen, camera remote, and some sort of robotic mechanism to rotate and tilt the camera.

Today, a new sports video technology has emerged. Enter the Sport Scope 30' Wireless Endzone Camera system. This is a superior wireless system that completely changes the fundamentals of how endzone camera towers function. In this blog post we will examine what makes the 30' Wireless Endzone Camera so special.

iPad Control Guaranteed Up to 100'

The 30' Wireless Endzone Camera System has iPad on-screen controls. This means we give you the video feed, the zoom/record functionality, and the pan and tilt functionality all on one iPad. You take the screen with you! Film the game from the sideline, in a tent, or anywhere within the 100-ft range at your comfort.

Less Components and Easier Setup

No more big cable bundles, 30 foot long HDMI cords, joystick boxes with batteries, delicate camera remotes, or monitor screens with their own battery supplies. All of the pieces and parts you might have struggled with in the past have been removed. What remains is the Wireless Smart Camera Pan/Tilt head, a router, antenna, one ethernet cable and a couple battery sources for the top and bottom of the tower.

The camera and Pan/Tilt head and its battery go up top. The router and antenna and their battery stay on the ground. The ethernet connects the two. That's it! Set up time is drastically reduced and the number of components to damage or worry about is next to nothing. This is an end zone camera system filming experience at its simplest.

Never Remove the Camera

Yes indeed, the 30' Wireless Endzone Camera System has been designed with simplicity in mind. Even the protective hard case was made knowing the less you have to do, the better. When you're done using the system, simply remove the Wireless Camera Pan/Tilt head with camera still attached and place inside the case. You can even charge the Pan/Tilt Head's battery while it's resting within.

Adaptable to Standard Camera Tripods

The 30' Wireless End Zone Camera System is extremely versatile. Yes the wireless camera technology was made to sit on top of our strong, sturdy 30-foot towers. But the Pan/Tilt unit was also constructed with a universal adaptability to fit any standard camera tripod. This means you can really position your wirelesss system anywhere!

Ultra Smooth Panning and Tilting Sensitivity

The Sport Scope 30' Wireless Endzone Camera System was designed with touch screens in mind. We've married our hardware and software together elegantly. The more you move your thumb on the iPad touch screen, the more you can increase or decrease the speed of the panning and tilting. This makes for incredible precision. Something that was only previously possible with manual by-hand pan and tilt end zone camera systems.

Fun to Use!

Admit it, new tech devices can be fun. We've all played a game on our phones or tablets from time to time. The 30' Wireless Endzone Camera System makes following the play actually a joy to do. The controls have a similar feel to an easy-to-play video game and you'll love trying to perfect your videography skills with the unmatched precision.

The Future of Endzone Cameras

Wireless Endzone Camera Systems are going to be the way of the future. Technology is advancing rapidly and the ability to film easier, with more precision, and without the mess of extra cables and electronics is the direction this industry is heading in. Get ahead of the game now with the 30' Wireless End Zone Camera System.

The new Sport Scope 30' Wireless Endzone Camera is on sale right now! At a highly competitive price, easily comparable to other non-wireless systems in the industry, this kind of value is unmatched. And remember that with our April promotion you get $200 off the 30' Wireless Endzone Camera! This is the most innovative technology on the market today. Elevate your team above the rest with the Sport Scope 30' Wireless Endzone Camera by calling (888) 335-7875 today!

Posted on April 13, 2018