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Do a Preliminary Football Season Check on your Endzone Camera System - Sport Scope Video

Do a Preliminary Football Season Check on your Endzone Camera System

Your Endzone Camera system may have different electronic equipment than what is featured in this video.

Football season is fast approaching and before you know it those Friday night lights will be filling your stadium. That means now is the time to toughen up your athletes and work out play strategies that will be capitalized upon in a few short months.

However, it’s also extremely important that your team’s tech handlers pull out your Sport Scope Endzone Camera and give the system a full run through. While we here at Sport Scope pride ourselves on the resilience and practical nature of our Endzone Camera products, nevertheless things can still go wrong from time to time and it’s our duty to diagnose problems and find a solution as fast as possible so you never miss out on valuable game film.

The first thing you’ll want to do, preferably the day before setting up your system for the first time this year, is charge or check your batteries. The 30’ Sport Scope Endzone Camera has 3 devices which require power:

  • Joystick Box
  • 8" HD Monitor
  • HD Sony Camera

The batteries for the monitor and camera are rechargeable. Go ahead and have these fully charged overnight. The Joystick Box has four 9V batteries tucked away under a panel. You’ll only need to change these out with fresh ones if the Pan/Tilt motorized head is exhibiting any strange behavior.

Once you’ve established power, simply set up the tower and connect your camera to the monitor and zoom/record remote by use of the 30’ cable bundle. If you have the automated Pan/Tilt head, the cable for this will be inside the cable bundle as well. Make all of these connections and double check to ensure video is on the screen and the zoom/record remote is functioning properly. Play with the joystick to make sure the Pan and Tilt feels good too.

Finally, raise your tower up and spend some time filming your players as they practice. If there are any hiccups that disrupt the performance of your tower, be sure to call us at 1-888-335-7875 immediately. At Sport Scope we pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the Endzone Camera industry. Take advantage of it now and know with confidence that you'll be getting superior game film all season long!

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Posted on May 26, 2017 at 11:30 AM