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Baseball Teams are using EDGE Replay

Baseball Teams are using EDGE Replay

EDGE Replay has been doing wonders for high school football teams across the nation. Coaches have been emphatic about how easy the system is to use, how responsive it is, and how having the immediate replay of the game on their iPad has been instrumental for their coaching strategies. But football isn’t the only place where replay can thrive. A number of baseball teams have reached out to us after witnessing what kind of improvements the EDGE Replay has offered football programs.

In baseball, replay is essential to analyze your pitcher or your batter. Imagine the ability to review your player’s swing on your iPad mere seconds after the pitch. Or your pitcher’s technique immediately following his throw. You can capture each and every throw or swing and replay whichever clip you choose right in front of your players in the dugout.

And with our ability to slow the clip, pause, and draw on the screen you’ll have the coaching versatility you need to illustrate to your players exactly what you want them to retain. Additionally, if you have multiple iPads available in the ballpark, then more than one coach can connect to the private wireless EDGE network (at no additional fee) and everyone can see the replay they want to watch at their own discretion.

With a 2-angle system, you'll get a replay of both offense and defense. You can show your pitchers how the batters on the opponent's team swing at certain types of pitches and not at others to identify weaknesses. Likewise, replay what types of pitches your opponent's pitcher is throwing depending on the count and keep your batters perceptive and sharp.

If you’re a coach for a competitive baseball team you need to stay one step ahead of the game. Call 888-335-7875 and ask about our EDGE Replay today!

Posted on November 10, 2017