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Why Choose EDGE Replay Over Hudl Sideline – Sport Scope Video

Why Choose EDGE Instant Replay Over Hudl Sideline?

EDGE Instant Replay

EDGE Replay is the most powerful, compact instant replay system on the market. Our system quickly and easily allows any user to instantly replay and review recorded plays on your iPad. Our IOS App and EDGE Software are packed full of useful features to help your team instantly gain a competitive edge over the competition.

Many coaches ask us why they should choose EDGE Replay over Hudl. Below are several reasons why EDGE Replay is the best sideline replay system for your football program:

  • Fast download speeds (30 sec clip takes < 3 secs).
  • Built in live tagging collects dozens of data points.
  • Live tagging leads to in-game stats and opponent tendencies.
  • Unlimited angles (tight, wide, & endzone) or (both endzones, tight and/or wide).
  • Replay specific EDGE Recorder vs. modified streaming box.
  • Store entire season on EDGE Recorder vs. no storage on streaming box.
  • Save $3,500 over 5 yrs - that's a lot of jerseys.

We are currently scheduling free demos to football program acorss the nation. For the month of June, if your program schedules an EDGE Replay demo and purchases our system, you will recieve $100 off your purchase. To learn more about this amazing offer, call 888-335-7875.

Posted on June 15, 2016 at 12:15 PM