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Endzone Cameras Vs. Post-Season Weather - Sport Scope Video

Endzone Cameras Vs. Post-Season Weather

It’s no secret the football season can have some pretty nasty weather, especially near the end when getting film and replay during playoff games is so essential. Coaches need a durable endzone camera system that can face the elements while delivering the best game film and instant replay technology. Wind and rain are no match for an American-made Sport Scope Endzone Camera system. We combine stability, quality materials, and protective coverings to ensure that our product functions properly even in the most turbulent conditions.

Four Legs

Stability is imperative for keeping your end zone camera tower planted and level. For some towers, the traditional three legs may be sufficient, but for taller towers reaching up to 30-feet, four locking legs are much more preferable. Each Sport Scope has four legs to provide an extra point of contact and allow for easier leveling so that the tower stays straight. Sport Scope’s Endzone Cameras also feature a wider base, lending the tower additional stability so that it won't blow over in strong winds.

American Made Materials

At Sport Scope, we know the value of a solid endzone camera system. Our towers are built to sustain year after year of outdoor use. That’s why we utilize quality design and materials to protect our systems. We produce our own heavy-duty poles proudly in the U.S.A. to ensure that no shortcuts will be taken in the manufacturing process. Our camera towers are made out of incredibly strong aluminum to minimize as much swaying in the wind as possible. Aluminum also prevents bending, warping, or cracking in your camera towers no matter the conditions. Sport Scope systems are trustworthy and durable thanks to our local production using top-notch American materials.

Weather-Proof Accessories

Each Sport Scope comes standard with all the weather protection you need to cover your electronic components. The rain cover is used to protect the camcorder and pan/tilt head while operating your endzone camera in wet weather. The lens hood keeps water off the camcorder’s lens, allowing for clear game recording even on rainy days. The controls cover provides similar coverage, guarding the control center (monitor, Sony remote, and joystick) for our traditional systems. No control cover is necessary for our wireless end zone camera systems.

Additionally, all of the hardware comes pre-installed in weather-resistant, portable hard cases. These accessories are vital to the preservation of an endzone camera system, ensuring that you can rely on your Sport Scope time and time again even when operating in the harshest conditions.

Having a high-quality endzone camera system is crucial for winning games. But what good is an endzone camera system that fails during stormy post-season weather? At Sport Scope, we provide the best of both worlds with the most technologically advanced yet durable endzone cameras. Coaches can trust Sport Scope to deliver the best product across the board for game film and instant replay.

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Posted on November 15, 2019