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AFCA News and Wireless Endzone Camera Preordering - Sport Scope Video

AFCA News and Wireless Endzone Camera Preordering

Thanks to all who visited us at the American Football Coaches Association convention in Charlotte, NC this year! We had a blast visiting with all the coaches and loved showcasing the new Wireless Endzone Camera System.

This new wireless technology will allow you to control the pan, tilt, and zoom from a single iPad. No one is needed in the end zone anymore. All you need is the new Wireless Pan/Tilt, one ethernet cable that comes down the tower, a router, router battery, and antenna. No more monitor, joystick, cable bundles, or remote, which will cut down on the long term component failure and cost. It's less to set up, less components needed and the person controlling the iPad can be anywhere - in the pressbox or down on the sideline. You can control both the endzone pan & tilt, zoom and our EDGE replay from one iPad!

Everyone at the AFCA that tried the new system absolutely loved it. It was the big hit of the show. We also want to give congratulations to coach Jeff Braddy of Brunswick High School (GA) who won a brand new iPad during our giveaway!

We're taking preorders for the Wireless Endzone Camera or the Wireless Pan/Tilt (sold individually upon request) right now! The new system and app will ship in February. A number of schools have already purchased. Join the growing family and get the edge over your opponents with Sport Scope

Remember, no big cable bundles, monitor screens, additional remotes and joysticks, or a surplus of additional batteries. Once the system is up and running you can connect your iPad to your own private network and then use our custom app to control from anywhere in the stadium. No more filming out in the rain! You can sit comfortably in the Press Box and control your End Zone Camera!

The new Wireless Pan/Tilt Head is also easily adaptable for standard camera tripods. If desired, you can easily position an additional Wireless Pan/Tilt Head (sold individually upon request) on a normal tripod in the Press Box. You can control both cameras from a single iPad! So if your coach is only interested in the snap from the End Zone View, then simply go to that live view and move the camera into position. Then, switch back to the Press Box View and follow the play once it starts. Or vice versa. The versatility and the options this wireless system gives your program are incredible.

The new Sport Scope Wireless Endzone Camera is on preorder sale right now and will ship in February! At a highly competitive price easily comparable to other non-wireless systems in the industry, this kind of value is unmatched. The ability to control from anywhere with a single iPad, EDGE instant replay service provided free for a full year, and the most innovative combination of hardware and software elevates the Sport Scope Wireless Endzone Camera above the rest. Get ahead of the game now by calling (888) 335-7875 today!

Posted on January 12, 2018