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What is the Sport Scope End Zone Camera, Sideline Replay System Value? - Sport Scope Video

What is the Sport Scope End Zone Camera, Sideline Replay System Value?

End Zone Camera and Sideline Replay Systems are emerging technologies in high school football and other sports. More and more companies are getting into the game. That means you have a lot of options to choose from in your shopping. At Sport Scope, we're known for our incredible customer service combined with our very competitive values. Our big sellers for end zone telescoping towers and sideline replay are the 30' Automatic Endzone Camera System, the 2-Angle EDGE Replay System, and the 30' Smart Endzone Camera System.

In this post we'll look at the overall value of each system so that you can make the best decision for your organization

30' Automatic Endzone Camera

The 30' Automatic Endzone Camera has been the staple of Sport Scope for 7 years. This is a heavy duty, American-made custom designed tower specifically oriented toward obtaining elevated sports game footage outdoors. Our custom-made automatic Pan/Tilt head and Joystick is one of a kind. Again, we designed these units for filming sports from the end zone. Everything you need comes as one complete package - all electronics, cases and custom travel bag, rain gear, and even a few extra cable parts as backups. At a $4,499 starting price, no other end zone camera system can compare in both price, design, and quality.

2-Angle EDGE Replay

EDGE Replay has proven itself to be the dominant force in sideline instant replay. While other companies may have a more significant name or brand, EDGE has serious legs when it comes to hardware, software, reliability and price. Our testimonials by themselves speak for the system and our customer service.

EDGE Replay has a custom recording box built specifically for sports replay. We built our software in tandem with our hardware. Everything was constructed with football and other field sports at the forefront. With the fastest download speeds, a Live View that can be shared between all iPads, the easiest set-up, and the most powerful networking and the most intuitive app, EDGE Replay lives with a positively unmatched value. The 2-angle sideline replay system starts at $2,499 with only a $499 annual software fee starting the next year. No other system can match this long term price with quality and power.

30' Smart Endzone Camera

Now that you know why our 30' Automatic Endzone Camera and our EDGE Replay are the dominant sports video technologies on the market, now let's dial it up to level 11. The 30' Smart Endzone Camera is the absolute best of both of these worlds and then some. There is truly nothing else like it on the market.

Imagine being able to control your 30-foot high end zone camera wirelessly from an iPad with super precise control and the sideline replay is built-in and happens automatically every time you record a play. Imagine never messing around with big cable bundles, remotes, joysticks, monitor screens and extra batteries ever again. Imagine that recording to your iPad simultaneously records to the memory card in your HD Camera. Imagine giving all the coaches a Live View on their iPads, the ability to do simple ODK tagging, and reduce their film staff.

Now imagine you can make all of this happen for an incredible price of only $6,599. There are a number of other non-wireless end zone camera systems on the market very near this price range without built-in Sideline Replay. Once again, your annual software fee for the EDGE Replay service doesn't start until the next year and is only $499. And you can easily add a 2nd replay view whenever you want. This is by far the best value you could ask for when it comes to administrating the complete package of sports video technology.

Because of the powerful value backing each of our top selling video equipment, we're confident that Sport Scope has exactly the system your program needs at a competitive, affordable price. We believe our video technologies give back on your investment considerably more than what you thought you could have bargained for. Find out for yourself today by calling (888) 335-7875!

Posted on March 2, 2018