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Why Your Football Program Needs EDGE Sideline Replay

Why Your Football Program Needs EDGE Sideline Replay

EDGE Sideline Replay

Sport Scope’s EDGE Instant Replay is a football instant replay system that allows any user to instantly replay and review recorded plays on your iPad. Our IOS App and EDGE Software are packed full of useful features to help your team instantly gain a competitive edge over the competition.

The EDGE App is designed to be very organized and visual to help coaches and athletes review desired plays quickly. Each drive is color coded by ODK and videos can easily be drawn on with a simple swipe of your finger. No other replay app allows your coaching staff to communicate this efficiently to your players.

Our instant replay software is the only one on the market that has easy and predictive play tagging technology. With EDGE Tagging, the user can quickly tag each play with down & distance, hash, YL, play type, play result, net yards, and more. Our tagging is also predictive, which means it automatically keeps track of the down, distance, yard line, hash, score time of possession, and many other measurements. Our software predicts the most likely play result for each scenario, saving the tagger time and allowing them to focus on the game.

Additionally, coaches are able to connect as many EDGE Recorders to our custom EDGE Network as they want. In other words, each box automatically connects and syncs up with the others via the network. All you have to do is press the record button in the EDGE IOS App and each box will record and stop simultaneously. Our instant replay app also utilizes picture-in-picture (PIP) viewing, which allows users to easily switch between angles by simply pressing the button on the bottom right corner of the video player. Each angle remains synced as you switch from angle to angle with PIP.

Every video clip recorded is automatically saved on the EDGE Recorder and your iPad. Thus, each play can easily be accessed and uploaded to Hudl. Your tagged plays by ODK, down & distance, hash, YL, etc. can easily be imported with Hudl once your video clips are uploaded. This process saves coaches’ time and allows you to focus on coaching your athletes.

See for yourself. Click here to download our redesigned EDGE instant replay app from the App Store.

Posted on April 15, 2016 at 1:54 PM