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Comparing the Sport Scope 20' with the Hi-Pod Lite

Comparing the Sport Scope 20' with the Hi-Pod Lite

The Hi-Pod Lite is a line of telescoping camera towers marketed toward sports programs or individuals looking for a product to film from an elevated view at an inexpensive price point. For a single parent looking to film youth sports this may be a reasonable option. For a legitimate sports program like a High School Football team, however, the Hi-Pod Lite models are a poor investment by comparison to the Sport Scope 20' Endzone Camera options. Today we'll compare the Hi-Pod Lite and the Sport Scope 20' and see how they stack up against each other . . .

Sport Scope is American Made

All of Sport Scope's towers, including the Sport Scope 20' Endzone Camera, are proudly made in the U.S.A. The same cannot be said for Hi-Pod towers, including the Hi-Pod Lite.


Because Sport Scope towers are American-made and only use high quality tower materials, the Sport Scope 20' Endzone Camera is going to last much longer than the Hi-Pod Lite tower.

10 Yr Warranty vs 2 Yr Warranty

And because we have faith in our durability, all of Sport Scope's End Zone Camera telescoping tripods have a 10 year warranty. None of Hi-Pod's tripods have this long of a warranty and the Hi-Pod Lite comes with only a 2 year warranty.

Weight and Sandbags

The Sport Scope 20' Endzone Camera is considerably lighter than our 30' quadpod line. But even so, the 20' Sport Scope is still much more substantial than any of the Hi-Pod Lite models. In fact, the Hi-Pod Lite requires you to use a sandbag at all times in order to weigh down the base. This is a cumbersome extra that you can avoid with Sport Scope.

Quality of Electronics

The Hi-Pod Lite R-line uses a third party Pan/Tilt head to rotate and tilt your camera once elevated. At Sport Scope, on the other hand, we custom make our own Pan/Tilt head with a greater range of tilt motion. We also use premium remotes, monitors, and cable materials.

What We Offer

The Sport Scope 20' End Zone Camera comes in three models. The 20' Smart Endzone Camera allows you to control the system wirelessly from an iPad AND deliver instant sideline replay to any other iPad connected to our strong, private wireless network. Price in the month of April is $6,399 and the first year of Sideline Replay is included!

The 20' Wireless Endzone Camera is a premium wirelessly controlled end zone tower. You can either control in the comfort of the Pressbox or up to 100' away. Price for the 20' Wireless Endzone camera in the month of April starts at $3,899.

Our non-wireless option is the 20' Automatic Endzone Camera. This is a traditional End Zone telescoping tower with custom-made Pan/Tilt head and joystick and premium electronics for control at the base of the tower. Price for this option in April starts at $3,299. With a price like this and taking into consideration all of the points made above, it's easy to see why the 20' Sport Scope is the clear winner over the Hi-Pod Lite, especially for serious football or soccer programs.

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Posted on April 5, 2019