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Less Troubleshooting, More Coaching - Endzone Camera and Sideline Replay

Less Troubleshooting, More Coaching - Endzone Camera and Sideline Replay

As a coach, you shouldn't dread putting together your video equipment before a practice or a game. You also should expect your equipment to be something an assitant or student can intuitively pick up and put together. Yet at the same time, Endzone Cameras and Sideline Replay systems are sophisticated technology, so you may be asking how the systems you want to use will be powerful enough to give you a significant coaching advantage while simultaneously simple and unburdensome to handle. The answer can be found in the Sport Scope Endzone Camera and EDGE Replay.

Protective Cases, Easy Assembly

All of our equipment is contained in separate protective carrying cases and labeled for their positions on the field. All connections are clearly labeled. This allows you to simply carry your equipment to the proper place in the stadium, set up, plug in, and you're rolling. The way our system is set up allows for as little as interaction with pieces and parts as possible - very little moving electronics around - so that assembly is fast and easy. And with the protective hard shells everything is safe from rain and other inclement weather.

Bottom Line: There's less fiddling, labeled guidance everywhere, and protection so that you can set up and coach, not troubleshoot problems.

Software Made for the Hardware

At Sport Scope, we've gone through great pains to develop rock solid software, free of bugs, and consistent in performance. Years of development has allowed us to learn from our hardware and from what coaches expect out of their iPad apps. In 2019, with the use of even more powerful recording/streaming devices and network equipment, you can be assured that booting up and using the endzone camera, sideline replay, or both will be seamless.

  • New software enhancements make "over-streaming" too much data impossible
  • Ideal settings are automatically selected based on the sport you select
  • Easy Menu Navigation
  • In-App Troubleshooting Guide in case you need it
  • Easy to understand status notifications
  • Bottom Line: You set up the system and connect with your iPad. Our app takes care of the rest for you.

    Sophisticated Wireless Network

    With the new 2019 Sport Scope Wireless 3-point network, your iPads in the Press Box or on the Sideline connect to their own designated antennas. This makes for ideal wireless connectivity and allows you to move your range to wherever your tablets are going to be. Additionally, these new antennas are "smart" in that if a coach walks out of range from the antenna, his iPad will get kicked off the network. Previously, moving out of range could cause a serious damper on the network for everyone involved, causing connectivity and lag issues. But now with the latest tech, we can detect poor connections and remove those devices from the network so that everyone remaining in the proper positions continues with seamless operation.

    Bottom Line: You don't need to worry about network performance because the sophistication of our network makes your connection bulletproof.

    Sport Scope has a wide array of Endzone Camera models to fit nearly any football program on any budget. EDGE Replay allows you to connect any camera and distribute instant Sideline Replay to the coaches' iPads. Our 30-foot Smart Endzone Camera gives you the power to control the Endzone Tower and record all replay-connected camera angles at the same time! And the 1st year of the built-in replay service is free!

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    Posted on January 25, 2019