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Three Ways Sideline Instant Replay is Benefitting High School Football - Sport Scope Video

Three Ways Sideline Instant Replay is Benefitting High School Football

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It’s no secret that modern high school football is heavily dependent on the transmission of information. Between (1) coach communication on the field and/or in the Pressbox, (2) athletes needing instruction after plays, or (3) the general need to know why a particular play succeeded or failed, a successful football team is the one who is able to process all of this information in the most efficient manner possible.

These days more and more programs are employing sideline instant replay in order to best harness the constant flow of information during a game. Now with cameras recording the field from the endzone and on the side from the Pressbox, a number of products are taking advantage of these angles and delivering the footage straight to the coaches’ hands immediately upon completion of each play. So let’s discuss how sideline instant replay is benefitting high school football.

1. Coach-to-Coach Communication

Coaches need back and forth communication with their offensive and defensive coordinators on the field and/or in the Pressbox. This constant chatter can get confusing when a coach is talking about a specific previous play and the other coach is thinking about another.

With sideline instant replay the coach on the field can talk to the coach in the booth and be certain they're both referring to the same play. Moreover, each coach can discuss the finer details of the past play because they have the video directly in front of them. Any confusion that might have been present before such a convenient visual aid has been eliminated.

2. Coach-to-Athlete Communication

The influence that sideline replay has on the coach-to-athlete communication front is equally validating. Before the existence of replay a coach might point out a mistake his athlete made on the last play and his player might not know quite what the coach was talking about. Even worse, the player might outright deny that he made such a mistake.

Again, with sideline instant replay all ambiguity is removed. Now the coach can simply present his iPad to his player and show him exactly where the error was made. And with some sideline replay apps the coach can even scrub through the clip, pause it, and draw on the screen to highlight exactly what he wants his men to see. Since the “eye in the sky don’t lie” coaches can keep their players accountable now more than ever.

3. No More Guesswork

The beautiful thing about having every play from multiple angles right at your fingertips during the game is that now you have immediate knowledge as to why a play succeeded or failed. Coaches no longer need to wait until after the game is over to review their plays and understand their outcome. With sideline replay he can obtain instant feedback, which allows him to make tweaks to a play that just missed what it was intending to accomplish, outright scrap a play in the next similar situation, or understand why he should run a certain play again depending on down and distance.

Essentially the guesswork of how to adjust your playbook has been circumvented. A stream of each play on the coach’s iPad presents him with the opportunity to learn more from the competition and his own team as each quarter of the game ensues.

Clearly, the benefits of sideline instant replay are recognizable. High school football coaches are always looking for ways to streamline their job and execute on strategy. Technology like the EDGE Replay System is what enables this reality. EDGE has the most advanced tagging features and the most intuitive replay functionality of any replay system on the market. To find out more about EDGE, how it stacks up against the competition, or pricing and details, call (888) 335-7875 today! And why not download the Free App from the App Store to demo EDGE Replay right now?

Posted on December 16, 2016 at 11:30 AM