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Endzone Camera Comparison: Sport Scope vs Hi-Pod - Sport Scope Video

Endzone Camera Comparison: Sport Scope vs Hi-Pod

Last week on the Sport Scope Blog we compared the 30’ Automatic Endzone Camera with Endzone Video System’s EVS25. This week we’ll be doing another comparison. Let’s compare Hi-Pod’s R31 endzone camera with Sport Scope’s 30’ Automatic Endzone system:

10 Year Warranty

Sport Scope’s high quality heavy duty 30’ Tower comes with a 10-year warranty. We believe in the resilience and structure of our tower and we know it will stand the test of time. By contrast, Hi-Pod’s Pro line towers only come with a 5-year warranty.

Ease of Use

The Sport Scope is a one-piece tower that boasts incredible ease of us. Aside from a small base plate that the base of the tower fits snuggly into, the Sport Scope is a one-piece mechanism with no assembly required. The Hi-Pod, on the other hand, is two major separate pieces and an additional base plate. You’ll have to assemble each of these separately and tighten a number of ratchets and knobs that simply do not exist and are unnecessary with the Sport Scope.

To assemble the Sport Scope, simply extend the legs and tighten one knob for each leg. Then raise each pole of the tower, tightening each clamp as you go. That’s it.

Custom made tower in United States

Sport Scope’s 30 foot and 25 foot towers have been completely custom designed and made by our own engineers specifically for filming sports from an elevated view in the outdoor elements. Moreover, Sport Scope manufactures all of our tower parts right here in the United States. This means assured quality and fast turnover.

While Hi-Pod may custom design parts of their towers, the materials themselves are manufactured overseas.

Additionally, Sport Scope’s tower is made with 4 legs for maximum stability. The Hi-Pod, like most other Endzone Cameras, only has 3 legs.

Custom made Pan/Tilt in United States

The Hi-Pod R31 Robotic Pan/Tilt head is a third party product made by Bescor. The quality and serviceability is dependent on an outside source. At Sport Scope, on the other hand, we custom design and manufacture our own Pan/Tilt heads in-house. This means controlled quality, trusted service and repairs when needed, and a design intended specifically to work with our own quad-pod towers.

Sport Scope also boasts an easier to use joystick for controls and variable panning and tilting speed so as to accommodate for your filming preferences.

One Travel Bag with Attached Hard Case vs Three Separate Cases

The Sport Scope is the most portable End Zone Camera system on the market. All pieces except for the waterproof electronics hardcase fit inside one travel bag and the electronics hardcase is easily attached to the outside for superior portability.

The Hi-Pod must be stored in three separate cases of varying size. One for the main poles and base. One for other tower accessories, and an electronics hardcase. This makes travel cumbersome and aggravating.

Premium Remote

The Sport Scope is currently the only Endzone Camera to utilize Sony’s premium tripod remote commander, the VCT-VPR1. Not only does the remote have an LED light to indicate whether the camera 30 feet in the air is recording or not, but this remote has a solid handle and a premium toggle for zooming tight and wide. The Hi-Pod does not currently employ this remote.

Customer Service and Reasonably Priced Accessories

Sport Scope has trusted customer service that our customers know they can rely on. We’re always available and our response time is unmatched. Additionally, a price comparison between our accessories for Endzone Camera parts that may have been broken or lost and the same accessories provided by Hi-Pod is quite revealing. Across the board Sport Scope offers all of our accessories, many of which are the exact same products offered by HiPod, at much lower and more reasonable prices. We’ve also been known to help our customers get the best deal on their own terms at our own expense. Our primary objective is to make you happy and believe in our products. Not take advantage of you.

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Posted on June 23, 2017 at 11:30 AM