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EDGE App Features Take Your Football Team to the Next Level - Sport Scope Video

EDGE App Features Take Your Football Team to the Next Level

The EDGE Replay is the only sideline replay system to offer a robust, intuitive iPad app with the power to give you a competitive edge over your opponents. Today we’re going to review the features EDGE gives your team in order to make football analytics a more manageable and useful process.

Virtual Football Field

EDGE is the only app to offer a virtual football field on screen for easy drag and drop live tagging. Rather than requiring you to input a series of numbers during a live, fast-moving football game, simply drag the football to where the play ended, select what kind of play it was, the result, and you’re done. The virtual football field covers every type of play from sacks, penalties, fumbles and more. And once you’ve made your quick and easy selections based on what just happened on the field, you’re ready to move on to the next play. As we’ll see later, having this data entered as the game transpires will provide your team with powerful advantageous analytics.

Scrub and Draw on Screen

In between plays coaches must be able to instruct their athletes on their mistakes from the previous play or the opposition’s predictable strategy. The EDGE Replay app allows coaches to smoothly scrub through the clip as well as draw on screen to aid in this process. Use various colors to differentiate between the offense and defense.

Advanced Filtering

During timeouts or while the offensive team is out on the field or vice versa, coaches and coordinators will want to review the plays that matter to them so that they can make informed decisions going forward. Therefore, having the ability to filter by plays is incredibly important. The EDGE Replay App makes this a breeze. Coaches can easily filter by down, ODK, custom tags they’ve inputted, favorited plays, passes, runs, and more. You can even filter by multiple filters at once. Want to see all 1st down passes while on offense? No problem.

Game Stats and Opponent Tendencies

As each play gets tagged using the virtual football field, the EDGE Replay app builds a robust game stats engine for both teams. Use this screen to see the most vital details of what’s happened so far in the game. What makes this groundbreaking is the filtering functionality that allows you to see your opponent’s tendencies. Want to know what their passing percentage has been on all 2nd downs between your 30 and their 30 and with 5 or less yards to go on the down? You can know this with ease.

The EDGE Replay app also gives you shortcuts to filter your data by common scenarios such as 1st and 10+ in the middle of the field. You can even select “NEXT PLAY” and the app will automatically filter by the conditions of the last tagged play so that you can see your opponent’s data for what’s about to happen next.

See your opponent's success rate, their failure rate, and what they’ll most likely attempt and then make your adjustments accordingly.

The EDGE Replay app was designed with the coach in mind. Between a great user interface, intuitive game tagging, and advanced game statistical and analytical power, the EDGE app is a powerhouse coaching tool to compliment the industry's best sideline replay hardware.

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Posted on April 14, 2017 at 11:30 AM