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Endzone Camera Comparison: Sport Scope vs US Sports Video - Sport Scope Video

Endzone Camera Comparison: Sport Scope vs US Sports Video

The past few weeks we’ve been doing product comparisons between the 30’ Automatic Endzone Camera and other competitor telescoping tripod camera towers. So far we’ve compared the major differences between Endzone Video Systems’ EVS25 and Hi-Pod’s R31 end zone camera systems. Today we’re looking at US Sports Video’s Hawkeye. Here are the major differences between the Sport Scope and the Hawekeye:

Height and Design

The Sport Scope Automatic Endzone Camera is an American made and manufactured custom design quad-pod tower that reaches 30 feet up into the air. The Hawkeye, which is US Sports Video’s version of an automatic end zone camera, only hits a maximum height of 23 feet. At Sport Scope we strongly feel that any height under 25 feet when filming sports like football or soccer produces less than optimal footage.

Additionally, the Sport Scope has 4 locking legs with stake holes for added stability. The Hawkeye has three legs and no stake-down options. Our towers also come with a base plate and large rubber wheels for excellent mobility. The Hawkeye has no wheels or even a travel bag so you’re required to carry all heavy items by hand.

Custom Made Pan/Tilt in United States

When we say that an Endzone Camera system is automatic, what we mean is the tower has an electronic-powered Pan and Tilt mechanism that the operator can control from the ground level. This turns and points your elevated camera to your desired view on the field with ease, making filming the game a much more relaxing affair.

Both the 30’ Automatic Sport Scope and the Hawkeye fall into endzone cameras of this camp. However, like Hi-Pod and others, the Hawkeye relies on a third party product made by Bescor. Thus, the quality and serviceability is dependent on an outside source. At Sport Scope, on the other hand, we custom design and manufacture our own Pan/Tilt heads in-house. This means controlled quality, trusted service and repairs when needed, and a design intended specifically to work with our own quad-pod towers.

Sport Scope also boasts an easier to use joystick for controls and variable panning and tilting speed so as to accommodate for your filming preferences.

Complete Package

The Sport Scope 30’ Automatic Endzone Camera comes with everything. The custom-made travel case, base plate with wheels, rain gear, level, and even a chair for sitting while you operate the tower are all stock features of the Sport Scope. The Hawkeye does not come standard with any of the items mentioned above. And as said earlier, without wheels for mobility you’re forced to move the entire structure and all of its parts by hand. Lastly, without a solution for inclement weather you’ll need to get creative on how to protect your electronics from the rain.


At $1000 more than the Sport Scope with an incomplete package and less height, the Hawkeye is a pricey commitment for something less than what the Sport Scope offers. Remember that you’re getting a 30-foot all-in-one package tower with the Sport Scope Automatic Endzone Camera for a base price of $4,499. The 23-foot Hawkeye, as a lesser package, comes in at $5,495.

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Posted on June 23, 2017 at 11:30 AM