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EDGE Replay Can Predict Your Opponent's Tendencies - Sport Scope Video

EDGE Replay Can Predict Your Opponent's Tendencies

The advantages of sideline replay are tremendous. Having the ability to replay past events from aerial views during real game time can change the way a coach makes decisions during the game. As it turns out, history is how we tell the future.

But simply reviewing plays on the sideline is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine you’re in the second half of the game. What if you could know your opponent’s passing and running percentage thus far relative to anywhere on the field at any down and distance? You’d basically have the power to make a highly educated guess of what your opponent’s next play is going to be based on their prior tendencies.

The EDGE Replay is the only replay system that gives you this power. Firstly, EDGE makes it incredibly easy to tag the game live as it’s happening. All you need is one individual to use our in-app virtual football field for easy tagging. Simply drag the ball to the yard line where the play ended and select what type of play was ran or the outcome such as a touchdown, fumble, interception, etc. That’s it.

When the game is being live tagged, EDGE has the potential to influence how you make decisions on the field. Our analysis and stats page provides data for the entire game as it is happening. See how many first downs, total yards, drives, passes, rushes, etc. each team has made up until now.

And here’s where it gets fun. You can then filter the stats engine to show you data based on down, yards to go, and field position. Want to know your opponent’s passing or rushing percentage in the red zone on 2nd down and more than 7 yards to go? Simply select the filter and the data streamlines to what you need to see.

In fact, you can even select “NEXT PLAY” and the filter will automatically adjust to the down, distance, and field position of what’s about to happen based on the tagging of the previous play. This is a quick and easy way to jump to your opponent’s tendencies for the very next play. One button and you’ll know what they’re most likely going to do.

EDGE Replay doesn't stop at just providing you with seamless instant replay on the sideline or live tagging. We go the extra mile and give you the competitive edge.

If you currently own another replay system and have decided it’s time for a change, check out our Replay Exchange Program now! Under this program, you can send us your replay system and pay us your annual subscription fee and we'll give you the EDGE Replay in exchange. Call (888) 335-7875 for more details or click HERE.

Posted on June 2, 2017 at 11:30 AM