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EDGE Replay Customer Made Testimonial - Sport Scope Video

EDGE Replay Customer Made Testimonial

Throughout the post-football offseason we’ve received a number of testimonials from championship teams declaring our Endzone and Pressbox Video Systems as the reason for their success. Now, we’re hearing about the overwhelming confidence our EDGE Instant Replay System has provided teams on the sideline when technology matters most.

East Jessamine High School of Kentucky is one of those teams. In an effort to win the District Championship, EJHS relied on the EDGE Replay to step up their game and achieve the ultimate goal. And thanks to the EDGE’s superior technology, the team did exactly that.

As a thank you to their Booster Club for allowing the football program to make such an important investment, EJHS created a short video documentary detailing why the EDGE Replay System was the catalyst for their rise to victory. Check out the full video and listen to what Coach Bowlin had to say about the necessity of sideline replay and the unique benefits of the EDGE System.

Coach Bowlin admits that before the EDGE Replay both he and his coordinators would discover important errors while studying film the day after their games. They realized that in some cases they had made the wrong call or even told their athletes the wrong information based only on what they thought was the case from the previous play. When the level of play is extremely high, these kinds of mistakes are difficult, sometimes impossible, to overcome.

However, with sideline replay provided by EDGE, Coach Bowlin and his staff were able to know with certainty what was transpiring play-by-play throughout each game. This regularly informed them in real time, allowing them to run the correct play in the present, as well as instructing their players on how to adapt to what was developing on the field.

In an exciting turn of events, Coach Bowlin describes how the EDGE Replay gave his team the win on a 2-point conversion play. Based on the advanced metrics provided by the in-game tagging features of the EDGE Replay app, the team was able to know with certainty which play had the highest degree of success. And sure enough, the play was carried out just as predicted, winning them the game and propelling them forward on their way to a District Championship!

EDGE Replay has made a tremendous difference in East Jessamine’s Football Program. The results speak for themselves.

Are you interested in taking your play to the next level? Check out all the features of the EDGE Instant Replay for yourself and compare our system to that of our competitors. To inquire about using EDGE to give your team an advantage, please call (888) 335-7875 today to learn more!

Posted on January 27, 2017 at 11:30 AM