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New Feature! Upload to Hudl from iPad with Sport Scope and EDGE Replay

New Feature! Upload to Hudl from iPad with Sport Scope and EDGE Replay

This week’s blog post features a new-and-improved tutorial video for how to upload EDGE Replay footage to Hudl using your iPad. Previously the Hudl Sideline was the only system that gave you the ability to upload your recorded game clips from your sideline instant replay system to Hudl.com straight from the iPad. This was a big advantage because often after a game is over coaches don’t want to bother with connecting their iPad to a computer and then go through Hudl Mercury in order to upload their game. Bypassing this step means your sideline replay system has made your coaching duties even easier.

Despite the limitations of not being able to connect to Hudl directly, we worked hard to make this feature a reality with EDGE Replay and the Sport Scope iPad app. And for 2019, this feature is live and ready to go for all our sideline replay systems! At Sport Scope, we believe technology allows you to be a better coach, and part of that process is removing barriers. Technology should improve your coaching, not get in the way. Here's how it works:

  • After the game is finished and you have an internet connection, you can download your video and ODK files to the iPad from the Sport Scope app.

  • Next, simply drag and drop the downloaded video files to Hudl straight from the tablet.

  • Once your video is on Hudl you can then import any ODK/tagging information that you did in your Sport Scope App into Hudl as well.

  • This will save you time uploading video from your camera to your computer and also save you time entering the game's ODK info as well.

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Posted on July 12, 2019