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New EDGE Replay Features Coming Soon - Sport Scope Video

New EDGE Replay Features Coming Soon

The Sport Scope EDGE Replay just keeps getting better and better. New features are always on the horizon and we’ve got a few that will be hitting your iPad soon.

Screenshot Drawing Tools

The first soon-to-be released feature will allow coaches to draw on top of a paused play in the main viewing screen, save the screenshot to that particular play clip, and all screenshots associated with that play will automatically be shared among each coach with an iPad.

It's easy to imagine the type of scenario this would be useful in. A coach on the sideline might pause a play, draw on the starting formation in order to highlight a modification idea, then radio to another coach in the Pressbox and inform him that the last play has a screenshot of his idea. This allows for seamless communication between coaches and gives them fast, on-the-fly power to do their jobs better.

Whiteboard Tool

In much the same vain, we’re also releasing a new whiteboard feature. This works just like the aforementioned screenshot drawing, only now on a blank space for pure coaching instruction. Once again, save the drawing to the specific play and it will be shared between every coach in the stadium using our app on their iPad.

User Interface Enhancements

Thirdly, we’ve made some much-requested user interface enhancements to make your operation of the app easier and more intuitive. Newly added “skip” buttons allow you to quickly move back and forth between subsequent and prior plays. This comes in very handy while holding the iPad in landscape mode (on its side) as your stream of clips below have been suppressed so as to provide the ideal window size of the replay you’re watching. Therefore, it’s very helpful to have easy-to-access buttons on the side of the play allowing you to move through your stream of clips without altering the viewing screen.

If, however, you’re looking for a specific play while in landscape mode, we’ve also given you the ability to pull up the stream list from below. Just select the arrow at the top of the stream window and all your replays will come upward for easy selection.

ODK-Only Option

Last but not least, EDGE Replay now gives football coaches the ability to forgo the auto-tagging and just focus purely on ODK. This option removes the virtual football field so that the tagger only needs to select between ODK on the play when the appropriate change in possession has been made. This is perfect for the organization that doesn’t have a dedicated person for in-depth tagging and needs to only get the bare bones tagging as the game ensues.

We’re confident that these new updates and features will be extremely satisfying for all EDGE Replay customers as well as to entice future EDGE customers to join the Sport Scope and EDGE Replay nation. We’re proud to offer the best affordable football video equipment on the market and we love sharing our passion for sports technology with our customers.

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Posted on May 12, 2017 at 11:30 AM