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Coaching Made Easier with Compact, Portable Endzone Camera Systems - Sport Scope Video

Coaching Made Easier with Compact, Portable Endzone Camera Systems

At Sport Scope, our goal is to provide coaches with advanced Endzone Camera systems that help win games while being exceptionally user-friendly. We achieve this by creating innovative technology that requires as little equipment as possible, packaging our endzone camera and replay systems for optimal use and travel convenience. Our Smart Endzone Cameras, pre-installed hard cases, and compact EDGE recording boxes streamline the set-up process for coaches. Fewer unnecessary components combined with leading-edge technology makes for an outstanding intuitive Endzone Camera and/or sideline replay system.

The Smart Camera has Fewer Endzone Components

Our Smart Endzone Camera is controlled wirelessly from an iPad. This means that there is no need for big cable bundles, HDMI cords, joystick boxes, or delicate camera remotes. The pieces and parts that might have given you technical difficulties in the past are removed, creating a hassle-free set-up of your Endzone Camera system. All you have to do is assemble the Smart Camera head and then prepare the network equipment in the endzone, sideline, and press box. This process is simplified even further by the pre-installed hard cases containing our replay technology, which we will detail next.

Portable, Pre-Installed Hard Cases

All of Sport Scope’s instant replay technology comes conveniently pre-installed in portable hard cases to ensure proper protection, assembly, and use of our systems. The Pressbox Hardcase contains your router, power strip, and Pressbox EDGE Replay recording device for a second replay angle. The Sideline Hardcase contains your Switch and power supply and the Endzone Hardcase contains your POE injector, and power supply (and Endzone EDGE Replay recording device if not using the Smart Camera).

Each of these cases contains instructions for set-up on the inside of the box, so all you have to do is take each case to its designated area in the stadium and follow the straightforward directions. Also, each case serves as ideal weather protection to shield all your sensitive components from rain and other adverse weather. Game filming has never been easier thanks to this organized plug-and-play system.

Compact Hardware

Our EDGE Replay connects to an iPad for all film and replay operations. This allows us to employ a small recording box to reduce equipment while providing superior replay technology. Weighing in at 6 ounces and measuring just 4”x 2.5” x 1.5”, the EDGE Recorder is the most compact replay box on the market. The recorder replaces the need for a laptop and capture device that other less-advanced replay systems use. The recorder is made out of aluminum, is powder coated, and all the ports are labeled for easy setup. Not only is it durable, but it is user-friendly and unobtrusive. The EDGE Recorder is just one example of a Sport Scope product that makes coaches’ lives easier with its leading-edge design.

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Posted on October 11, 2019