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New Sport Scope App Makes Sideline Replay & End Zone Camera Control Easy - Sport Scope Video

New Sport Scope App Makes Sideline Replay & End Zone Camera Control Easy

With the launch of the new Sport Scope 30' Smart Endzone Camera, you can now control your End Zone Camera and deliver fast sideline replay all from a single iPad. And now with the new Sport Scope app, Endzone control and replay operation is easier than ever.

New Home Screen

With the new Home Screen you can control your Wireless/Smart Camera and/or record to sideline replay and/or operate your replay playback along with all of its features.

Manage your Games

The new Sport Scope app user interface also makes managing your games a breeze. In the Games menu you can go to old games, rewatch plays, select games for deletion, or share so that you can upload to Hudl.

Manage your Camera Angles

Managing all of your connected camera angles is important for troubleshooting and ensuring smooth operation of your end zone video and sideline replay. The Cameras section gives you the ability to control operation of each angle and change settings for each.

Adjust Preferences

The new Sport Scope app is more robust than ever. The Setting and Preferences sections give you a plethora of options to adjust. Change how you want to control your Wireless/Smart Endzone Camera and/or settings for your Instant Replay like Picture-in-Picture location, looping video, Live View control, and more.

At a highly competitive prices and premium wireless camera technology, you can't go wrong with a Sport Scope endzone camera system. And now with our June promotion you get $300 off ANY 20' - 30' tower OR get a FREE iPad! Elevate your team above the rest with a Sport Scope Endzone Camera by calling (888) 335-7875 today!

Posted on June 8, 2018