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Sport Scope Comparison: 2019 vs 2018 Smart Endzone Camera - Sport Scope Video

Sport Scope Comparison: 2019 vs 2018 Smart Endzone Camera

In 2018 Sport Scope launched the Smart Endzone Camera, the first End Zone Camera system to be wirelessly controlled by a tablet and provide built-in Sideline Instant Replay at the same time. The Smart Camera integrates both systems into one in order to simplify game day video operations and give more power to coaches and their programs.

To make this a possibility, we combined our EDGE Replay system with exciting, new hardware and software for our Endzone Towers. But while this was a revolutionary new product, there was still plenty of room for improvement to make the system even better. As new technology entered the market in late 2018, we jumped on the opportunity to take advantage of the latest and greatest tech and implement it into the Smart Camera system. Here's a rundown on how we've improved:


2018 Smart Camera - Two-point network. Endzone video sent to Pressbox antenna and all iPads had to connect to this single antenna in the pressbox, whether on the field or in press box. Wireless communication between cameras and iPads were all done on one type of antenna.

2019 Smart Camera - Three-point network. Endzone video is sent to Pressbox via it's own dedicated bridge antenna. The Pressbox has its own dedicated bridge antenna that it relays to the network setup on the Sideline. The Pressbox and the Sideline have their own dedicated iPad antennas for hotspot connectivity.

Bottomline: The 2019 network puts your wireless network where you are in the stadium, providing ultra strong connection for your iPad's location. Also our multiple antennas now have their own dedicated tasks so everything is optimized.

Smart Camera Computer

2018 Smart Camera - 2016 model computer/recording device. No DVR ability (non-stop recording with ability to jump backward for review).

2019 Smart Camera - More powerful computer/recording device launched in late 2018. DVR ability. Faster downloads and smoother video stream.

Bottomline: A better, faster computer that opens you up to exciting new features in the future.

Sport Scope App

2018 Smart Camera - No DVR ability. Occasional streaming/recording bugs.

2019 Smart Camera - (Many improvements to this year's app apply to all 2018 systems as well). Integrated DVR option. Streamlined, more intuitive user interface. Major improvements to app's streaming configuration.

Bottomline: We're always improving our app and we take pride in developing our software for our hardware simultaneously with each other.

Protective Hardcases/Organization

2018 Smart Camera - One hardcase for storage of all electronic equipment and weather protection in Endzone.

2019 Smart Camera - Pre-installed equipment into individual hardcases for each network station: Pressbox, Sideline, Endzone. Plug-and-play. New, easier to use batteries for Sideline and Endzone network. Weather protection in all three locations. Easy to follow instructions in each hardcase.

Bottomline: There may be more parts involved (which is actually a good thing), but the setup is even easier because of our organization, pre-installment, and easy to follow directions and labels for all connections.

At a highly competitive price and premium wireless camera technology, you can't go wrong with a Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera system. And now with our May promotion you get $200 Off! Elevate your team above the rest with a Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera by calling (888) 335-7875 today!

Posted on May 17, 2019