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Introducing Cam Assist for all Sport Scope Wireless Endzone Cameras! - Sport Scope Video

Introducing Cam Assist for all Sport Scope Wireless Endzone Cameras!

Starting NOW all Sport Scope Wireless and Smart endzone cameras will come enabled with our new AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature called Cam Assist. Cam Assist will run your endzone camera on its own with minimal to no human interaction* and is FREE for the 2020 season. If you're a coach who only wants to see the lineman and get consistent endzone film to the zoom level of your choice, then Cam Assist is for you. Endzone film with no cameraman!

*All systems can be manually controlled from an iPad if you need to film practice or if you have a cameraman that you want to control the system.

How Cam Assist works

Cam Assist is built into the Sport Scope iPad app and uses a neural network to identify players, referees, and other objects on the field. Those objects tell the camera where and when to pan, tilt and zoom. Once Cam Assist finds your lineman, it will center the camera on them and zoom in to the appropriate level. Once the play starts, Cam Assist will analyze the field and zoom out, pan and tilt to follow the players to where the next play will take place. Then Cam Assist will center on your lineman and zoom in for the next play. In our testing, Cam Assist films 95% of snaps on your lineman at the correct zoom level and will get even better for the 2020 season.

Get yours early and save

Cam Assist is ready to film your games and is being offered at $1,000 off for any 30' Smart or Wireless System and $750 off for any 20' Smart or Wireless Sport Scope during November. All systems will have the ability to run Cam Assist and come with our 2020 wireless network. The only requirement* is to have a new iPad Pro (11 or 12.9-inch), iPad Mini 5, or iPad Air 3 running Cam Assist.

*Also for Smart Camera customers be sure to know what additional iPads are compatible with the system as replay viewing ipads from our compatibility list. (5 iPads maximum allowed on the network at one time).

Posted on November 8, 2019