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Introducing EDGE Replay Accessories - Sport Scope Video

Introducing EDGE Replay Accessories

EDGE Replay is revolutionizing how football teams analyze play strategy on the sideline. The ability to instantly replay clips, intuitively tag the progress of an ongoing game, and interpret live game stats in order to influence your decisions is presenting huge advantages for coaches and players alike. But you may be wanting to know how you’re going to handle this cutting-edge technology out on the field and how to keep it protected.

Enter EDGE Accessories.

We’re giving you more options and allowing you to choose which accessories are most important to you. For 2017 the EDGE Replay will come stock with a window suction Pressbox antenna mount and an Endzone tower antenna leg mount.

But for those wanting additional antenna options and protective gear, we have just what you’re looking for.

This year we’re offering protective cases for your EDGE Replay equipment in the Endzone and the Pressbox. We’re also offering tripods and pole mounts for the waterproof antennas and cases.

Our Protective Endzone case is modified to run each of your non-waterproof equipment parts, all conveniently stored within a small, lightweight 11”x10”x5” hard case. At only 5 lbs with all equipment stored inside, the protective endzone case is considerably lighter and easier to handle than all other replay system cases on the market. Contrast this with other systems where a single view in its hard case can weigh up to 22 lbs by itself and you’re looking at quite a handling difference.

For those looking for other practical ways to set up their antennas in the Endzone or the Pressbox, we’re also providing modified tripods so that you can easily attach your antenna and angle it perfectly to your desired direction.

You can set up the antenna tripod in the Endzone or on a platform of where an uncovered Pressbox might be and raise the tripod up to 5 feet in height. This gives you a lot of flexibility for where you want to establish your replay position.

Additionally, the Pressbox Protective Case comes with an outlet strip and is modified so you only need to connect one extension cord from your pressbox outlet to be in business.

Lastly, we've also developed a mounting clamp for your protective case to be used with your Quick Scope pole. We're making sure you'll be able to use EDGE Replay under any circumstance.

The EDGE Replay was designed with the coach in mind. We've made our hardware as simplistic and minimalistic as possible. And because we have so few parts to deal with, we're able to provide you with small, affordable protective cases and other accessories. To see our full line of EDGE accessories click on the link HERE.

If you currently own another replay system and have decided it’s time for a change, check out our Replay Exchange Program now! Under this program, you can send us your replay system and pay us your annual subscription fee and we'll give you the EDGE Replay in exchange. Call (888) 335-7875 for more details or click HERE.

Posted on April 28, 2017 at 11:30 AM