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Comparing the EDGE Replay with Hudl Sideline in 2019

Comparing the EDGE Replay with Hudl Sideline in 2019

The EDGE Replay and Hudl Sideline have been on the market in competition with one another for quite some time as providers of sideline instant replay for field sports such as football. Both systems have changed over time and, therefore, the comparison between the two systems needs updated. Today we'll be looking at the differences between the EDGE Replay and the Hudl Sideline for the 2019 season and explaining why the EDGE outpaces the Sideline in every way . . .

A Device Built for Replay

The Hudl Sideline uses a third party device to stream the game footage wirelessly to a master iPad. From there, the master iPad is tasked with encoding the footage for replay and then has to send the downloads back through the wireless network so that it can be distributed to all the coaches' iPads for download. So long story short: the Hudl Sideline is creating a makeshift solution to force multiple devices to handle an intensive task they weren't made for. It's complicated and causes slow download speeds simply because rather than making a device that was built from the ground up for replay, the system must attempt workarounds under the constraint of hardware that's working overtime to make the replay happen.

EDGE Replay, on the other hand, uses a recording device built from the ground up for instant replay. Instead of relying on a third party device or forcing an iPad to handle the encoding work, a single device captures your game footage from the camera, sends out a live stream, and distributes the downloads for the replay to all connected iPads from this one source. No needless back and forth data sending, no reliance on workarounds or third party hardware, just streamlined, seamless, and FAST downloads.

As a coach, this makes a major difference. You need to see the play as soon as its over and you don't need download issues or other network/equipment issues. With the Hudl Sideline, because of how it works, you run this risk. Not so with EDGE Replay.

Network Power

In 2019 both the Hudl Sideline and the EDGE Replay will be using very different network setups than what the systems began with. However, the big difference is that Hudl will be sticking with a 2-point network while EDGE Replay will be upgrading to a 3-point network

What this means is that the Hudl Sideline will have two locations for their networking antenna equipment. One position in the Endzone and one in the Press Box booth. The system will create an access point from both locations. It sends one signal for your iPads on the Sideline from the Endzone and creates another signal in the Pressbox for any iPads there.

EDGE Replay on the other hand, has 3 locations, and the difference is very important. Rather than send a signal all the way from the Endzone, we create the WiFi access point right on the Sideline where the coaches' iPads are going to be. And of course we do the same thing in the Pressbox as well. The key here is that we use the latest sophisticated antennas on the market to send high speed data to each hotspot. The Hudl Sideline on the other hand is relying on outdated technology and sending a signal from the Endzone, risking cross-interference, across the field to the iPads on the sideline. Because of the demands of instant replay for a field sport like football, having a 3-point network is becoming an industry standard. Not having one will leave you with a technological deficit during your most important games.

App Features and Uploading

As far as software is concerned, the EDGE Replay, utilizing the Sport Scope app, has the most advantages and the most features. Not only can you tag Offense, Defense, and Kicking (ODK) on plays from the main record screen, but you can also fully tag each play by down, distance, and much more from the same app. The Hudl Sideline only allows you to ODK. If you want to also tag by down, distance, etc. then you're forced to use a separate app. The problem with this is if you make a mistake and tag the wrong play, then when you upload your tag data after the game you'll have a lot of work trying to sort out the right tags with the right plays. This is impossible with the Sport Scope app. Every tag goes with the correct play because all tagging is done in one unified app. It's less confusion and more simplicity.

EDGE Replay also uses this tagging data to create an in-game engine that can give you stats and allows you to predict your opponent's tendencies based on rushing, passing, etc. This gives you a huge advantage in predicting the likelihood that your opponent is going to pass or run based on the down or position on the field.

Additionally, with EDGE you can quickly switch between your Endzone and Pressbox angles by simply selecting the Picture-in-Picture window on the screen. With Hudl Sideline you can only watch one view at a time, and to see another angle you have to open a menu, find the play, and then download that angle in order to watch it. That's a lot of steps, time, and annoyance just to watch the same play from another perspective.

Simpler Pre-Mounted Hardware and Hardcases

For 2019, EDGE Replay is shipping all our hardware pre-mounted in protective hardcases with anything that can already be connected hooked up ahead of time. We divide the hardware into 3 cases with instructions for each laid out as simply as possible. While the Hudl Sideline also pre-installs their hardware, the number of parts that are sandwiched in their case through multiple layers is no where near as simple. Just look at the image below and you can see how simple our Pressbox kit is. Each kit for our 3-point network is this simple. You won't find a case laid out this bare with the Hudl Sideline. Their system requires more parts and cables and therefore the cases are crammed with more stuff to deal with.


The Hudl Sideline has the advantage in a lower year-one price for all package tiers. However, Hudl’s big disadvantage is in the long term cost. Take a look at the total cost differences after 5 years between EDGE Replay’s two and one angle systems ($2,499 and $1,499) and Hudl Sideline’s equivalent packages ($1500 and $900):

  • Total Cost After 5 Years – 1 Angle           EDGE - $3,495           Hudl - $4,500
  • Total Cost After 5 Years – 2 Angle           EDGE - $4,495           Hudl - $7,500

So although the EDGE Replay has a higher price point out of the gate, it’s long term pricing is considerably a greater value. Therefore, the question is would you rather win your exhibition games but not make it out of the playoffs? Or would you rather take a few hits in the early season only to dominate the playoffs at the end of the year? The choice is yours.

Wireless Smart Endzone Camera Integration

Once you own the EDGE Replay system it becomes seamless to upgrade to a Wireless Endzone Camera in the future because the Sport Scope App for EDGE also works with the Wireless Smart Endzone Camera. This allows you to control the Endzone Camera from your iPad and record your replays of the game at the same time. There's no way to seamlessly integrate this ability with the Hudl Sideline.

The latest iteration of the EDGE Replay is available now! Now with upgraded networking and a revamped plug-and-play setup getting sideline replay is easier and more reliable than ever. Call (888) 335-7875 to take advantage of our very special March promotion to lock in the best price for your 2019 system!

Posted on March 22, 2019