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Every Elevated Endzone Camera View for Every Sports Video Need - Sport Scope Video

Every Elevated Endzone Camera View for Every Sports Video Need

Starting this year Sport Scope introduced a whole new product line of Wireless Endzone Cameras. This innovative, one-of-a-kind technology has put Sport Scope at the forefront of the sports video industry. Today, we can safely say that we have virtually every elevated video angle you need at the right price. Here's the breakdown of our latest line up:

30' Wireless and Auomatic Endzone Camera

Our flagship 30' tower is our tried and true heavy-duty quadpod capable of filming the game at the height you need under almost any outdoor circumstances. With the Wireless Endzone Camera system, say goodbye to cumbersome cables and electronics. Film the game comfortably from an iPad and take advantage of a host of features.

The 30' Automatic Endzone Camera is the traditional end zone tripod system that we've sold for years. The same resilient 30-foot tower with a 10-year warranty and premium electronics, simplicity, and our own custom-made joystick-controlled automatic Pan/Tilt head are all part of this all-inclusive package.

20' Wireless Endzone Camera

The latest addition to the Sport Scope line is the 20' Wireless Endzone Camera. This streamlined version of the 30' tower may not have the added height or weight, but a major advantage in ease of transportation, simplicity, and, above all, price! The same amazing iPad controlled wireless technology sets this tripod package above the rest. It's the fastest setup, the most versatile, intuitive control, and the best bang-for-your-buck for your sports program.

30' Smart Endzone Camera

In case you haven't heard, Sport Scope also specializes in Instanst Sideline Replay in addition to endzone cameras. The EDGE Replay is the best replay system on the market in terms of simplicity, app features, download speed, and long-term price.

With the 30' Smart Endzone Camera package, the incredible simplicty of the Wireless Endzone system and the power of EDGE Replay are fused into one! Control your end zone view from the iPad and every time you record a play the instant replay footage from the clip is automatically sent to all of the coaches' iPads on our secure, private network. You'll have access to all of our replay features and you can connect multiple replay angles to the same network.

This all-in-one setup is the future of high school football video, as well as having substantial application to many other sports. The Smart Endzone Camera puts the power of sideline replay and wireless end zone control literally in the palm of your hands.

25' Manual Endzone Camera

If you're looking for 1-to-1 control precision in order to film fast-action sports like soccer or lacrosse, you may be attracted to the 25' Manual Endzone Camera system. While slightly shorter than the tradtional 30-foot tower, what you loose in height you make up for in the filming precision of a human being - something a robotic Pan/Tilt head will always have trouble competing with. Our custom Pan/Tilt pully system allows you to tilt the camera by hand and you can swivel the tower left and right to pan at will. This makes for expert tripod tower filming.

16' & 11' Quick Scope Poles and Pressbox Tripods

On the lower end of the endzone camera market are practice poles such as Sport Scope's 16' Quick Scope and 11' Quick Scope. When it comes to ease of use and manueverability, nothing compares to these expertly designed poles. Break out the Quick Scopes at practice to film your 7-on-7's, scrimmages, and other plays from an up-close elevated view.

And for the sideline, take advantage of our Pressbox Tripods. Enjoy the view of a much larger 8" monitor screen (compared to the camera's tiny viewfinder) and easily zoom and record with a premium remote on the standard Press Box Tripod. Plus, for obtaining sideline replay from a Wide and Tight two camera set-up, use our Dual Pressbox Tripod to get a steady shot from both views and with EDGE Replay have them both on your iPads in seconds!

At a highly competitive prices and premium wireless camera technology, you can't go wrong with a Sport Scope endzone camera system. And remember that with our May promotion you get $200 off ANY 20' - 30' tower. Elevate your team above the rest with a Sport Scope Endzone Camera by calling (888) 335-7875 today!

Posted on May 11, 2018