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Coach Better with the Smart Endzone Camera System - Sport Scope Video

Coach Better with the Smart Endzone Camera System

The newly designed Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera and EDGE Replay iPad app (coming soon!) is a streamlined video service that gives power to the coach. After several successful years of supporting and learning from coaches across the country, all of whom have been using our EDGE Replay system, we've imparted the most sought after, intuitive features into our new app. Here's a snapshot of what to expect from a coaching standpoint...

Coach's Live View

The Smart Endzone Camera System and the latest version of EDGE Replay give all connected iPads the ability to see a Live View of the game. We've made this screen easily accessible so coaches can toggle back and forth between the Live View and their replay clips. Because the Live View is where the Smart End Zone Camera operator will be controlling the camera, we've also given the coach the ability to streamline his Live View screen so that he doesn't interfere with the videographer. We know coaches don't have time to deal with little annoyances or unintuitive commands. The Sport Scope app answers those concerns.

On-Screen ODK

If you're reading this, chances are you're probably a high school football coach. In today's football environment, not only is sideline replay important, but so is efficient tagging for in-game and post-game analysis. Now, either the coach or the end zone camera system videographer of the Smart Camera can easily tag each recorded play as Offense, Defense, or Kick with the simple tap of an on-screen button. Once your team's position changes, just select the appropriate button and we'll color code each replay clip accordingly.

Drag & Drop Football Tagging & In-Game Stats

If you're a football coach short on staff but you need the game tagged by down and distance then we have what you need. At any time from the replay screen you can pull open the virtual football tagging field. From here, simply drag the football to where it ended on that play and select whether it was a pass, run, fumble, interception, touchdown, etc. The system calculates the rest. You'll get the yardage and the down for each play tagged automatically based on your dragging and dropping.

And don't forget that if you do tag by down and distance, you'll get powerful analytics of your opponent tendencies. Simply filter by what kind of play is coming up next and find out your opponent's likelihood of passing, rushing, blitz, etc.

Custom Tagging

For other sports such as soccer, lacrosse, baseball, hockey, and so on, take advantage of the Sport Scope app's custom tagging features. Whether you're filming from a Smart Endzone Camera system or the EDGE Replay, you get the same custom features. Add whatever tags make the most sense for you as a coach and add as many as you want. Then easily filter by your tags so you can quickly get to the plays you want to review.

On-Screen Telestrator

The Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera allows for precise game filming and instant sideline replay so you can show your athletes exactly what they did wrong from a bird's eye view. But to make coaching truly efficient, you need to be able to telestrate on-screen in front of their eyes. The Sport Scope app makes drawing over the play a breeze. Simply pause, select the draw button and the color of pen, and start coaching.

With all of these features combined there's simply nothing holding you back from coaching at your fullest potential. The Smart Endzone Camera System and EDGE Replay are technologies that work for the coach, not the other way around.

The new Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera is on preorder sale right now and will ship soon! At a highly competitive price, easily comparable to other non-wireless systems in the industry, this kind of value is unmatched. And remember that with our February promotion you get $300 off the 30' Smart Endzone Camera! This is the most innovative technology on the market today. Elevate your team above the rest with the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera by calling (888) 335-7875 today!

Posted on February 16, 2018