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EDGE Replay at the Arizona Bowl - Sport Scope Video

EDGE Replay at the Arizona Bowl

Endzone Video System

Sport Scope finished off 2016 in a big way. Not only did we provide hundreds of new customers with top-of-the-line Endzone Camera Towers for their Endzone filming needs, but we also sold numerous EDGE Instant Replay Systems to enhance our customers’ competitive edge. And to top off a very successful year, we took the EDGE Replay to the Arizona Bowl to see how it would fair in a massive, busy venue.

For those not familiar with the EDGE Instant Replay, this is Sport Scope’s state-of-the-art replay system capable of sending multiple angle recordings directly to your iPad faster than any competitor. All the coach needs to do is simply start and stop the play from his iPad and the recordings from all connected cameras immediately get sent to the tablet. Download time is in just a few short seconds, not half a minute.

With this is mind, you may be asking how well this wireless technology works when there are thousands of fans in the stands - all carrying WiFi seeking smart phones - and various other communication signals being tossed around the field? Well those concerns can be put to rest. At the 2016 Arizona Bowl, where the Air Force Falcons faced off against the South Alabama Jaguars, the EDGE Replay System was put to serious test.

Endzone Video System

There were 33,000 fans in the stadium and over 200 yards of distance from our antenna to our four connected iPads. To make matters worse, the Air Force CoachComm Headset Station was positioned right next to our iPad on the sideline. So how did the EDGE perform? In a word: flawlessly.

Download speeds were incredibly fast and the system performed perfectly throughout the entire game. This proves that the EDGE Replay will be reliable at any venue. And if you need evidence for yourself, check out the video below. Our EDGE box was connected to the live feed of the game, which is what was being shown on television. What the crowd saw on the scoreboard is what we were transmitting from the Pressbox antenna to our iPads on the sideline…

A coach in the Pressbox with another connected iPad was using the Start and Stop buttons to record the play from the live feed. As you can see, our iPad on the sideline was able to download the play almost instantaneously even though its access point was so far away. And don’t forget that there are numerous commentators, broadcast devices, and communication headsets littering that Pressbox. If EDGE can perform this well at a major operation like what was had at the Arizona Bowl, then imagine how reliable it will be at any high school stadium.

More great things are coming in 2017. We’re constantly improving the functionality and features of the EDGE Replay iPad application and pride ourselves on having the most advanced yet affordable Sideline Instant Replay system on the market. For more evidence on how we stack up against the competition, check out the EDGE Replay Comparison Page. And if you’re interested in seeing how the EDGE app works, you can download the Free App from the App Store and check out our demo.

Last but not least, Sport Scope is extending our huge December promotion into January! For the rest of this month you can purchase a 30’ Automatic or 25’ Manual Endzone Camera Tower System for $400 off regular price! You won’t want to miss out on this limited time offer. Call (888) 335-7875 today and ask about the Sport Scope and the EDGE Replay.

Posted on January 6, 2017 at 11:30 AM