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Live in the Sport Scope Endzone Camera and EDGE Replay Ecosystem - Sport Scope Video

Live in the Sport Scope Endzone Camera and EDGE Replay Ecosystem

Football programs are dedicated to serious film study, and by extension the technologies that will contribute to their team’s overall success. With multiple video apparatuses - and nowadays most likely a sideline replay system, which additionally interacts with all of your equipment - the number of pieces and parts that connect together can appear overwhelming.

With so many devices that must not only work by themselves but also work interchangeably with other equipment, you need assurance that your football program isn’t going to run into any compatibility snags. Even more so, you need a seamless, unified system that you can rely on in order to get your video needs.

Sport Scope’s mission is to be the provider of all of your sports related video necessities. We’re the one-stop-shop for everything!

Think about how Google users have the same account for their email, calendar, cloud hard drive, and online photo storage. All of these systems work together under one name.

Sport Scope is the Google of the high school sports video industry. We are the only company to provide a 30’ Automatic or 25’ Manual quadpod Endzone Camera system, a Single Camera or Dual Camera Pressbox Tripod System, an 11’ or 16’ Practice Pole Camera System, and the most advanced Sideline Instant Replay System on the market.

All of our products work beautifully with each other and most pieces and parts are interchangeable. More importantly, for customers who purchase their video needs only from Sport Scope, you have access to the best customer service in the industry and we’ll be able to support you in all of your equipment requirements at the same time.

Don’t make calls to multiple companies or worry about compatibility issues between equipment. Make Sport Scope your single source for game film production and let us deliver an ecosystem you’ll be proud to be a part of.

Currently we're offering the Automatic 30’ or a 25’ Manual Endzone Camera system at $250 off regular price. If you’re interested in our EDGE Replay or have already purchased a replay system that you’re unhappy with, call us about our EDGE packages or our Replay Exchange Program. Follow the links provided or call 1-888-335-7875 today to learn more!

Posted on September 22, 2017 at 11:30 AM