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Communicate Plays more Effectively using the EDGE Replay App

Communicate Plays more Effectively using the EDGE Replay App

In order to get the best use out of their Endzone Camera and sideline replay system, coaches should be able to utilize it as a communication tool with their players and with their fellow coaching staff. There is a constant flow of information occurring during a fast-paced game, and it’s important to have access to the plays that make a difference. Sport Scope’s EDGE Replay app helps coaches advise their athletes by providing intuitive visual features that clearly express play instructions. This blog post will explain how these features give coaches with sideline replay for football a communicative advantage.

Draw Over Game Video

The Sport Scope EDGE Replay app is designed to be highly visual and easy to use. The draw tool is particularly helpful for giving players adjustments, since coaches can simply draw over their game footage and mark where players are supposed to go according to the play. You can draw with three colors: blue, red, and yellow. You can erase drawings using the undo button. The drawing feature is an effective and uncomplicated way to instruct athletes on how to complete plays, and it employs instant replay film as a way to get suggestions for improvement.

Virtual Whiteboard

We have reformatted the classic coaches’ whiteboard to be used within our video replay app. Coordinated with our drawing tool, the whiteboard feature replaces the game film being drawn on with a blank white screen so that coaches can provide clear instructions to their players. The same functions in the draw tool are all included in the whiteboard tool, it just creates a basic background to present play tactics in a straightforward manner. The virtual whiteboard can be displayed on a TV in the locker room for a larger view that the whole team can see. Coaches can also save their drawings in the app as well so that a successful play is never wiped away as it would be on a real whiteboard.

Saving and Sharing Screenshots

Your endzone camera and sideline replay system should constantly help you progress as a team. Coaches can continue to improve their gameplay and share their strategies with athletes and other coaches by saving their drawings in the Sport Scope app. If you have a drawing of a play that you’d like to use in the future, you can press the save button on the bottom of the screen and a screenshot will be taken of the drawing. There is a screenshots section next to the save button that contains all of the drawings you have saved. Any other coach can go into that section within a play and select a screenshot to view it. You can also easily delete unwanted screenshots by swiping to the left within that tab. Being able to keep and share valuable plays is a vital tool for communication, as it helps teams learn from their mistakes and build upon their successes.

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Posted on July 19, 2019